What makes a song good?

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what makes a song good?

  1. Lyrics

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  2. Melody

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  3. Both

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  1. "That is different."
  2. Alena tried to fight back, pulling away in disgust, "Ge... get... off me.." She was fighting off the poison as much as she could.
  3. Alexander kissed her neck before going down between her spread legs. His hand caressing her thigh*
  4. Alena started to panic, "No.. please don't..." she tensed up as he touch her.
  5. My nose hurts.
  6. I wasn't watching the game, as I was taking my cousin out around Tokyo that day. Caught the last few minutes of the game on my phone, though, while we were having lunch at Gundam Café, and of course I was in a celebratory mood there.


    Good luck to your Chiefs next season.
  7. I mean, if you... really want to, lol, though I think Nagito working with ODMA would only be most feasible if this was of course like, post-DR3 or so. Otherwise, probably best to make him independent or so

    And no, no one's touched Nagito yet
  8. setsuna is rip

    10/10 need more mana
  9. "Where did you go?"
  10. "She's not a child..."