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  1. So I roleplay on about three websites regularly (Iwaku, Creature Breeder, and Figment) and I've realized each one had their own etiquette. I didn't realize it until now, but it's so weird now that I think about it. Like on Iwaku it is mostly acceptable to just post your CS without asking to join, while if someone did that on Figment all hell would break lose. Then on CB (Creature Breeder), you just post an intro and roll with it. Now I will admit in the last few years on CB it has gotten more common to ask to RP before just posting.

    Oh yeah, I've learned three different RPing languages because of these websites. Just FYI.

    Iwaku- Character Sheet

    CB- Charrie

    Figment- Skellie/Skeleton

    Okay, that's my randomness for the day.
  2. That's actually really cool!! The way Iwaku does things is how I've always done them, and I learned my RP know-how before I ever came to Iwaku.

    I kind of want to go to Figment and start posting characters in all sorts of games. I don't know; for some reason, asking permission to join an RP before posting your character sheet, on a publicly posted RP, seems... Silly? If it's a private game, why let anyone else look at it? :P To be fair though, many a number of RPs here are private. I guess we do end up doing that as well, but at least we tag our private games as such.
  3. It's just common to ask before joining especially if it's like a very detailed small group RP. You want to have the right players and it's just the culture on there, I suppose. Now if you're requesting a PRP/1x1, then you may post the links for your already made characters and see if the person likes them. That's the thing about figment, it's a writing website, so it wasn't made for roleplaying. Anyone and everyone can look at whatever you post. Now I do know that if you put in the title of your RP that you don't want people to enter, most listen to that rule. It shows respect to the people RPing. I will also admit that in the last year or so Figment has gotten really just...not good? Like you have the elite bitches (My friends and I use this for a certain group of people that are complete bitches. I'll link you to one of their RPs. My username in the discussion is INeedMyPurpleBack.) who don't want anyone but the others in their group in Rp, then you have the newbies, then you have the middle ground people like myself. Figment is high school. xD Oh my gosh.

    Elite Bitches RP and Basic Figment
  4. Every community after High school is High school. Trust me. Best you can do is try to keep your chin above it, and not be a drama llama or catty twit. :)

    I'll be honest, I do not like elitists when it comes to writing/RP. Not everyone has a degree in creative writing, or has even had any specialty classes out of High school. Some people just happen to enjoy writing! So we should absolutely let them have their fun without being judged!

    Problem is, we end up having standards. We want to read a paragraph without seeing too many spelling or grammar errors. We want to read something that makes sense, bounces off of what we're doing, etc.. So we get picky, and we start to become... well, "elite".

    Best we can do is try to make sure that folks that don't quite write as well know that there's a certain standard, and that they can be in the RP, but they have to bring it up a notch. They have to write like they're going to get graded on it! At least, that's the nicest way I can think to word it without sounding like too much a jerk...

    Wow, what a tangent!

    P.S. I see how those folks at Figment can be jerks. :/ That was kind of a chore to read through. BTW, I don't think they'd meet up to my standards! Hardy har har!
  5. It is a chore to read through. This one user, Selenthia, she has amazing ideas, but oh my gosh...It takes 30 minutes just to read the opening post with all the rules and stuff. I love figment, though. I keep to my people and that's why I really don't do group RPs on there anymore.
  6. Well, I hope you [have found/do find] a good group RP! :D There are a LOT to choose from!
  7. Every site has it's own different culture, and it's really cool. O___O There's gonna be sites you and don't fit in at, but for some reason tons of other people love them. And sites you love but other people think is ass. And rules and habits and etiquette too!

    We let people get away with a lot of things here that most sites will just autoban you for. .___.; But then, we have certain rules too we enforce very strict where other sites don't give a crap.

    ...I am repeating myself a lot. XD I am tired and full of turkey.
  8. @Diana here's some rocks!

    I kid, I kid. I'm also intrigued by the little cultural differences between different sites.