What is your name?

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Let's say, for the sake of argument, you had to change your name. Let's say you were swept into the witness protection program, for example.

You are now given the opportunity to change your name! What is it?!
Chuck Norris

or if that is taken

Jack Armstrong.
I would prolly change my name to Michael Drake, and use the nickname, Dre'
DIANA is my chosen name. .___.; Surprise! It's not my legal one... yet! I used to want to change my entire name, but I have since accepted that my given name is also a part of me. It's just not the name I'm meant to have. Why Diana... it "fit right". XD I picked the name when I was 7 years old. Since then I've found it suiting. Diana was the Roman goddess of the Hunt and Moon. Patron of virgins. >:D Diana also means "divine" and I do so love divine things. I think the name is both elegant and playful and represents who I am.

...but if I wasn't allowed to use that name anymore and had to go in to witness protection...

Olivia DeWolfe. It sounds adventurous. .___.;
I'd just change my name to Andrew and go by Andy and make my last name something common, like...Smith.

It's so obvious that no one would see it coming!
Patches McKinsly Smith

No, Really!
Eros Larke.
Yes, it is a man's name, but I'm guessing most people didn't know, so it's all right.
I adored this myth, it was oddly one of the first myths I read after watching Hercules with much awe and adoration.
I like Larke, almost sing-song but serious at the same time.
Lucas Cole

I just like the sound of it. XD
Edward Malkovich.........

What? It sounds cool. Plus I could be called Spoony Bard by all my friends.
hmmm either Adam Malkovitch just because... I really don't know why maybe because he is weird and cool

ooooorrrr Ike just because it's my name on here *don't know about the last name yet*
Zypher Yaguchi! I already respond to Zypher in real life and Yaguchi is the last name of one of my favorite idols!
Erlando Beltran.

There ain't enough obscure languages up here, either.
Alexander Reinhart.

I enjoy the fact that my real last name is German, and I'd prefer to stick to my roots.
Grant Donaldson.

Sticking to them roots, sticking to them roots...