What Lurks Within.. (Final Fantasy- Styled Story)

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  1. A small speck of gratification had been given from the Gods, on this hallowed day. It seemed as if Winter had been long gone, or at least she decided to be generous today. Not a single hint of snow had revealed itself to the baby blue horizon; only ashen cumulonimbus cloudscape encompassed the majority of the calm atmosphere. The appearance of such a form had not yet produced any type of hydrogen oxide, nor did the clouds carry a charge. Light hints of drizzle carried into effect, foreshadowing the location of catalyst. The ground was paved in tangerine cobblestone, which glowed magnificently from the energy stored within the clay.

    Strange it was, to see such a sight, but to certain individuals it was nothing spectacular. The aformentioned was a petite five foot five femme cloaked in a loosely flowing pitch ensemble; corset, skirt, stockings, and cape. Each of these featured crimson accents, similar to matching oculi which glowed like that of a daemon. For armour, the girl only wore a silver bracer upon left wrist. High-carbon steel plated boots thrice leathered trekked across the terrain in silence. Dominant right hand gripped the structure of a one foot long cylindrical tsuka, Wrapped in dark leather with silver studs replacing the typical diamond pattern of the katana's handle. The two foot long titanium alloy blade was still sound asleep in the confines of a blood red white oak saya, capped at its end with the head of a wolf. "Light my path, Fenrir."

    With brisk words came a gentle roar. Eyes of azure glowed into forestry in mere seconds. "Nothing yet, that I sense." A small sigh surpassed light pink lips. Sight shifted left, followed by right, awaiting any form of creature. The situation was rather odd, for a barren forest in this land was thought of as a bad omen. Such an omen could inspire doom to manifest.. "Not a single attack? How peculiar.." Nondominant hand rose to press a single slender index finger to the bridge of nose, touching a small scar that formed an X. "Lumen in vitrum, ducere me. Da mihi verum in hac fallacia." Irides of magenta took to form a crecsent shape, revealing polished canines from a coy grin. A hallowed golden glow that one lined the ground fell to a pitch shade, almost like blood. "I knew this was too good to be true."

    From this phrase, a terrifying shriek echoed forth from the canopy of the trees. Leathery ash wings flapped rapidly toward the woman's position. Its round body layered in a thin skin a bright yellow, with the center being a single black eye that stared into the soul of the victim it wished to devour; the creature's nickname given was Evil Eye, since the true genus was unknown. "Schree!" A valiant swoop brought a pack of five toward the lone Warrior of Light, awaiting a movement to strike. "About time I get a challenge.~" The beauty snickered, drawing her left leg back to pass her right. Either knee bent inward to perform a lean. Right hand drew the sword back to left hip, locking the sheathe into a small metal loop while unlocking the mechanism to release the blade a mere inch. "Come, vile wretches. I will smite you all without a scratch."
  2. [​IMG]

    Tawny Gerta

    -Rain sprinkled wood-


    The light wash of the winter rain sprinkled down upon the barren tree tops, blessing them with the much needed moisture during this dark winter. It had been unforgiving, pelting the land in a white blanket of snow, burying any sigh of the once fruitful and thriving area. With the coming of the rains, however, Spring was soon approaching, which would soon drag the wood out of its death-like slumber. Ah yes...The forest truly was beautiful, even in this barren, soggy state. The sun was barely visible beyond the great grey clouds that cast a shadow over the naked branches, yet the light it did show seemed to reflect off the wind battered wood.

    All was silent...still...until...


    The group of them passed over, possibly following the battle call of the recent party. Their cries echoed through the empty wood and it seemed that even the sleeping creatures turned over in their dens, shivering in terror at their presence. Their ash grey wings flapping in a chaotic unison, yellow bodies shifting in the wind as the giant, haunting eye scanned the area for their next victim....How long had it been since these creatures inhabited the wood? Too long for most to even remember now, but that was no matter. With the creatures, more seemed to follow, soon drowning out even the native creatures that sheltered themselves in the wood...And with the new species...came those seeking to irradicate them. There seemed to be a couple of types that sought to beat these "creatures" back. There were the hero types, seeking to protect the petty people scattered in random towns; the vendetta, seeking revenge on the beasts that have some how wronged them; and then there was Tawny...The greedy, who only wished to beat off the creatures for some kind of money....

    She sat poised for the kill, bow and arrow in hand, just behind the large thicket of thrones so perfectly place. Her ears, which were large and a mixture of white and brown, set on the top of her snow colored mane, stood perfectly upright scanning the area for any more noise from the lovely critters she simply called "The one eyed bat thing with weird bodies and wings..." There was a better name for them, of course, but Tawny had never bothered to learn it. In her opinion, they were nothing more than bags of money. Each worth about 400 monie each and with the hoards of them floating around, that would be enough to sustain her for months. She grinned, sharp and glistening white canines almost glowing in the low light, before taking a tenative step forward. She dawned a rather...revealing set of armor, only seeming to cover the vitals, except for the cheeks of her bum, but she did not really mind. Armor only seemed to wear her down. Her clothes were of dark brown leather, he tips of her ripped sleeves painted red. A metal plated corset covered her midsection and her chest to help protect her from any shifty blows. On her wrists were metal gauntlets. Her head was covered in a metal helm, open enough to let her ears move freely. She wore brown leather stockings and protected by metal armor, moving all he way down to her feet, which remained uncovered and exposed to the elements. That did not seem to bother Tawny, however, who was a member of the humanoids Zelo. The Zelo were a race, seeming to consist of neko like creatures, mainly rabbits. The stood taller than most humans, and maintained a lithe and graceful appearance. Faster and strong on most occassions...making them the perfect hunter...and hunter Tawny was.

    She was a bounty hunter, killing for gold, gold, and more gold. But that did not matter...enough about what she was about.



    With the skill matching that of the Patron Hunter Goddess, Tawny rose from her hiding place and fired, striking the first creature right between the eyes and sending it crashing to the ground. It seemed that the natural poise and composure was lost that instant, however, as she jumped for joy and cried out, her naturally higher voice singing over the sounds of the flapping beasts.
    "Whoohoo! That's a stay in the fancy inn! Come to mommy, little beasties. Make Tawny happy!" With the giddiness of a school girl, she bound forward and snatched the dead creature up in her grasp, stuffing it in the brown bag strapped to her back. "9 to go!" She took off then in a sprint, Long white mane fanning out behind her as she raced after the group, that seemed to be moving at a quickened pace, towards a focal point. She did not really care. To her, the creatures were stupid as stacks of bricks. Hell, they had not even come to avenge their fallen buddy. Sucks to suck, she guess. As she ran, she raised her bow toward the group, firing and missing another. With a pout, she called to the creatures, chocolate brown eyes glaring. "Hold still you little bastards so I can hit you!~ I want to have a great feast tonight!"

    The arrow continued to fly, landing right at the center of the focal point.
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  3. "Guess I'm not alone, hm?" The phrase emitted echoed onward into the brush, hopefully catching ahold of the rabbit-like bombshell's long ears from afar. "Going to pick them off from there or spectate?" Another voice passed, tinged in a light bass. "Of course, it is stupid to fight at such a close range with a bow.. Unless that bow is enchanted. Eh, well, fuck it. I'm joining this fight too." Across the treetops swept down a six foot one male. His entire form was clothed in a vibrant blue ensemble; skintight body suit crafted from Thunder Drake hide was overlayed with mail crafted from an infantile Ice Dragon. Each piece had been unique to structure, with pauldrons crafted from the shell of the front paws, chest plate taken from the top pectoral mantle and mid spine, forearm and shin guards made of its ankles, and lastly, a helm comprised of the upper head, featuring crystalline green eyes which still held a living gaze. In place of the bottom jaw was a chin guard structured to cover the warrior's mouth. Each tooth outined facial features which mainly were hidden beneath a blue skin, save for golden visage. Gripped in the Dragoon's right hand was a seven foot long cylindrical pole made from precious mythril. The diameter was approximately six inches in thickness, making the weapon near indestructible from most physical attacks. Each side had featured twin incisor teeth of an adult dragon, serrated and sharp enough to pierce through flesh and bone with ease. "Pretty Bunny, got my back?"

    "You two, quit flirting. Don't you see we are in the middle of a fight? Wait, who the hell are you?" "Oh me, my name is Trace. Trace Highwind, of the infamous Highwind clan. Grandson of the late Ricard Highwind. What about you two?" Lowering her hood, the girl revealed a strikingly beautiful face. Gentle eyes carried themselves upon the man briefly before emitting a single word. "Judgment." Reapplying herself to the current battle, her left hand rose to mid chest, extending slender arm outward with fingers spread. The form of a small neon green sphere had manifested itself in a single second. Its structure had emitted an ominious glow, similar to radiation. "You two handle them, and I shall prepare the Ultima spell for the main course."

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  4. [​IMG]

    Tawny Gerta

    "Guess I'm not alone, hm?"

    She came to a halt, bare heels digging into the soggy ground to slow her down in her speedy persuit. It was a graceful halt, muscular thighs rippling with effort as she gave a slight bend of her knees and back until she came to a stop just by a large patch of thick trees. She turned then to face them, her expression questioning as her head gave a slight tilt, long ears flopping slightly to the side, but still moving to keep track of her prey. The little beasties were not out of the woods yet, and just because some weird voice decided to echo from the brush, does not mean that Tawny was going to miss out on a good day's wages.

    "Eh? Who's there?" Her naturally high voice rang out slightly over the gently pitter-patter of rain that had blanketed her long, white mane in a light sheen of moisture. She took two steps forward, her ears moving as if they were the satillites, honing in on any noise in the distance. Her head turned slightly to follow the noise, but once again the voice spoke, calling her attention once more. A slight frown pulled at the edge of her rosy lips, ears giving a small twitch of irritation before she answered, in a rather blunt manner. "I WAS on the hunt, but it seems that Mr.CreepyVoiceInTheTrees wants to have a pleasant chat while my MONEY escapes." She turned then, her short tail giving another twitch as she moved to step off until.

    {Did that bastard just question my skills?} She literally halted mid step, swiveling on her barefeet to face the brushes once more, eyes giving a slight flare as her lips set in a thin line. There were many things to love about Tawny:

    1. She was pretty hot to be honest.
    2. She could be caring and friendly
    3. She was helpful...when given an incentive
    4. She was a pro with the bow.

    Unfortunately she, like many people, had their hang-up. One of them being, 'Never question her skills.' She was almost childish now, pointing her finger at no one in particular as she snapped, face reddening with sudden rage and voice rising to a sudden screech. "How dare you, Mr.CreepyVoiceInTheTrees! I am a pro with this bow, I'll tell you that right now and another thing-" She was cut off then as he stepped out of the thicket, blue dragon armor glistening with the gentle drizzle of the rain. Tawny felt a momentary panic rise up in her, her temper growing even more. Just what she needed...a Dragoon.

    She glared, dropping her hand as she leaned a little on her bow, gazing over the hidden Dragoon for a moment before she heard the words.

    "Pretty bunny, got my back."

    Tawny could have beheaded him right there, or shot him in the eyes point blank for muttering those words. She was not a fucking 'Bunny'. She was a Zelo, proud race of hunters and trappers. How dare he compare her to something so common and plush as a "bunny." She opened her mouth to answer once more, but was cut off by another voice, barging into HER hunting time. "You two, quit flirting. Don't you see we are in the middle of a fight!?" Tawny only turned her head, half-lidded gaze falling on the woman just behind them. She had not realized that she had ran smack dabb in the middle of a clearing and the little beasties were coming in from every direction. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many of the monsters gathering at once, mainly because she would have more than enough monie after this haul to last her for the rest of the month. Unfortunately there were these two, and there were other voices echoing from not too far off. She could hear wolves gathering. She growled, a frown setting on her lovely face as she glanced back at the Dragoon, who seemed to be introducing himself. "Trace Highwind."

    She was so irritated by this entire situation. Her she was trying to make a measily buck or a couple thousand so she could eat, drink, gamble, and who knows what else this woman does, but here comes these two pricks, waltzing up and trying to weasel in on her bounty. Her frown remained, but a slight smirk twitched upon her lips as the girl called herself "Judgement." Tawny almost laughed. Great...one of THOSE people.

    Now earlier, it was explained that there were different kinds of people that hunted the monsters in these parts, Tawny being in it for the reward. However, it seemed that this woman was one of the other two, most likely under the title "Hero." Ugh...this day just got dull. Tawny's head tilted slightly to the side as both of their eyes fell one her. Chocolate orbs narrowed as a coy smile curled across her lips, exposing the sharp fangs as she straightened, but before she could speak she heard the "SCHREE." from another monster. Without even glancing in it's direction, she rose her bow to the side and fired, shooting the creature right between the eyes and sending it crashing into the muddy ground. Her smile seemed to only widen then as she lowered her bow and stepped forward, picking up the creature and shoving it in her bag. "Gerta. Titawnia Gerta. Bounty Hunter 1st class of the Zelo." She glanced up then and turned to them fully, squaring her shoulders as the girl spoke once more.

    She was commanding her? Tawny's eyes narrowed once more as her jaw tightened. Who the hell did this woman think she was? And what was with the weird Dragoon in the blue skins? God, all she wanted was to kill the beasties and collect a reward so she could take a nice, hot bath and soak up the good life, but noooooo. No, she had to be stuck her with these two killjoys and kill these little fuckers, probably with no reward if either of these two worked for the state. Or worse, having to split her prize with them.

    She shook her head and gave a light stretch before whipping around on her heels and shooting another beast down, point and blank range. Damn...she was a pro with that bow. She glanced over her shoulder at the both of them, pouting like a child once more. "I better get something out of this, bright eyes. " With that she stepped off and moved towards the group of gathering beasties, calling over her shoulder to the dragoon. "Eh? Scales, you want a fight or what? I got your back, remember?...Just make sure you can keep up." With that, she stepped off once more, raising her arrow and firing right into the small crowd of monsters that had gathered. "Come to mommy..."
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  5. "Well shit." The only words that followed in succession to the events in hand were rather blunt. "I'm picking up multiple bodies in the area, but none of them are familiar. Judgement, can you explain that to me? I thought there weren't any living beings in the area, aside from Ahriman, Duceratops, and Hundlegs.. I know that isn't anything to worry about, but still." Upon the statement being spoken, Trace swept his lance outward to spin, eliminating another flying pest in sync with the Zelo's arrow, cross-killing either enemy. Only three remained.

    Yes, only three of them remained, but what else truly had been present in the locale? The rain seemed endless and the atmosphere only grew more bleak. Each moment in this area semed to provide more and more trouble for the Warrior of Light and her Dragoon companion. "Three.. " Loose footing caused either leg to slide apart, drawing the katana another two inches from its saya as another pest had atempted to strike down. Tiny claws loosened themselves to extend sharp talons as the Ahriman's iris began to build upon bulging blood vessels of sclera.

    "SCHREE!!" The pernicious minion swept down in a spin, flapping each wing to add speed. None of these thing mattered, in the moment at hand, for the lone swordsman only anticipated each move. Blood red eyes scanned the being closely as her right hand swung outward to the right, aiming the tempered blade upward from a tilt of nondominant wrist. The arcing caused the sword to bisect the Evil Eye flawlessly. The former preperation of the Ultima spell had been nullified thus.

    "So much for that. I can no longer use that spell until the area is clear. It takes to long to prepare. I apologise to those whom are present, and to you both, Trace and Titawnia. Furthermore, I know more than one spell, as well as more than one technique with my blade. Do not be alarmed, I am stronger than I do appear to be."

    "Eh? Don't apologise, Dear. I can handle my own and I'm sure Titawnia has your back. Ahem." The infamous Dragoon coughed awkwardly, as if hinting to the bullshit lie to be acknowledged by the stubborn femme. "As if we would lose to such pathetic creatures anyhow. Haha! They didn't even scratch us, to begin with. Anyhow, I'm going to go scout on ahead. I heard some commotion off in the distance. I'll leave you to to handle this area. I can pick off these without breaking a sweat, so maybe I'll find a challenge elsewhere, eh?" Trace grinned from beneath the visor, only leaving the drakeskin fibers to show his expression. Long, muscular legs bent inward to spring the slender youth into the air a good hundred and ten feet toward what sounded like a quarrel.

    Lance-gripped hand swung backward to bring the shaft upward to rest upon each broad shoulder. It were to appear as if Trace had been leaping on the air itself, but the reality of the situation was that his movement speed had been so fast that the trees themselves were barely noticable with each step taken, from branch to branch. Well, that was until one of them snapped and sent the man crashing downward into a dive. "Etro damn it." He cursed, shifting his weight to flip backward. Both blades wedged themselves into thick branches of the closest tree accessible, using it as a perch. "That was awfully-" His voice halted upon the sight of a figure in the distance.
  6. Tawny was barely even listening as the two "moocher" - as she decided to call them- conversed. She only acknowledged them with the raising of her hand, giving a slight wavy. "Yeah, yeah. I hear you Judgy." However, she could not help but bristle as yet another poke at her skills from the Dragoon. She turned her head then and spout a loud curse, instantly switching over to her native tongue. "SHABI!"

    [ Snippet: Now if anyone here speaks Zelo, it bears a likeness to Mandarin (Why? Because I can speak Mandarin so I might as well use it ;3)... The term "Shabi" has a couple of meanings in Mandarin, but if you were to use its BEST meaning you would be left with something along the lines of "Stupid Cunt." This end the lovely snippet...have a nice day!~]

    Unfortunately, Trace was already disappearing into the trees, leaving just Tawny and Judgement. Tawny turned back slightly, a sour look crossing her face as she only frowned at Judgement, one of her ears dropping slightly to give her a rather comical, borderline adorable appearance. "Just us then, eh bright eyes?" She sighed and turned then, continuing her march in no particular direction. The monsters had gather rather quickly, seeing as how the small clearing was rather quick to fill up with them. They were nearly pouring from the woodline, but the look on Tawny's face was not fear...No it was sheer excitement, with a mild amount of worry as she only commented. "I'm going to need a bigger bag..." And with that she jumped into the fray, running at the first line of them head on.

    One could easily call her stupid, but it was quite the contray. This was her tactic, and it seemed to be working. Her rushing head-on seemed to suprise to first of them, who flew back only to knock into one of the others. Tawny was mercily as she strung her bow and without batting at eye, fired and hit the beasts right between their eyes. They fell together with a loud thub on the soggy ground, but Tawny stepped past them and continued to fire into the fray.
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  7. ~The Caves~


    Drake RhapsodosThe Silver Angel

    A man wearing a hooded pitch coat covering his face only showing a small amount of silver hair and the glow of cerulean eyes walked across the landscape; he had taken up mission to find out the reason why there had been a rather large infestation of creatures within the surronding area the closer he got to his destination the louder the sounds of battle became " It seems I am not the only that is looking into this problem."
    As he had uttered he heard a movement in the brush nearby he looked over to see that it was a Tonberry in what appeared to be an aggresive stance the man reached his dominant right hand over to a katana having a brilliant gold carving of a dragons head on the hilt on his left side as he drew it from its sheath he uttered the words "Rend the dark Masamune."

    After this the Tonberry advanced slowly towards the man; the man attacked without hesitation striking the Tonberry across the skull which seemed not to phase it "Damn!!; I could be in trouble here."
  8. [​IMG]

    Demitry Alister


    A male was exploring the forest to investigate what he had heard about the creatures in that area becoming more violent than normal.He was clad in obsidian armor reminiscent of a dragon in design and trimmed with purple from head to toe.His gauntlets are clawed and his helm looks like a dragons' head which only allows his brown oculi to be seen.His blonde tresses are completely concealed within the helm and his armor has spikes on his shoulders,forearms and back a long his spine.Upon his left side he keeps his custom made blade Masamune tied to his side within its obsidian sheath only leaving it's purple hilt visible.Although armor concealed his body it was still clear that he was a male and a human and a little of his fare skin can be seen just under his jaw line.His body was clearly the body of someone in their early twenties and even through his armor his lean muscled stature was noticeable.

    While his brown oculi scan his surroundings he slowly rides his gold chocobo,"Woah Oria...I hear something near by."He says and gets off the saddle.The male who stood at 5'9 quietly listened and heard what sounded like talking,"Oria stay here and keep your guard up.I'll call you if I need you."He says then he slowly draws his blade and begins swiftly yet silently heading toward where the talking had came from.Oria tilts her head to the side,"Kweh! Kweh!"She softly said in response.Then after she watched him leave she looked around cautiously watching her surroundings.Once he arrives he sees a male and a tonberry preparing to attack him,"Need any help?!"He says in a medium pitched voice.He wasn't the type to interfere if his help wasn't wanted or needed but he had to ask just in case.
  9. [​IMG]

    Drake Rhapsodos

    The Silver Angel

    The man in black looks over at the man clad in armor and nods "Yeah it would be greatly appreaciated!" as he says this the man in black strikes the Tonberry again barely dodging it's knife as it retaliates in response to the blow.
    The attack from the Tonberry had ripped the coat when the man in black dodged he took the coat off showing short silver hair and brilliant Cerulean oculi the man was clad in dark red armor crafted from magnesium tensor making it lightweight and durable "Just so names are out of the way I'm Drake Rhapsodos what's your name if I may ask" uttered Drake.
  10. Retracting the spear, Trace feel silent in wait of the now two distant men communicating amongst one another. Slender fingers accented in vibrant blue polish had firmly gripped the ebony silk encompassing the majority of the weapon firmly, while his left hand rose to grab the middle crest of his helmet, pressing a finger against the nostril guard. This touch simply unlocked the lower plate covering his mouth to reveal a coy smile. Using a light force, the man lifted the durable armour from his electric blue mane, revealing pale skin that appeared to be flawless, save for a small scar that ran horizontally across left cheek, stopping below his eye. A near-miss war scar that could have cause blindness at one point in time, if Trace didn't block the blade of his enemy. Such things were common to the battle-hardened warrior, as his body had taken its share of close-to-fatal blows. Upper shoulders had matching scars resting on each blade, given from a tussle with a coeurl, a few months back before the current time. "That was a close call. If I didn't dodge that damn branch, I could have twocked myself in the balls." He couldn't help but furrow his thin brows in disgust, displaying a single middle finger to the thick tree branch that failed to support his weight. "Stupid-ass tree." A small sigh followed forth as the former hand politely extended to leave fingers fully spread, awaiting another to greet. Normally, this would be seen as disrespectful, but Trace was technically ambidextrous.
  11. [​IMG]

    Demitry Alister

    Demitry watched as the male looked at him for a brief moment then turned his attention back to the tonberry.The male struck it's head then narrowly avoided it's attack but his coat still got ripped anyway.Upon the male removing his coat Demitry made a mental note of his appearance,'So he has armor on too.Interesting.'He thought intrigued.He tightened his grip on his Masamune,"It's nice to meet you Drake.I'm Demitry Alister.So what's going on around here?"He says keeping his eyes on the creature.Since the male had given him the go ahead to assist he swiftly began charging toward the tonberry.

    His brown oculi held a look of bravery and determination within them as he prepared to attack.Within a few moments he leaped high into the air and attempted to stab the tonberry in it's head.He could only hope that the sheer force of his body weight would be enough to make his attack effective.
  12. [​IMG]

    Drake Rhapsodos

    The Silver Angel

    "I was sent out here to try and figure out why the amount of fiends in the area has increased." Drake watched as the man leaped into the air watching this he realized the mans plan he quickly moved in on the Tonberry to block its counter attack he connected with the Tonberry's knife pressing the knife into the ground. " I got you an opening finish it!" Drake's cerulean eyes glowed with the determination of finishing this fight.
  13. [​IMG]

    Demitry Alister

    He smiled as he swiftly fell down toward the tonberry,"Right!"He said while focusing on his target.Demitry let out a battle cry just before his blade forcefully penetrated the tonberry's head traveling deep into it's skull.He looked at Drake and smiled as soon as it was over,"Thanks and good job.Maybe we should team up?"He says then puts his foot on the creature's head.Then he swiftly pulls his blade out and slings the blood from it in one swift swing.Once his sword is freed from it's skull it's lifeless carcass falls to the ground.

    He examines his blade then he slowly sheaths it,"I'm here because I heard that the fiends were becoming more aggressive and gathering in this area.My reason is to find out why and put a stop to it before anyone else living near by gets hurt or killed."He says in a medium toned serious voice.He looks around making sure it's safe,"So have you found out anything yet?"He asks curiously before whistling.Oria turns her head to the side upon hearing the sound then she begins carefully trotting toward the sound.
  14. [​IMG]

    Drake Rhapsodos

    The Silver Angel

    Drake sheathed his sword and looked around the area to see if there were anymore fiends around. He assumed that it was clear he watched as the other man whistled for something he then saw a chocobo a few feet away.
    "I came here to see about the recent increase in activity of fiends in the area they seem to be more aggressive than usual it seems, The last thing I expected to see around here was a Tonberry though they are not a common thing around these parts or at least that's what I thought; and as for teaming up it probably wouldn't be to bad of an idea especially now."
    Drake studied the landscape looking for where the fiends may have been coming from he soon saw what seemed to be a cave with a few fiends that appeared to be standing guard outside the entrance. Drake wondered to himself if this is where they might have come from. "So you're a Dragoon am I correct?"
  15. [​IMG]

    Demitry Alister

    Demitry looks around and sees Oria trotting up,"Yeah I knew something wasn't right when I saw that tonberry.I hope we find out what's going on before things get worse.That way we can put a stop to it."He says concerned.Oria finally reaches him, and stops beside him"Good girl!"He says happy to see her and pats her on the side of the neck.She looks at Demitry then cautiously looks at Drake,"That's Drake,he'll be working with us.Drake this is Oria my traveling companion and dear friend."He says smiling.

    Oria fluffs her golden feathers up and gently shakes them,"Kweh!"She softly says trying to be cute.He laughs and shakes his head,"Stop trying to show off..."He says joking around and laughs again.Once he regains his composure he looks at Drake nodding,"Yeah I.Are you a Dragoon too?"He asks curious.Then he turns his attention to where Drake is looking,"That just may be where the source of our problem is."He says sounding ready to charge in at any second.Oria lets her feathers lie down on her body again and looks at the cave letting out a low soft hiss.He gently pets her to calm her knowing how upset something in there is making her become.
  16. "That's adorable." His greeting was dispelled, as expected. But alas, all hope was not yet gone for an alliance. Turning to disperse, the man looked over his shoulder. 'My friends are in trouble, so I need to go crash the party. Would you like to come help, Chu? I need a spotter. Those pesky Ahriman can be a handful, at times.' In his mind, this was simply a rouse. He wanted to believe his own words, even if he new he could handle the situation alone. 'It is smarter to fight as a group, ya know? The enemy moved as a flock on us. We were foolish to approach it with only myself and her.. That Humbaba is nothing to fuck with. I told her to quit, but she insisted on continuing with the journey. Why? Because she is just as crazy as I am. That is a really, really, bad thing.' Trace lowered his sight, adjusting his neck to allow delicate pockets of air to release from each vertebrae. Either hand moved from a planting of the lance into the ground, popping knuckles soundly. 'I could use another set of hands around.'
  17. [​IMG]

    Drake Rhapsodos

    The Silver Angel

    " Nice chocobo there; Oria it is a pleasure to meet you." Says Drake as he bows towards Oria " Also I agree with you that cave seems to be about the most logical place for whatever our problem is to be hiding I don't think this will be as easy a mission as what they said in town" Drake clucthed his sword ready to charge towards the cave.

    " To answer you question no I'm far from being a Dragoon I use about the same fighting style though I learned it from a hero known for his skill with long weapons I prefer the same thing he did though a katana it seems to be the most effective for me but enough with the idle chit chat let's go we got some work to do"

    After uttering these words Drake started towards the cave in haste neither his armor nor his sword Masamune seemed to slow him down as he looked back towards Demitry and Oria "I have a feeling this is going to be a long day. Don't fall behind let's see if we can clear the area in 2 hours" Drake's eyes seemed to glow brighter as he said this he was prepared for the fight of his life within this cave and it excited him.
  18. [​IMG]

    Demitry Alister

    Demitry looked at Drake,"Thanks.She was a stubborn,temper mental one at first.I'm glad that she became a sweetheart."He says looking at her.Oria looks at Drake when he bows and slowly lowers her body a little then raises it back up.It was her way of bowing to him then she watched the cave again,"It's fine with me...I love a challenge."He says confidently.He draws his blade,"Oh I see.I prefer using a sword as my main weapon.The blacksmith who made my armor and masamune insists that I need a lance too for my aerial attacks.He says using my sword for them runs a risk of me breaking it.So he's already started working on making a lance for me.Yeah...the time has come to take action."He says then takes off after Drake.

    As he swiftly runs he quickly catches up to him with his running unaffected by the weight of his armor or sword.His armor was a little heavier than Drake's but he had gotten use to it by doing weight training.Oria had started off shortly after Demitry but she was close behind,"Days like this are why I wake up in the morning.We could try for two hours,but I think that we can do it one hour.Oria will be fighting with us and she's fierce."He said looking forward to this.As Oria ran she also had determination burning in her eyes.
  19. [​IMG]

    Drake Rhapsodos

    The Silver Angel

    As they reached the cave Drake drew his sword in what seemed to be one swift movement cutting apart the fiends as if he had swung twenty times " The ones standing guard are nothing cut them down and advance an hour won't be much of a stretch as long as we don't hit any snags." Drake focused as they went into the cave the dim light seemed not to affect his sight.

    Drake's cerulean oculi seemed to glow in the cave as the group began to dig deeper into the cave Drake started to sense a very dark presence within he had never experienced anything quite like it Drake thought of how this may have been a bad idea putting the other two in danger but it was to late to ask them to turn back now " Hey; Demitry do me a favor if the fight gets to much for you and Oria to handle I want you to run i'm starting to get a bad feeling about this place." The concern in Drake's voice was obvious.

    It seemed to Drake that the farther they would get into the cave the stronger the fiends hiding within became they began to run into high level Ahriman and Flan and it seemed to be that around every turn was an stronger fiend hell bent on eliminating the group. The Ahriman and Flan were easy enough to dispatch but that seemed to be changing fast.
  20. [​IMG]





    "Sheesh, I ran out of room in my bag! How many of these beasties are out here!?" Tawny growled as she took out Ahriman after Ahriman, and it seems that the amount of them were endless, as if they had happened upon a whole colony of this, which at this given time Tawny felt was very likely. She dodged out of the way as one came to ram her, rolling over on her back and delivering a swift bow into the back of its head. She was met, however, by a rather cocky one who leaped right on her, scratching and clawing at her with it's talons. She shoved her bow into it, grunting with effort as she tried to shake it out, however, it seemed the creature was set on clawing her right out of her skin. One of it talons connected with her arm, sending a short of pain right up her spine. She let out a small gasp, glaring right into the creature's eye as she spat. "YA' BASTARD! THAT'S GONNA LEAVE A SCAR!"

    She shot her head up then, ramming the beast right in the eye with her helmet and sending it flying back as she rolled back to her feet. Her hair how had a small sheen of Ahriman eye slime on it...She would definitely need a bath later, but now was not the time to worry about that. To her dismay, she realized that she had really gotten herself into a shit storm with these guys. Now, she was doubting her decision to keep fighting...Hell she could easily outrun all of these assholes, so why was she staying to fight? Well...The answer was simple: her pride had the best of her.

    She sighed and raised her bow as another Ahriman attacked, hitting her mark without having to look at it as she started walking. She was using up all of her arrows on these bastard, so maybe it was time to switch up weapons. She came to a halt and stabbed her bow into the grow, dropping her bag of Ahriman as she reached behind her and pulled free two short blades. She gave them a nice flip in her hands to check the weight before she leap off back into the fray, dodging under talons as she brought her whole body into one of the creatures, sending it flying back slightly before she connected her leg with the side of it's head, the force of her blow sending it flying yards away to the ground. "THAT'S FOR FUCKING UP MY DAY, BITCH!"

    She did not even know what Judgement was doing with her time, not even bothering to glance over at the woman as she continued to fight. They would have time for chit chat later.

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