What makes Halloween....HALLOWEEN!

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  1. It is the month of October and EVERYBODY is excited for CANDY! That and....scaring innocent little kids!

    Well, what makes Halloween, HALLOWEEEENNN!?

    Is it the candy, is it the costumes? Pumpkins? No? Then What?!

    I mean, it is obviously that FREE candy. Right?

    Share your opinion, come on, don't be scared you scary cat!

  2. Once everything in my food is riddled with pumpkins I know it's Halloween.

    That and when I start buying haunted house tickets everywhere xD
  3. The sudden influx of everything spooky and the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.
  4. Its the satanic rituals, the scary movies, and the demonic things that support the true evil within.

    Have you ever noticed that we celebrate almost all the 7 sins on this one day?

    • Gluttony - Candy
    • Lust - Halloween "costumes"
    • Greed - for more candy
    • Envy - for better costumes, more candy
    • Pride - that you have a better costume
    • Wrath - murder on Halloween night?

    • im not sure on Sloth...
  5. That was really insightful M.W. I never thought of it until now and it makes sense...
  6. Sloth can be the people who don't answer the door, or just stay home on halloween night.
  7. CANDEH!!!
  8. HAH~ I knew it was that FREE candeh!
  9. Being something that you're not, whether it's scary or not, and making a pretty damn good accurate depiction.

    Like, everyone knows I'm not a sexy French Whore Maid in real life...

  10. Candies and horror movies! That's the ideal Halloween night for me :)!