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late. [well... most of my partners seem to think so anyways] ... it varys, best to just check with me ^_^
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Male, Female, Primarily Prefer Female
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I love doing both, it really depends. In a group rp that I didn't create or come up with the plot for I prefer to be passive. In group rps that I make and create the plot for I tend to give myself complete control. I am definitely an aggressive style rper in those situations. In a 1x1 or invite only where everyone is involved and helps to create the plot I like to do both, passive and aggressive. I tend to be VERY inquisitive during planning for 1x1's, and will ask questions to basically plan certain things to every little detail (some things I leave to develop in RP, obviously), but that's sort of just how my brain works. I run on a Q&A style generally and am really, really laid back about almost everything. I promise, I would tell you if I was disinterested (I am fairly blunt with my thoughts... though I would word it gently :)).
Favorite Genres
Slice of Life is my favorites, but I also love fandom based* and country based rps. I'm open to trying most things, but there are a couple that I won't do.

*I'm not interested in fandoms I don't know and I am not interested in playing canon characters. I only play OCs.
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I don't really like super futuristic (I'm fine with things like a Hunger Games setting, but nothing with hovercrafts and wall-e type things please) and I won't do anything scary... me no likey scary thingys.

... Goodwell, Oklahoma, USA ...

... Present Day [RP in-character date is August 19th, 2019, First day back to school] ...

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GMs ;; ~Happily.Ever.After~ ~Happily.Ever.After~ || @~Dark Disney~

Basic Info Rules Addresses Open Roles

  • No matter where you live life has its ups and downs; and no matter where you live, you ultimately get classified in someway … for starters, people generally decide whether or not you are a ‘city slicker’, ‘country folk’ or just some suburban middle grounder that tends to be a ‘something-wannabee’, especially during first impressions. All of that aside, here in Goodwell, life is all about the shine of the dusty country roads and the pleasantries that come with everyday life away from the city, the traffic and the endless supply of people.

    Just because Goodwell is a small rural town in Oklahoma, it surely doesn’t mean that everyone in the town lives on the stereotypical farm. Life goes on here just like everywhere else, it’s just about the little things that make you country. Whether you are twelve or eighty-two, a farmer, electrician, baker or even a voice actor seeking a quieter living location, what makes you country?

    This is a family-style rp overall that is meant to kind of just draw attention to the aspects of country life that a lot of people think of but also the ones they don’t always think of (basically the good and the bad).

    I expect it to mainly be focused on adults and older teens as they are generally in the preferred age range to be played, but all ages are HIGHLY encouraged… as is filling in open family spaces.

    The RP was inspired by the song, What Makes You Country by Luke Bryan

  • 1. If you have a question, Ask!!! I promise I don't bite <3

    2. No Godmodding [or powerplaying ... though that shouldn't be an issue here]. Every character has their flaws. As a side note ;; Please build relationships of all kinds, not just romance! It makes the characters more believable.

    3. Please use proper spelling, grammar, and try to put some content into your posts. I shouldn't see any one-liners. Indulge in detail! (in other words, please try to write at least a small paragraph per character)

    4. Please use fade-to-blacks and timeskips as necessary. We don't need to know the details on your characters overly intimate moments, mentioning and acknowledging something is fine, but stay away from explicits.

    5. You cannot be your own love interest... sorry.

    6. There is no character limit, just keep them all active. Please try to keep a balance between older and younger characters. Please put your character's favorite color somewhere in the form.

    7. You must stay active. After two weeks you will be tagged on the discord server... please respond within two weeks [we'll put a date to respond by in the tag] ... No response at the end of two weeks and we will go on without you and tag again. No response after the third week [date will be in the second tag] and we will assume you have dropped. Please message us if something comes up... we're flexible and understanding... just let us know what's going on.

    8. Your characters need to be accepted before you can RP.

    9. Have Fun! If you don't have fun then there's no point to RP!

  • As addresses are chosen I will add them up here so that you can make neighbors if you want. I will also note whether it's a residential home/farm/apartment/condo/etc if the info is available. Dark and I will figure out which streets are near one another, I'll try to create a map after we've started our posts.


  • While the RP is unlikely to stop accepting at any point, 'open roles' refers to the roles other members are requesting to have filled, in case anyone is looking to fill a specific niche. You don't necessarily need to create multiple characters to fill multiple spots [ie - family Z needs another child and character Y needs a love interests. The character you have in mind would fit both. You can place them there :) {just ask character Y owner and whoever 'founded' family Z to be sure I didn't screw up and they do both, still, in fact need someone... 'cause I am far from perfect}] ... All of the actual characters are listed on the CI thread.