What Lies Beneath (OOC/Planning)

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  1. Main Info
    What Lies Beneath
    Genre: Fantasy,
    Technological Level: Equivalent to Renaissance Era (14th - 17th century Earth) with added Magic, Magi-Tech, and some supernatural entities
    : Explicit or Extreme (There'll be a lot of fighting and some sexual scenes, Innocent is a definitely not a choice)
    Lore Background: The kingdom of Remrose, a strong prosperous nation led by King Xander the XIII. Fertile land, strong military, and high level of technology, Remrose has it all, however Xander still hungers for more, his greed slowly overtook his wisdom as he sets his eyes on the neighboring small Kingdom of Caen. He had been planning the invasion for years, secretly developing an ace card in the form of a secret weapon... a woman named 'Elysium' locked inside a dungeon-research facility as a test subject to harness the latent power inside her.

    Of course, Caen suspects about Remrose's suspicious actions over these past few years and had thus sent their best spy, Katarn Nachthimmel, to gather as much information as he could about Remrose's plans, then return to Caen. He got wind of a human research facility in the remote mountain-city Daniar, north of Remrose, it is there where their story began...

    Alright then! Let's discuss away! Any ideas or comments or critiques? Post em here!
  2. [​IMG]

    : Katarn Nachthimmel
    Nicknames: Katarn, Night, Shadow of Caen
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Profession: Spymaster of Caen
    Affiliation: Caen Guild Union
    Hometown: Radvij Village, Southern Caen
    Marital Status: Single
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    : Rough
    Eyes: Brown
    Complexion: Tan
    Height: 185 cm (7 feet)
    Build: Athletic, Fit
    Hair: Dark Brown, shoulder-length
    Scars: Various cut scars on his arms and torso
    Tattoos: A black eagle tattoo on his right hand

    : Calm, cold, calculating, rather cynical
    Hopes: Protecting the people he holds dear
    Fears: Losing a family member
    Likes: Bladed weapons, raptors, grilled chicken, night sky
    Dislikes: Loud noises, excessive crowd, spicy food. hot weather

    : His trusty blade and main weapon, equipped on his right hand. Fenrir is forged with the finest blacksmith in Caen then enchanted with reinforcing magic, making it extremely hard to dull and require little maintenance.

    Yin & Yang: His twin shurikens serving as his ranged weapons. Both shurikens are bound to Katarn and as such can be recalled at will after they are displaced from his body.

    Blademail: Katarn's armor, consisting of flexible cloth-armor with a bladed cape.

    Subterfuge Equipments: Assorted equipment that all spies worth their job must have. Katarn keeps a healthy supply of lock picks, drugs, smoke bombs, and others to make sure his mission succeeds.

    Katarn is a veteran spymaster and is known in the underworld simply by the title of "Shadow of Caen". Few knew his actual self and even fewer lived to tell the tale, just the way he likes it. Behind the stoic mask of cold professional conduct, lies a man who simply wants to protect those he holds dear, including the Caen Guild Union, the small independent nation he was born in.

    : An eagle with jet-black feathers, unusually intelligent and completely loyal to Katarn. He took care of him since Talon was a chick.
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  3. What exactly are you looking for? Someone to play this Katarn?
  4. [Basics]
    : Elysium Cortez
    Nicknames: Ely, E.
    Species: Halfling
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Profession: Blacksmith
    Affiliation: Ashkeep Workers Alliance
    Hometown: Ashkeep, Southern Thormil Islands
    MaritalStatus: Single
    SexualOrientation: Straight

    : Soft
    Eyes: Deep brown or red
    Complexion: Pale
    Height: 5 foot, 9 inches
    Build: Lithe, but strong
    Hair: Silvery-white, waist length
    Scars: Small scars trailing up her arms, thighs and torso from various tubes and instruments
    Tattoos: None

    : Quiet, seemingly emotionless, contemplative. She has some trust issues against men
    Hopes: To expand her small forge back home
    Fears: Being held captive, snakes
    Likes: Crafting powerful weapons, chocolate, night sky, dogs
    Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, spiders, needles, men

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  5. Oh, I will be playing as Katarn, the hero of the thread, while Elidy plays Elysium, the heroine for this 1x1 thread we're having. :)


    Nice! I'm liking her already, I can provide Ely with a picture if you'd like, just tell me if there's anything you want help with. :)

    Also, I noted in your resume that Combat is one of the genres you don't like. :) This thread's going to have a lot of fighting due to the nature of the plot, however, I can adapt to your preferences, just tell me what you are comfortable and not comfortable with, and where do you draw the line, ok?
  6. OH I thought this was a partner request, I'm dumb, forgive me
  7. Daww, it's ok, here I give you a cookie as appreciation for honoring us with your interest. :)
  8. Well, I don't like it because I'm no good at it. Haha but that's mainly 1x1 combat. I can do some fight scenes, but be prepared for some not so fancy writing. :p
  9. Not a problem. Highly looking forward to your reply. ;)
  10. When you find me a picture, let me know. And I'll finish my cs later if you don't mind. I'm always bad at those. :p

    So I'll get a reply cranked out tomorrow hopefully.
  11. I have the perfect picture for her, I will give it once I got hold of my PC.

    Sure thing! CS is optional anyways. Duly noted, post when you feel right.
  12. I found a couple of pictures for Ely based on the traits you made, now I don't know about your taste in character art, so I gathered 3 pictures with different level of realism. Hope you like one of them!

    Anime-style: http://i.imgur.com/zMIc0iC.jpg

    Semi-realistic: http://i.imgur.com/BQhcfFb.jpg

    Realistic: http://i.imgur.com/bXpgV6u.png
  13. I like the first two the most honestly. :p I can't choose between those!
  14. Fine. I shall channel my inner weeb power.... and it says.... the FIRST! Woooooooo!
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