What kind of hybrid?

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what should my girl be?

  1. Siberian Tiger

  2. Wolf

  3. Fenic Fox

  4. Other - tell me what

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  1. So I'm doing a fanfic with a few wrestlers but don't know what to make my female character or the wrestlers. The wrestlers who are going to be hybrids are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.
    This these are the guys I order of Seth, Roman, and then Dean and then the pic I think I'll use for Monroe.
    fd9fc9dd22d2fc300631fa1d9a0ab319.jpg roman-reigns.jpg Dean_Ambrose.0_standard_730.0.jpg f2312c784037b8c2351f335c18ff230d.jpg
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  3. A mixture of Daryl Dixon's bastard child with Godzilla
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  4. Definitely NOT the fennec fox. in wrestling, people expect bulkiness and raw force, fennec foxes do not depict that. I'd go with the tiger, since many species of wolf can be just as scrawny as foxes, though a bit bigger.
  5. I'd recommend the fox for an agile, high flier type, the wolf for a more technical fighter with the grappling and whatnot, and the tiger for your brawny bruiser types.
  6. Why not a bear!?
  7. Because Roman is going to be a bear
  8. The answer is clearly more bears.
  9. Lol OoO like a red panda? Those are SO cute!
  10. Sure, but they're just panda in name. They're really a type of raccoon or squirrel.
  11. True, I just love their fluffy puffy tails
  12. Who doesn't!?
  13. Why not a honey badger?
  14. Ohhh that might be good for Seth, what with his blonde streak.
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