What makes you stay at a roleplay site?

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Not only am I being a creeper and learning how to entrap you in to my web of delight, I am also just plain curious!

When your looking for new roleplay sites, what makes you stay there?

Now that you are on Iwaku, what is making you stay HERE?
I look for an eye catching layout, lots of ongoing threads, a large active membership...

And I'm staying at Iwaku because it provides all three! :D
Well for one thing it is the RP selection that has kept be hear for so long, and the fact that it doesn't die a horrible death when the school year is going on. 8D Also, the fact that I don't have to stick to a main story line is nice, I always fell comfortable sharing my ideas here 8D
I came to Iwaku because I was promised writers. Gaia did not have many dedicated writers and I was often waiting for days for posts.

I stay on Iwaku because I loved the people and the atmosphere. I've joined other sites to advertise but none ever really attracted me like Iwaku.
Variety of active RP genres. Community.
Being able to speak your mind without people giving you that weird sideways face like "what the hell is he talking about?" look= :/
Also, the way everyone looks out for one another. There is never one person who is lonely on all accounts. People step out of their boxes sometimes and try new things.
Iwaku doesn't just win; it kicks everyone else's ass.
I'm still here because I was told there would be punch and pie. ;)
The community here has always been close-knit, from what I've seen since I joined here. I've got quite a few friends here and I can easily fit in. And not many, if any at all, are grammar nazis and the like, putting you down for shorter posts and such.
Activity, literacy, creativity, imagination.
Honestly the entire community, and I use that word in its original context. After all, we aren't just faceless everybodys doing the cool thing at the moment, we are each our own individual person and provide our input into a larger group for the benefit of both ourselves and others. In addition we aren't strictly a Roleplaying site, given that our main emphasis is roleplaying, we still don't say you must roleplay or you're kicked.

The biggest contributor to the community has to be the staff and all their ongoing projects that help keep Iwaku lively. Without them it would be like living in a city without a city council. They keep everything running smoothly and don't say our decision is the right one. They want everyone's input to bettter the community as a whole rather than trying new things because they think it is cool. Plus, the staff isn't a holy position that nobody else can get in on. They rotate with members who have been consistently active and doing an outstanding job as part of the people.

Overall the site has an excellent well dedicated staff, a neat, organized, easy to understand forum system that doesn't judge people by what they don't do but what they do do, and finally a community composed of individuals and not mindless follow-the-leader types.

[align=center]THANK YOU EVERYONE!!![/align]
This is the only roleplay site that I'm on. It was pretty memorable looking around when I first stumbled upon it like five years ago, but I never joined then. When I finally decided to join I actually remembered the name of the site because of how atmospheric it looked. It just had this amazing look to it. And what has kept me here is how awesome the community is and how friendly everyone is. It's refreshing to be on a site where people are welcoming to new members and don't look down on people.
The fact that the community is tighter knit than the one I moved to, in spite of the fact that's where my roleplay is. Not to mention it's a lot nicer and has far less drama and ego-fellatio.

Hell, I almost feel like resurrecting a certain heavy metal inspired military-futuristic RP of mine here simply due to the community I have here that I don't have there.
For me it's a creative, and personal crutch. I need to feel like I'm a decent writer, and a decent person. The site has given me both to some degree.
for me, definitely the community.

It's no secret that my roleplaying has been lacking over the last year and a half or so, but I've stayed around because the people here are generally friendly and fun to be around. I've made a lot of friends on Iwaku, and I make new ones on a regular basis. Iwaku has transcended the idea of a roleplay site to me. It's an internet community with a focus on roleplaying!
I've been here so long, it has become my internet home. And as with any home I've tried to make it more comfortable to be in. I just hope it will be comfortable place for others and a home for many more generations to come.
Because I would never get away with any of this shit as a newbie on another site.
:D @ Stephanie