What kind of Dog are you QUIZ

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  1. Which breed of dog best fits your personality?

    This is a very important quiz that should not be missed! Everyone is doing it! Your Teachers, your friends your family! You don't want to be the last one to take it, do you? Get on it! Don't be a 'don't know' be a cool cat that takes super cereal online quizzes!


    Post results!

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  3. I'm a Lab as well.
  4. Yet another Lab here.
  5. 1051852841_sboxercopy.gif

    Oh god I'm far from extroverted. Boxers are cool though.
  6. I got Doberman, like Frei.

    Also, Zy, now I know why I love you. My favorite breed of dog! xD
  7. [​IMG]

    Same as zypher...

    how is this possible?
  8. I'm a labrador xD