What Kellogg's cereal commercial franchise is your favorite?

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  1. Out of all of them, it's a close competition, but my favorite Kellogg's commercial franchise are the Applejacks commercials. Here is one of the earliest episodes of them:

    my second favorite franchise is the froot loops franchise. I know froot loops commercials are most people's number one but this is my list and opinions will change. Here is my favorite froot loops commercial:

  2. I just hate TV commercials in general. Let me watch my fucking show, you money-snorting dingbats.
  3. Oh god he's back.
  4. I think a part of me died inside when I saw the name.
  5. It followed us here.
  6. Never 4give, never 4get


    Also I've no idea but miss the old Apple Jacks.
  7. Wait what? Is he famous or something?
  8. .... I am about 78% sure you are either a spambot or a person paid to make REALLY cleverly disguised spam posts.

    D:< So I now demand you prove that you're not a robot and a real roleplayer person. @HamburgerHelper before I set the dogs loose on your delicious looking account.
  9. but I just like the stories in applejacks commercials and other commercials that's all

  10. Then you should tell me what your favorite genre of roleplaying is, and where the first place you roleplayed is. >:3
  11. i like group roleplaying and i mostly do fandom roleplays because then I can bring in characters I like. But i first roleplayed on roleplayerguild. I also tried to do my goldfish crackers commercials rp on here a long time ago but nobody wanted to join
  12. Back in the old country (RP site Toellner and I refugeed from after a great cataclysm that prompted us and dozens of others to find a functional website), Hamburger Helper was some account which, to the best of my knowledge, is an extremely dedicated troll who never dropped character from his food mascot shilling personna and we would get a whole bunch of threads in the off topic areas just like this one.

    He also isn't lying; he did try to do an RP as Goldfish characters. Like I said, devoted to his craft. Part of me almost admires it, the other part makes me want to go to a therapist every time I'm in the grocery store.
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  13. I see! 8D I can appreciate a troll dedicated to his craft. I married one, after all.
  14. I don't get it lots of people like different things but just because I like a certain tv genre people make fun of me and think I am trying to spam
  15. It's ok. I'll join. Let's be weird together. <3
  16. I'll join too Icy.
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