What makes you like a Pokemon?

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  1. some people choose their favourite Pokemon based on their performance in battle, others based on lore, design, or nostalgia

    What is it about the Pokemon you like that makes you like them?

    I find my very favourites are the ones that can perform well in battles, but I have a bunch that I play with when I'm level grinding or filling my dex because I like their design, or sometimes because of their life or abilities (Pachirisu always leads the team when I'm wandering, because of its Pickup ability)

    What about you guys?
  2. I love Articuno's design which is just damn majestic, but I'd never use it on a competitive team, I mean; ice/flying for a defence-orientated mon, who ever thought that was a good idea? On the opposite side of the spectrum, Riolu's ability to utilise a priority roar (prankster + copycat) makes it one of my favourite shuffling bastards to piss people off, but I think it looks bland as fuck.

    Overall, most mons I like best strike a balance. Not necessarily the best in competitive scenes, but ones that work well enough in-game. Flygon, Darmanitan, Breloom, Mienshao, etc. All have nice designs and are usable. Design usually has the upper hand when it comes to favourites, though. I just don't let that effect my team compositions... Much.

    I think this sorta comes across in a list I made one time back on a site that musn't be named;

    • Articuno is and always be, majestic as fuck. I'm too much of a min-max whore to ever use it on anything, but design-wise I love it.
    • Breloom is also one of my favourites, though admittedly for competetive memories. Spore is just that evil.
    • Flygon is another one I just love because of it's design. It's got built-in sand goggles. It's also one of my favourite surprise evolutions ever.
    • Ampharos, because when I played g/s/c I thought three stage evolutions were the best pokemon and well... Learning there was an electric one was awesome. Also Mega Ampharos is fucking fabulous.
    • Lapras, is just beautiful. I didn't give a fuck about Ash' Butterfree but when Lapras left I stopped liking the show. Like, I literally cared more about Lapras than everything else in that entire show.
    • Darmanitan is one of my favourites not because of it's design, but because it was my personal wrecking ball in b/w. It drove through errbody in-game. It's also my bp-farming machine. Machine.
    • Krokorok 'cause it's a gangster. idc what people say about Scrafty, Krokorok is the real hustler.
    • Ho-oh. It's everything I ever wanted Torchic to be, but nooooooo... Like Articuno, Ho-oh is majestic as fuck. Which is why it's awesome. It's also actually good, which is nice.
    • Golurk. It learns Fly.[/topic]
    • Combusken. It might have gotten the most dissapointing evolution ever (I totally thought it would evolve itno a majestic fire bird, probably because I could never read Japanese and before gen 3 didn't use fighting ever) it was the original fire/fighting and my introduction to the awesome of the fighting type.
    • Before Staraptor I thought Fearow was as good as it got when it came to normal/flying. I was wrong. It went from my personal taxi to brave birdin' close combatin' monster destroyer.
    • Mienshao. 'cause it's evil. Fake out, U-turn, and oh BTW regenerator-ability. When I saw Mienfoo in my first B/W run I knew I had to have it. By which I mean I didn't have a fighting type and only 5 mons in my team and I was so close to the e4 I knew I had to round out my team. It grew on me and it's high speed HJK was the only thing that managed to save me from the Hydreigon... I was underleveled... I wasn't prepared...
    • Mismagius, because they made a wizard-themed mon look good (unlike certain others... Cough, Delphox, cough) It's like this evil cackling witch, and well... It's evil. I like that. Ghost pokédex entries are the best.
    • Tropius. It is huge dinosaur that flies with the most unconventional leaves for wings and has a banana beard and is a HM-god. What is not to like?
    • Heracross. It's a beetle with a giant nose horn. Except a pokémon. It's one of my favourite insects in pokémon form.
    • Volcarona, because it's a legendary that could breed! Don't you just love playing games in a language you can't read? idk why, it's design is alright, it's pretty powerful but I rarely use it on any team, but for some reason I really like it.
    • Aegislash, probably my favourite from XY. I love this thing.
    • Togekiss is another great normal/flying. Well, it's fairy/flying now, but it went from that retarded baby Misty carried around to an actually cool looking mon. Also paraflinch hax. So much paraflinch hax.
    • Riolu... Because prankster copycat roar... Because fuck everything. Fuck everything without priority.
    • Lombre, because it's based off a kappa and I like those critters. Also it has a duckface. It's hilarious.
    • Gastrodon, because fuck rain. Fuck thunder. Fuck every team ever being the same. I'm looking at you, b/w ou.

    I swear this franchise is the worst as far as guilty pleasures go >.>
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  3. I hate to admit it.
    But it must be small. Yellow. Electric. And says Pika-pika-pikachu.
  4. I like it based on how cool their skills are. I want it to be strong enough and entertaining enough so I don't get bored of the game quick. My favorite Pokémon is Jynx or Jinx or however you spell it, but that's because the move that she uses is really entertaining, even though I am somewhat ashamed to say it.
  5. Having never gotten into the pokemon games, my favourite pokémon are effectively design-based. And for the most part, I go for the ones I find the cutest, seeing as there are relatively few majestic or badass pokémon designs that fit my sensibilities.

    A while ago—when a bunch of my pals were using some site to simulate poke-battles—the team I ended up using was as follows:
    • Sandshrew,
    • Abra,
    • Cubone,
    • Eevee,
    • Teddiursa,
    • Torchic.
    I consider those my top six favourite pokémon. When I was a kid, I adored Lapras. I also have a mudkip stuffie stashed away somewhere.
  6. Design and type mostly. I'm too damn lazy to start thinking about abilities or other fancy stuff so I just choose cool looking pokemans with different types into my team and kick some ass. And the pokemons I use usually tend to end up as my favorites because I'm a sentimental moron. You know, I didn't give a damn about zigzagoon until a shiny jumped at me and I took it into my party because I was a kid and freaking out over my first shiny and now I'm all like ZIGZAGOOOOON~! o3o

    And then there's some pokemons that I fell in love with because they simply look so fabulous. Like scrafty because mohawk.
  7. Why did I read this as "What makes you 'similar' to a Pokemon"? Obviously is the answer is i'm not as the are nothing more then bits of data and pixels on a screen.
  8. For all we know, you are as well. At least, what you wrote certainly is.
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  9. Mainly nostalgia at this point, partially lore and design. I don't really give a shit about how good it is in battle, because in the rare times I actually play the game I just steamroll random trainers with my starter to get to the next gym, and then I cheese gyms with favorable type match ups.

    My all time favorite is Alakazam because nostalgia plus awesome lore and good design.
  10. I'm one of those crazy people who do Nuzlock Runs, so I don't generally get to choose who's on my team. My favourites tend to come down to the starters I end up with (because I randomize that), and a few hard hitting members I picked up along the way.

    Outside of that, I really, really like ghost/dark/poison types. And Purrloin will always have a soft spot in my heart. First time picking up B/W 2, first route, first pokemon encountered, was a Shiny Purrloin~
  11. What reason haven't I used at this point? I like Blaziken because I used it in RSE when I was a kid, and its mega made it cool again when I was starting to get tired of it (Mudkip also gets a shoutout- if it were in any generation but 3, I'd pick it every time). I like Metagross and Salamence for a combination of their visual design (dat shiny metagross), their strength in battle, and their Pokedex entries (Metagross is a living supercomputer and Salamence has wings because it wished to fly hard enough as a Bagon). I like Lucario because I play him in Smash, and the aura thing is pretty cool too. I like Spoink for cute factor, and for this moment when a streamer I watch lost his shit. I like Gallade because the idea of wielding psychic-energy-empowered arm blades is awesome, and he has a sweet cape. Also I like pretty much every Ghost-type because ghosts are awesome. Oh, and we can't forget Lord Goomy.
  12. Design and type. I can't be bothered to spend hours fretting over stats when I have no intention of playing with other people.

    The only two games I own are the original Red version and Black. It'll probably be another 15 years before I consider a new Pokemon game, considering how very little they have changed all that time.
  13. The rule 34 of it.

    I'm joking.
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  14. [​IMG]
    I like Ditto because it reminds me that it's ok to be a useless piece of shit. Everyone will still like you if you're cute, and have badass dance moves. All in which define me perfectly.
  15. Did somebody say badass dance moves?

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  16. Typically I like to choose based on the only typing that matters, BUG. Also I love tanky pokemon in general, so rock and steel are cool too. BUT BUG > YOUR SHITTY TASTE IN TYPING THAT ISN'T BUG.


    But really, ever since I got Noodles the Shuckle to defeat three of my friend's legendaries and leave his fourth one badly poisoned and about to die I became even more smitten with bug types than ever.

    (I also like fairy types because I like Jiggs in smash and Mawile, but don't tell anyone).
  17. Munchlax is my spirit Pokemon.

    "Munchlax, the Big Eater Pokémon. It gobbles up its own body weight in food each day, and it swallows its food without almost any chewing."
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  18. I have to say that Lucario, Gardevoir and Rhyhorn did not end up my top 3 because of their power in battle, more because of the looks. (NO I'M NOT FAPPING TO GARDEVOIR LIKE SOME NERD, GODDAMIT) and Gyarados will always be i my heart as the one pokemon that resmbles me. From a weak and puny Magikarp everyone laughed at into the badass sea dragon shooting Hyper Beams in his daily routine. That is exactly my story. From "that kid everyone laughs at" into the "liked one". Now you know why my nick is GYARA (Gyarados minus the -dos, which means two in spanish and I'm not aiming to be the second... I wanna be... THE VERY BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS [yup, I am predictable]) and why that sea dragon will remain in my heart.
  19. Design, moveset and/or how well they perform. Not at the same time, I mean there's pokemon with some cool designs and terrible stats/typing and such. Moveset? I like a pokemon to have a moveset that caters to their strengths(which some starters miss entirely)

    • Garchomp - for me, this pokemon ticks all three; great design, versatile moveset that accomodates its typing and great stats.
    • Malamar - Not so great stats, really cool movepool and design to counter that. It also knows Contrary, which is a great ability and works amazingly with "Superpower" which instead of decreases, it increases their stats.
    • Bossgodora(no, I refuse to call it Aggron, Bossgodora is its only name) -
      Feraligatr - Favourite water starter by far. It's a Kaiju looking Alligator, nuff said.
  20. Sceptile is always my favorite, Pissed about its mega ability yet I love the grassy stuck up looking fucker. And when its a female oh the fun I can have with that. Do you know the annoyance of a ungodly fast female sceptile with attract then doing swords dance? The amount of death that will follow is immense.
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