What makes you happy?

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What makes you Happy, Iwaku?

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A simple enough question, with multiple answers.

My friends make me happy. They are always there when I need them, and have a way of understanding when I am sad, and turning my frown upside down...Especially HIM. I can be in the foulest of moods but as soon as HE talks to me, or does something silly, I will inadvertently smile. HE makes me happy, even if HE doesn't see it.
A sunrise, a sunset, kitties, kids, a smile, a hug, the ocean, the mountains, the lights at night in the city, signing, dancing, cooking, eating at a table with friends and family, a quiet moment with a book, an energetic moment with a delighted crowed, a roaring fire, fireworks, snow falling, the smell of the first rain, a ladybug on a rose, a pair of dragonflies in air, a hawk soaring high, an old couple walking down the street....
Mainly - my friends. People I love who love me back (warm mushy feelings it is!). Good books. My cat, sometimes. :P Tea. Chocolate. Good food with good company. Knitting warm things for people. Cosying up with a book, blanket, and hot chocolate. People who keep me on track. Also, Cardcaptor Sakura. ^____^
The internet.

Also, the How I Met Your Mother marathon my wife and I have been having since saturday.
My mama. Max <3<3<3<3 {fhm}. BAILEY MY PUPPY DOGGG.~ My Aunt Maureen. My Uncle Bob.

Kittens. Squirrels. Puppies. Saltines. My abs hurting. Music. Being tickled. Being hugged. Cuddling. Rain. Snow. Full moons. Werewolves. Rolly Pollies, those bugs, you know? Sushi!! Cute things. Cute movies. Cute couples. Baking. Cooking. Making sundaes for people. Throwing parties for my friends, and watching them enjoy the parties I throw.<3 Long relaxing showers. Long sessions of yoga. Being left handed. Blankets. Shiny spoons.

and finally,

giant plushies. And my giant teal pillow.
See a character or plotline develop.

Getting huggles and snuggles from Gibs.

Adorable cat moments.

Really, really good dinner.

A badass song.

Gorgeous view.

Unexpected and sincere compliments!

Seeing hard work start to pay off and having a sense of accomplishment!
My boyfriend, having a good time with friends, cooking whether it be by myself or with friends as well, fluffy animals, the sunrise and sunset, the moon, that "Oooo" moment I get when I hear a perfect note being played, the serene feeling I get when I'm listening to music or observing nature, smiling because I'm remembering a good memory, cookies, ice cream, cake, reading a good book, curling underneath the covers when it's a cold day, laughing at a stupid or hilarious movie, and writing or roleplaying.
Good music, good books, and good people to pass the time with.

Nature makes me really happy, particularly the mountains.

Learning new things is fulfilling.

Helping people. Truly, whether it's the simple act of holding a door for someone, or helping someone through a computer problem (most often done while at work). It's a good feeling, and gives a sort of sense of accomplishment.
When me and senpai do this in public

When i can do this with my cusin
639-01328411w.jpg(the one on the right is me yelling at him to get out of the way, after i hit him)

Family, friends, anime, special people who are here for me like our very own member kid(aka chrona, italy, kiddo)
Now that I'm a little more coherent. Things that make me happy:
You people. Bacon, beer, whiskey, UV Cake, ham, my family, boneless chicken wings, writing, reading, certain illicit websites, trolling, my dog, my cats, music.
Nature, books, more books, even more books, more nature, poetry, animals, the written word in general, theatre, art, writing, writing some more, writing even more.
Cats! Nothing makes me happier than cats. Booze and illegal herbs come in second. My friends tie in very nicely with those two, so I guess they're in second, as well. In third: A late night bowl of cereal, something good on Netflix Instant, good hair days, reddit. Fourth: Letters in the mail, peeling stamps, coffee mugs, coffee in​ my mugs, cigarettes.

It's my happy pyramid. Better than food.
My friends make me happy and when they don't then roleplaying does xD hahah

finding new roleplays and new roleplay partners

music and art :D

Anime and manga ^^

And ofc CAAAAAAATS :D <3
Theatre, art, music, writing, reading.
Elaboration: I like to act, design and direct, I like to draw paint and do other kinds of art, and I like to read and write. I also like to write plays, which ties in with the theatre again...It's like a circle, it lasts forever.

Okay, I'm done...Apparently a lot of things make me happy and I just keep remembering more.