What makes a song good?

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what makes a song good?

  1. Lyrics

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  2. Melody

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  3. Both

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  1. Most people I've met here think my music sucks because it is in a language they can't understand.. so I assume they must think the lyrics define what makes a song good.. I like the melody and how the strange languages sound even though I can't understand them.. I kinda like both... Some people have to be able to understand the lyrics to like the song too..what is everyones opinion on music? Lyrics? Melody? Both together? what is most important to you?
  2. It's rhythm.

    Why the fuck do you think latin music exists? 'cause bitches love to shake their ass.

    People who aren't stupid have all different kinds of tastes and shit though, so yeah. But it's actually the whole combination.

    TDLR: A good song is a song that's not shit.
  3. I think it depends for me. A lot of times I will hear a song and because the lyrics are good, I'll DL it.

    However, sometimes I'll like the beat of a hip hop song and end up DLing it even though the lyrics are crap. lol
  4. Lyrics, melody, rythm and soul.
  5. You missed love there, dude.
  6. It's like sex. Hitting the right spot at the right rate. Lyrics are just an extra bit of icing and the voice should be used as versatiley as any other instrument.

    One of the all-time popular songs is Bohemian Rhapsody, which is basically an orgy of harmonies, rhythms and weird voices. Pop music succeeds because it uses a combination of the three, rather than sticking to a singular rhythm like other genres. It's the equivalent of a constantly evolving sex-life, rather than a fetish lifestyle.

    *srs music expert face*
  7. To me, that goes in "soul".
    Passion could also be something that makes a song good.
  8. It was also done by Queen.

    The Beatles made simple music, and I'm pretty sure they got a hell of a lot more money than Queen.
  9. It always starts with the melody or the sound of it first, for me. The combo of instruments, or the beat, stuff like that. Then if the lyrics click with me too it's like WHOA MUSIC SEX and becomes an instant fav!
  10. This, fucking this.
  11. I'm all about the melody and the beat... BUT! If it has good lyrics to them w00t, if not then whatevs, I can still dance to it atleast.
  12. I put both, but I think either can be good if they're done well :) just look at Dream Theatre for melody and... that band I can't remember for lyrics XD