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  1. My big hobby and passion seems to be running community sites like these, thuuuuus I tend to subscribe to feeds and blogs and random stuff that me things to work on or think about!

    Today I stumbled over the THE VISION STATEMENT!

    So while jotting down notes, I figured this was a great topic for ER'BODY to think about! >:3

    What is YOUR vision statement for your life?

  2. I am interesting! .... Oh wait, I should start by saying I will actually do this. The present tense is interesting. My mom has this meditation CD from Dr. Dyer that does self actualization with an "I am" mantra.

    I am able to travel as I please, be it to a new country or a familiar city.

    I am loved and give love to a family of my own making. I am a happy wife and delighted mother as well as a watchful daughter.

    I am able to be with my friends, in both the best of times and the most trying times.

    I am able to inspire others to be the best selves they can be. Celebritism only in the most positive form.

    I am healthy. My stamina is great and I can take on an ultra marathon and flu season.

    I am enjoying knocking items off my bucket list and finding new things to add. There is so much I want to do and learn. Including...

    I am a dancer. At least on the weekends. I can go out and burn up the dance floor with them latin rhythms.

    I am happiness, I am joy, I am bliss...

    I am perseverance, I am not making the same mistake twice, I am getting back up and dusting myself off...

    I am the best me I can be!
  3. I am Happy​
    I am Free​
    I am constantly engaged and constantly learning. Time, while relative, is a finite resource that can not be regained when spent.​
    I am never Stagnant.​
    I exist in a self sustaining environment of which I use to not only nourish my family but also use to pad my income.​
    I bring the people around me hope.​
    I am adaptable. All problems directed to my person or the people around me have been accounted for with set in place contingencies or ones that can be easily rearranged to fit the setting.​
    I never give up.​
    I never fall behind.​
    I am never unprepared.​
    I create the things in life that most are too scared, timid or blind to attempt.​
    My life is not orchestrated by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of Death. Fear of Failure. Fear of offense. Each of these words are not a part of my vocabulary.​
    No matter how many times I pass beneath the setting sun, I will never overlook it's beauty.​
    In spite of a splintered economy, a non existent job market, an incompetent government and an ever fearful populace, I am a testament that the American Dream can still exist.​
    I live an awe-inspiring story of my own design.​
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