What kind of soap do you use

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Which type of soap do you use

  1. Bodywash

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  2. Bar soap

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  3. Other and i'll tell you about it

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  4. Soap? You mean you think I bathe?

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  1. All right I've been wondering, which to more people prefer, body wash or bar soap? (for bathing)
    and is there a particular brand?

    Also, if you have a favorite brand, what is it and why?

    I use bar soap because for me it's cheaper and lasts longer, and usually I buy Olay because it doesn't dry my skin out.

  2. Axe Body Wash. Because the commercials are funny and they don't make me smell horrific. They also have really silly names for the "scents" attached to them, like "peace" is a scent. No other reason, really.
  3. I use bath and body works shower gel. Bar soap seems to disappear in the shower when the hot water runs on it. And the smells are soooo wonderful! I have a smell for different times of day.

    Thousand Wishes - For when I am going somewhere and I want to feel fancy
    Mad About You- For when I'm in a general good mood. This is an everyday scent
    Beautiful Day- For when I need to be energized. This can only be used on sunny days.
    Pumpkin Cupcake- Holiday time only.
    Honey Lavendar- Night time.

    Then there are rules with the soap. Seasonals for the holidays can only be used around that time period. Can't be smellin like pumpkin cheesecake for the 4th of July! Also, you have to match your lotions up right with your body soap. Either they are identical or they make sense together. Mango and peach work. Cup of Chai and Moonlit Path do not.

    I am weird about my shower gel.
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  4. Irish Spring something or other.


    Because by the end of a month or two I've got a Frankenstein's monster made up of five different bats.

    It's also the only one that keeps me from being smelled from 100 yards away and is easy on my skin.
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  5. Irish Spring bars of soap. Simple, cheap, and it works just fine.

    I occasionally use body wash, but that's mainly as a final "polish", as it were. I don't feel like body wash does nearly as good of a job cleaning as a bar of soap does.
  6. @Dervish

    Bet you don't even use a buffer in there for maximum MAN SHINE.
  7. I use both. Various Dove body washes for most of my body, Dove bar soap for more delicate washing. :D
  8. I'm a manly man of Manisberg, Manselvynia. I don't need no fucking toys to get clean.
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  9. Of the republic of Manitoba in the wonderful patriarchal palace of Manada?
  10. I drove through Manitoba once.

    Never again.
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  12. Previously, I'd just use whatever body wash doesn't make my skin break out. I have a lot of annoying allergies.

    Now I have my family using bars of goat milk soap. Don't wanna use any other kind now, 'cause this stuff makes us hella soft and doesn't cause allergies! I have one that's chocolate scented. *w* It's amazing.
  13. Same as Brovo, Although while the commercials are funny as hell. Horribly inaccurate. All I get are people asking me if in twelve, that is not smelling me up close and clinging to me. I give it a 7-10
  14. I use whatever happens to be on sale and doesn't smell like it was mixed with 9 parts perfume. Don't really care much.
  15. Currently Bar Soap because that's what's in the house.

    Once I move out I'd likely try Old Spice Bodywash though.
    Because it gives 16 hours of BO Blocking POWEEEERRRRR!!!

  16. [​IMG]

    Lemongrass is like my favorite smell! I cant do flowery stuff, gives me a headache.

    Also @Seiji & @Gwazi Magnum there is a lawsuit against old spice. People getting badly burned omo BETTER GET ON THAT WHILE YOU CAN!
  17. i use whatever is already in the bathroom

    including foamy handsoap
  18. Bar Soap, and I make my own because I am a soap snob and have sensitive skin. I do the whole lye and oil thing though I draw the line at using human-sourced fats (ala fight club). Currently I am using a batch of Chocolate Orange with a touch of bentonite clay for a silky lather.
  19. Irish Spring bars ftw.
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