What kind of magical girl would you be?

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  1. You heard me, what kind would you be?
    Good, evil or something more morally ambiguous?
    What would your powers be? Weapon or no weapon? Outfit?
    Would you fight on your own? With a team? Or not fight at all?

    Have fun my fellow Iwakuians xD
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    My powers would most likely have to deal with snow!

    My familiar animals would be a cat and an owl. O_O

    I'd be wonderful at cooking and domestic things, but I would be awkward socially. I'd think I'm an amazing singer, but actually be terrible.

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  3. I'm the dyke!
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  4. It just so happens I actually am a magical girl.
    ...At least I commissioned an artist to turn me and my friend into one.

    Show Spoiler

    (On the left :3)
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  5. Who is on the right?
  6. One of my best friends.
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  8. Fate Testarossa -- thats who i'd be!

    cuz she's smokin' hot

    and super powerful
  9. I would be a short-range fighter with minor healing skills, and lots of combat tricks for maneuvering around, distracting, and feints.

    I'd probably be on the ambiguous side, not always certain that I'm fighting for the right side.

    I would have fire powers(the flames would be blue), and my weapon would be a coil of sharp wire.

    I'd wear something purple and black, and it has to have a skirt.

    I would prefer to fight with people I know, but fight alone when the situation calls for it.
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  10. I'd be the ultimate evil who gets blasted to smithereens in the end.

    Or not.

    I might actually be the one who goes "Meh" and marches home to watch TV instead of getting involved in all kinds of shady shenanigans.
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  11. I'd be a card captor. I'd work on my own and have a different costume for every occasion! Why different costumes? Why not?! I would also occasionally feel the need to use explosives or guns.....Torgue guns.....why? BECAUSE REASONS!
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  12. I would be a Good Magical Girl (obviously :3).
    My powers would be super agility, and super strength.
    My weapon of choice would be a longsword, but I'd also keep dual pistols on hand.
    Outfit would be white and gold black and blue.
    I'd aim to fight on a team whenever possible, but would continue to fight on my own if the need arose.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. You heard me, what kind would you be?

    I'd be the fabulous one and the one that seeks vengeance by putting glitter in the mail. I am the type that farts out rainbows for her superpower and recharges with the large plethora of cat videos on YouTube. I am the girl that breaks out into musicals and scares the small children with her horrible voice. I am the god/dess of cheese.

    Good, evil or something more morally ambiguous? I already said I would put glitter in the mail do not make me coat your bedroom floor in Legos.

    What would you powers be? Weapon or no weapon? Outfit?

    Rainbow Blast
    Weapon? I don't need a weapon, I'll just do an awesome dance and hypnotize the enemy into doing my bidding. Me and my posse.
    [​IMG] 'You will get me cheese.'
    My outfit? Would be this beautiful thing:
    Would you fight on your own? With a team? Or not fight at all?

    My dancing posse.

    More than likely we'd get kicked out of the club or people would just die laughing.
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  15. A while ago, I wanted to create a male protag to fit into a magical-girl world I was building. He was effectively a self-insert, so I might as well use him here!

    Good-aligned, he was the only male member of a team of nine/ten magical girls. Because he was male, I decided he obviously couldn't have magical girl powers, so instead I gave him a magical sword that he could use to help out his teammates. This left him as the weakest member of the group, and his main purpose was to deal with minion-stragglers that might try to attack the muggles while the girls deal with the "main boss", if you will.

    His sword granted him powers in two ways.
    • One of five buttons on the scabbard can be pressed so that when the sword is pulled from the scabbard, it was imbued with power from one of five elements.
      • Red, Fire. The sword is magically aflame—the flame does not die out and burns whatever it touches, spreading rapidly regardless of fuel. When the blade is returned to its scabbard, all flames it generated go out.
      • Yellow, Air. Sword swings create blasts of air that harmlessly blow enemies back.
      • Blue, Water. The sword becomes extremely sharp and can cut through anything, though it still requires some force to push it through dense materials. However, the cuts only come into effect once the blade is returned to its scabbard.
      • Brown, Earth. The sword becomes twice as heavy and—defying physics—hits with even greater force, following something like f=m*a2.
      • Black, Soul. The sword passes through matter effortlessly but does no damage. However, if it passes through the core of any being, it will capture its soul within the blade. The souls are released when the blade is returned to its scabbard.
    • The pommel can be simultaneously twisted and pulled to extend it from the hilt, granting the bearer boosts while it winds back to its original position. Much like a wind-up toy. A dial in the centre of the five element-buttons on the scabbard determines which boost is granted. This must be done while the sword is still in its scabbard.
      • Red. Grants vigour and energy. Can be used to repel tiredness, sore muscles, or hopelessness, among other things.
      • Yellow. Makes the wielder and the sword move as though lighter, but while exerting the same force. Can be used to jump higher, perform acrobatics, or land great falls without harm.
      • Blue. Slows perception of time. Can be used to move faster or to study the movements of the opponent in greater detail.
      • Brown. Makes stronger. Can be used for self-evident uses.
      • Black. Makes unkillable. Wounds will still be dealt, pain still felt, but the soul will not allow the body rest until the pommel winds down.
    This allowed him to be very versatile, but being still just a human behind the sword, no match for the demons of this world. He fought along on the sidelines as his teammates worked together, leading him to feel both something of an outcast and a tag-along. However, he was an essential part of the team, saving the lives of other un-powered humans caught in the fray while the powerhouses were busy.

    Uh, that's all. Not technically a magical "girl", but whatevs.
  16. Clarification

    Season 3 fate testarossa
  17. If I were to be a Magical Girl character, I only have one thing that is a must have: when I transform, there is no point in time when I'm nude in mid transformation. I don't want to be "bathed in starlight" or "shrouded in rainbows", I just want my clothes to turn into my costume.
  18. A magical girl...hm. Interesting.

    I know there's an rp about this, and I answer this with no clue how that works. This is right from the questions from dragonesper above, which was so well put that I have to answer it.

    I'd like to be a good magical girl who would have the powers to leave her body as a ghost. She'd have to place her body somewhere, preferably and awesomely in a coffin- or closet if she's not in reach of a coffin. One of the perks is that she can't just enter her body again like that. She would have to be dead until a certain time of day or month. Sunrise, full moon or whatever-not sure yet. When being a ghost/soul, she would have the power to inflict harm by touching people- like massaging the heart so much that it bursts, or torturing them by squashing their liver etc. Or throwing objects like the normal paranormal stuff. Her weapon would be her own soul and energy.

    When alive in her own body, she'd wear what needed in the time, but she'd be practical and sexy. A pony tail most likely. A social and fun girl who finds joy in becoming alive again after use of her powers, but when ghost, she's like a death God coming for her targets. She can change into other shapes when being a ghost to scare.
    She'd fight alone and in team. Whatever necessary to take down evil. She'd probably need help to protect her corpse when unable to become alive again.
  19. A lot of girls skip it because there is not enough time left in the episode for some reason.

  20. I'd probably end up being the useless one that always comes last in popularity polls. You know the one - the one who gets one transformation sequence scene, and then has to change off-screen for the rest of the series.
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