What makes you laugh?

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  1. It's a simple enough question; I have been told that I have an "odd" sense of humor by friends and family whenever I show them what it is I'm laughing at. Other people will find more "normal" humor hilarious, and I won't even chuckle (I might smile, though), but throw something like this my way:

    And I lose my shit for entire minutes at a time. I can't explain it, either; the most random things will just set me off and everybody else will be left scratching their heads.

    So what the fuck do YOU find so damn funny, eh? EH?
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  3. Louis CK. The man is a god.
  4. Misfortune of others.

    Admit it. You laugh too.
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  5. You.

    I'm available all weekdays, flexible when it comes to payment. Hire me!
  6. Schadenfreude is the best.
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  7. In person, I laugh quite a lot and I'm easily amused by 'dark' jokes i.e. jokes that may easily offend.

    However, on the internet, I'm literally sat there typing "LOLOL LMFAO" with the straightest poker face you could probably imagine. Am I the only one?
  8. I can't believe no one has posted this yet
  9. [​IMG]

    Don't ask me why, but every time is see that I laugh hysterically.

    The commando part gets me every time.
  10. I laugh at literally everything.
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  11. Toilet humor
  12. Makes me laugh every single time.

  13. Crazy stuff like this.

  15. Dane Cook

  16. Well done musical humor and situational humor, IT SEEMS.
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