DISCUSSION What makes you laugh?

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  1. And I'm not talking about casually giggling. What sends you in a fit of numbing, constant laughing, worthy of comments like "Are you okay? Can you breathe?"
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  2. Usually Whose Line is it Anyway tends to literally have me rolling on the floor laughing.
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  3. My family watches a lot of movies, and we often make jokes about them while they're playing. What I absolutely adore is when we watch two unrelated movies in a row, and we continue the same running joke from the first movie into the second. (Or just make a clear reference to the first one in general.)

    Situational humour is the best.
  4. Anything can make me laugh seriously...

    Dark humour tends to get me over
  5. [​IMG]

    Basically anything from IT Crowd.
    Was just watching it a few hours ago. :P
  6. [​IMG]

    shit like this

    and this (tho I hate the title)

    and this

    canadian pronunciation

    it's the stupidest fucking thing and I absolutely should not find it as funny as I do but I DO
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  7. Everything that goes on in my classroom at work.
    I literally laugh/cry at least once a day from things that go on. Sometimes its our kids doing, and saying outlandish things, or just us adults, but I laugh soo hard. I adore my co-workers so goddamn much. We mesh so well that its insane.

    Also Parks and Recs <3
  8. This guy's got too much time on his hands, don't you agree? xD

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  9. good old vehicular deaths
  10. Bootlegs, knockoffs and off-brands. Hilarious.
  11. Nonsens.

    Monty Python, for instance.
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  12. THIS.
  13. AND THIS
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    This post fucking killed me when I first saw it -- and then later I found a full cover of the song, which was even better. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the link to the full cover, but at least I still have the posts that inspired it.

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  15. This one's long, but there is so much to talk about, here. XD

    Maybe I'll come back later and provide timestamps for some of my favorite moments. (...Assuming this particular compilation has all my favorite moments. There were quite a few Game Grumps Sonic '06 compilations on Youtube, and I didn't exactly have time to thoroughly preview them all. XD )
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  16. Also, I have a t-shirt that says "The Beatles are coming!" -- yes, "are coming", as in, present tense -- and I just live for the reactions I get while wearing it. XD

    I often catch people doing a confused double-take, but, unless they know me, they often don't say anything.

    Occasionally, people at least work up the courage to say something like, "Uh, I mean... they came... and they were very successful, but, uh..."

    But by far the best reaction I've gotten so far, was when my roommate and I were quietly eating lunch together, and all of a sudden they looked over to me and said -- "Listen... I don't think the Beatles are coming. I mean, two of them are dead, it's time to face facts."

    That fucking killed me. XD
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  17. This really got me yesterday, which is odd because this stuff doesn't usually get me.

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  18. This made me laugh XD
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  19. Would I Lie To You tends to get me due to the bluffing and spur of the moment improvs. :3
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  20. WHAT!? You mean to tell me the Staff have recruited @Snowy Turtle AND the Shredder!

    This is madness!
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