What kind of plots do you like ?

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  1. There are two kinds of writers , I think.
    There are these kinds ... ( Taken from OhKayden https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/plot-challenge-you-think-this-is-easy-fine-you-do-it.34277/ )
    She strummed at the guitar, trying very hard not to glare at the female opposite her. "Do. Not. Start. Alright, Silver? I don't play as often as you!!" The Spanish teen snapped. This earned a laugh from her lime-green haired best friend. She said nothing, simply continuing writing in her song book. Both girls looked up at each other. "Pfft, don't worry, Kaydhen, I wouldn't dreeam of it," Purposefully, she made her southern drawl that slightest bit stronger. With a rustle of paper, she picked up her own guitar just as Kaydhen uttered the words, "If you think it's easy, you do it!" To which Silver replied by launching into If I Die Young by The Band Perry, acoustic style. "Simple," she teased in between verses, "Perfectly simple. Easier than writing songs."

    Minutes later, the song had changed. Kaydhen was obviously annoyed. "So, if you wanna know here it goes," Silver sang. Camp Rock. Wow. "Right!" Kaydhen announced, magenta hair tied up (recently, the "Rainbow Gang" had dyed their hair - Four best friends, three girls, one guy. Don't ask) as she grabbed a piece of lined paper, "That's it! I'm writing a song!" Silver laughed, still singing Introducing Me. The two others in the room, Lou and Bella, had watched this unfold. They stood by the doorway, afraid to do or say anything at all.

    And then there are those kinds of writers..

    Dwarves ! Goblins ! Wizards !
    But they're in SPACE !
    Space wizards ! After a wizards teleportation spell goes wrong,he transports him and the living beings around him through time ..
    That includes the goblins that were attacking,that he was trying to get away from by teleporting !
    Now he has to round up all the goblins while exploring an alienated and abandon space station !

    What kind do you like ?
  2. Definitely the first one! The second one seems immature and like it's written by a 10 year old who thinks they know everything about the internet even though their parents just allowed them to access Google yesterday. Just saying~.
  3. What is this for?