What is your worst rp experience?

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  1. Recently I had a very bad roleplay experience. So instead of going and posting on an existing thread I want to hear some of your stories.
  2. Just a reminder, guys: Don't badmouth other Iwaku members in public. Keep it respectful, avoid naming names if possible, and if you think someone will know you're talking about them anyway... might be better not to post.

    I've had a lot of bad RP experiences, but I've had more bad experiences with the OOC part than actual RPs. Like a former one-on-one partner who got really attached to me and basically acted like a jealous girlfriend; she didn't want me playing with other people at all, and she finally flipped her shit when I recycled a character from one of our RPs elsewhere.

    Then there was one time a girl argued with me when I told her I refused to rape her character. o___o Actually tried to argue me into doing it, even though I told her it made me hella uncomfortable.

    I think more problems come from lack of respect and communication OOC than anywhere else in RP.
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  3. This should probably be moved to Roleplay Discussion.

    No real bad stories on my end, just a few frustrating experiences with games I've been running or a part of dying suddenly after being very active for months, if not years. If you find people who can stick with a game until the better end, cherish them.

    Edit: Also, that Astaroth guy? He's a total rapscallion and should never be trusted because he's a turboscrub.

    Don't tell him I said that. Shhhhh.
  4. Yup, thread moved.
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  5. Actually, my worst rp experience was back in the earlier days, way, way, way back in the day when MSN chats were still around and that was my spot. I was still learning, but even I had enough common sense to know that you didn't jump into someone's storyline without either asking, or being invited.

    My friend and I were considered the 'elitest' of our little chatroom, because we usually had huge posts that took several minutes to get through because of the character limit that came with the chat room. We'd usually type out our lines until we reached the end and add a little notation at the end of the paragraph to signal that we were continuing on. I can't tell you how many times we'd be interrupted by someone jumping into the middle of our posting to do something stupid! One time our characters were off away from the main scene of the chat room rescuing another character. During one of his posts, someone decided to molest my character, who was not only in a relationship with my friend's character, but she was not anywhere near the guy, and was in fact in the middle of a fight. So, we politely pointed out OOC that his actions were being ignored, and why. Rather than simply forgetting about it and doing something else, the guy magically teleported his character to where my character was, and continued on with his ridiculous molestation.....This continued on for several minutes, leading my poor character to be stuck fighting a possessed guy who was trying to sacrifice a kid to gain more power, but fighting off the guy molesting her as well. Naturally the guy ignored every move that I made, and with my friend in the middle of his own fight, he had to scramble to come up with a way to help my character without messing up our storyline. Eventually one of the mods booted the guy, but for nearly an hour we were stuck dealing with his stupidity.
  6. I actually had an experience very similar, only difference was it was a guy I knew from elementary school that moved away. Eventually he convinced me to do a romantic rp with him, and got mad when I reused the character elsewhere. Turned out he was homosexual and wanted me, though I don't swing that way, and he knew it. Then finally replace rape with homosexual roleplay. (Yaoi? That the term?)

    Anyways, thanks for moving this to the proper place. Surprised how many people are posting 0.o
  7. @GoodGuyReed

    The weird part about my case was that I hadn't ever met the person in real life. We met on an RP forum (but not Iwaku).

    The second instance I mentioned was a different girl.
  8. (I apologize for how I'm responding, new to this whole... forum thing myself)
    I actually am not sharing mine only because it is Weirdly sexual? Like I swear the DM must have been a troll, or some of the players were intentionally ruining it.
    I won't go into any more details unless its actually ok by the rules of the forum, but I wouldn't want a teen seeing it. One of those things I don't talk about at the boy scout meetings I run, and I know there are people of that age on this forum.
  9. It's okay to talk about sexual things and you can use spoiler tags to hide the inappropriate bits if you're really uncomfortable, but if it's to do with people on Iwaku it would be breaking the rule about public drama.

    If it is about someone on Iwaku, and you're uncomfortable about what happened, you can privately message me about it. I'm a Staff member here and we want to know if something is negatively affecting your site experience.
  10. I had a similar experience to this and put up with it for far longer than I should have out of a sense of friendship and wanting to be nice. Like you the problem was OOC (IC was wonderful). It wasn't here and it was one of the reasons I changed my username when I changed sites. It's surprising how deeply it affected me and to this day it guides how I interact with people and partners.
  11. I actually changed my username over that incident too, because it ended up bleeding onto another forum where I had the same username. I totally get you on this.
  12. I even went so far as to make a new photobucket to host my images at because he found me out based on my writing on another site and confirmed it with the location of my graphics. Fun times.
  13. Long ago I killed a girls character IC because she failed a dice roll that would have allowed her to dodge a 5-inch cannon shell, but didn't. She put me on her shit-list. She joined any RP I did and made it her characters mission to screw with mine. In one attempt she derailed the plot just to kill my players family.

    Looking back it's more funny than annoying because she tried so hard and only succeeded once.
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  14. Back when I first started forum roleplaying I used a site called 'Star Wars Combine'.
    It wasn't a dedicated forum RP site, and instead they had a specific section for it. Where the sites main focus was being a Star Wars Simulation site.

    This lead to the moderators of the RP section to start enforcing some very controlling rules. Banning players from using any gear the character on the site didn't own, banning characters from fighting any NPC's they didn't own etc. And note this simulation game isn't fast either. It takes a full week real time to make a single hyperspace jump.

    So players were effectively left with their hands tied and given nothing to do.
    Eventually I got annoyed enough with it I made another site and made an open offer to anyone to follow me there. Other than one or two people everyone forum roleplaying at the time followed me over and we spent two years organizing a Universe RP until we found a fitting ending and moved to the RP Guild together.

    Since then I've kept an eye on Combine's RP Section just to see what happened since then. Seven years later and their level of activity never recovered since then.
  15. On another site that was more focused on group rp than 1x1, I posted on the OOC thread about searching for partners. The GM of that thread rp, who was also one of the admins of the site, called me out in public saying that I should stop being lazy and personally send everyone who enrolled in that group rp a message saying I was looking for partners.

    So, I wrote sarcastically how I was sorry for posting a search in the OOC meant for partner searches, that I would take the time to message the few people still playing, and to disregard the entire OOC thread. He replied saying I was snarky or something, but it was a win for me because I actually got a ton of attention from the few players on it.

    Even more of a win, I was the only person who made his group rp active by starting different plots and welcoming new people. When I stopped playing in his group, he sent me a private IM saying "Hey...there are some new topics in my rp if you want to check it out..."

    I didn't and his rp died soon after lmao.

    When I was younger and dumb, I use to do a lot of libertine/erp and I got into a mess of troubles. What sticks out the most was when I did BDSM with me being the dom. My partners could not separate IC from OOC. I had plenty think I was their dom irl and sent me very explicit photos of themselves. I blocked/reported them immediately.

    I have tons of story purely on libertine, but I'll just stop now lmfao.
  16. I used to have a blog dedicated to this from my days back on another site. Those days have mostly passed—I rarely have issues now that I'm almost exclusively on Iwaku and no longer feel pressured to continue posting in plays that bother me.

    Granted, the people here don't bother me like the people on that other site, too.

    But man, the stories I could tell... the logs I could share... The stalkers I could talk about!
  17. Don't roleplay on Facebook. All posts are one cluttery mess, sorted after last updated, due to the accessibility para/multi-para players are rare, and besides groups, all roleplays are in one place.

    The very first roleplay I started, a 1v1 Pokémon battle, actually started with the third joiner.

    And the first to actually do that roleplay with me, faced me with only his ~lv. 5 Chikorita, alongside my type advantage and three fully evolved. I know that's not a balanced team, but it was my first.
  18. I can't believe I forgot this one!

    My first attempt as a GM of a group RP was a Gunslinger roleplay on another site. I had a fair amount of interest, and some pretty good roleplayers which boosted my confidence a bit. Of course being the lone female of the group, I probably shouldn't have gotten too excited.

    We worked out the plot as a group, and created rules as a group, so there was no reason at all no one should have understood them. There were certain parts of the series that we were not involving in the rp, and the biggest rule of all was absolutely no Blaine!

    The rp got two pages in when one of the players started to PM me OOC. At first it was basic talk about the rp, then things began to take a shift toward personal stuff. When I told the guy plain out I wasn't interested, he disappeared and ditched the roleplay. That was fine with me. I still had five players, and they were still keeping up with posting.

    Skip a few days later and the guy's 'friend' started PMing me OOC. Same shit, supposedly different person. When I ignored his attempts to hit on me, he posted an IC thread that threw in the very elements of the series that we had all specifically sworn not to involve, then makes his character disappear. After that he PMs me saying "Blaine's back." Which I had already known thanks to his majorly fucked up post. The entire post, only three sentences long derailed the entire plot and broke every single rule we had discussed. Needless to say, the rp didn't last long after that.

    Since then, I have refused to join/start a group rp.
  19. All my stuff is pretty basic. O__O Like players who try to take over my roleplay like it's theirs. Or the really clingy partners that don't give me breathing room. I am REALLY grateful that I don't get a lot of issues with that kind of roleplay experience. Usually it's just dumb things like someone doing something stupid, or just plain old bad chemistry. All my terrible experiences are from community stuff. XD
  20. In tabletop rpgs, my worst experiences have been having too many players (like, more than eighteen players in the same table!) and having DMs that only played for the sake of killing characters. Ew.

    A long time ago, in other places that weren't Iwaku, "libertine" roleplays were always present of course, but some people thought it was the same as having cybersex (some people even showed themselves naked to me in cam D:) or asked me to roleplay... Kids don't look at this...

    Nasty thing (open)

    They asked me to roleplay little girls (let's say age from 5 to 8) for cybersex. I can't believe those places didn't even care to control if there were pedos around or something.

    And then an experience I had recently in Iwaku. We set things up for having a one on one mxm libertine, romantic roleplay. Several pages in, there was no romance at sight, except for that between one of my partner's characters and an uninteresting female NPC. I don't like reading hetero romance. My life is quite normal, yet my own story with my boyfriend is far more interesting to me than most hetero romances I've read. Hetero romance is bland and uninteresting for me. Don't force me to read it. Ew.
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