What makes a good comic book?

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  1. For anyone who is an avid reader or otherwise just reads every now and then for fun, what makes a comic book good to you? I'm not talking about web comics or those short strips, I mean actual issues and pages of material.

    What do you think makes a comic successful, and what draws you into a comic in the first place?

    I used to place very heavy emphasis on the artwork or style, but I just started a new series called "Zero" by Ales Kot. The artwork is fairly simple, but I think what made it a real page turner is the fact that it jumped in on a high note, and being fairly new to comics I'm curious if they are a medium which benefits more from being on a 'constant high' or constant action, although I don't feel that's the proper phrase. I noticed in most of the comics i've read, with the exception being "Preacher" just moments of lull where the characters are simply talking to another isn't too common. Normally character dialogue and growth is happening simultaneously with action, and is that a necessary tool for success in the medium?
  2. I rarely read comics or manga or anything, but when I do I always find that flow is the most important thing. I read pretty damn fast, so I flick from image to image quickly - and if my eyes have to stop and search for where the next bit of text or information is, it's offputting. Your eye should be able to flow across the page and take in everything that's happening.

    EDIT: As for story etc., I think the reason that high pace helps is that comics naturally contain less exposition and description - it lets images do that. Slow or non-dramatic sections mean that the pictures are, well, all very similar, and you haven't got the textual depth that's present in prose to keep you interested. So it drags, and nothing kills the experience of a story like sections that feel repetitive or boring.
  3. I've only gotten into comics in the last few years, and not really "superhero" comics. Watchmen was probably my real first foray into comics/graphic novels.

    Artwork is secondary to me, really. Does the story grab me quickly, and more importantly, make me want to wait a week or month or whatever for the next issue? When I can, I don't start anything until compilations are made and released. I have a few exceptions...I keep up on Saga, and TWD now, and Veil. But I'm really not good at waiting, especially when I flip through an issue so quickly. I don't even know if issue is the right word, so no judging me for that. Anyways, back to the artwork. If I like the story and the artstyle doesn't make my eyes bleed. I'm all good.
  4. Hanazawa Kengo makes a good comic book.

    He makes many good comic books, actually.
  5. Good art and an interesting story so I don't just start skimming text for anything that looks important.
  6. good art

    engaging story

    internally consistent canon

    generally, i prefer non shared universes, so you dont get into some of the continuity lockout you experience with dc and marvel