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What is your most LAZY moment?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Yes, this thread is to brag about the most laziest thing you have ever done! >:D

    ...my lazy moments usually involve watching the same channel on the tv for hours, cause I dun wanna walk across the room and go get the remote. c____c
  2. Mine, is getting up in the morning an hour before I have to get ready for work, and laying down on the floor for half an hour staring at the ceiling instead of doing push ups and crunches like I planned.
  3. Getting my sibling to grab something for me, and it being not even two feet away. I was sick. Yeah. I was sick. You believe me right?
  4. being a staff in an online forum for roleplaying, but never really doing anything.
  5. Hey guys. Sorry I haven't started yet. Just started my first job in over a year last week and been busy. Also trying to think on just how I should open this. Had an idea for a sequence of clocking in through the interdimensional gates.
  6. 1. Please be 18 years of age, or older, if you intend to join.
    2. Respect your fellow players.
    3. If you wish to speak OOC with someone, please use the OOC thread or the Telluric Discord.
    4. Don’t advertise in this thread or any of the threads related to this one.
    5. Fade-to-black scenes that aren't suitable for a general audience. Clan rules.
    6. No auto-hitting and godmoding.
    7. Quality writing is expected and encouraged.
    8. You may play as many characters as you like, but you are responsible for the characters you create.
    9. Read the entire post before asking questions.
    10. Rules may be added if they seem needed. Any questions or concerns with the rules can be issued to @Villains.
  7. Fucking the admin doesn't make you one!

    ...or does it?

    *rapes asmo*
  8. Sounds good to me, Teh.
    I've been considering opening the compendium to everyone else's races - especially the races people are playing. The gist of how I'd like them to be explained it there, after all. So long as I'm not writing them, it's golden. :'3
  9. I had a role-play once where I drew about 8 of our group together. Dunno if I'm up for that just yet.
  10. I'm too lazy to even think of something.
  11. I will go and swim and then dry off. I'll fall asleep, wake up ENTIRELY sunburned, and just flip myself over so that my back matches atleast. Then I'll fall asleep.
  12. Well I joined Iwaku once.

    Seriously though if I wasn't here I'd have a PhD and fifty babies all over the city or something.
  13. Wanting to play a different game, but not feeling like getting up to change the disc or switch to HD. >_<'
  14. Quickly, we have to ban Darkness so he invades his country with a small army of hysterical toddlers!

    Ahem, anyway, I taught my dog to fetch my handbag so that I don't have to find it myself. It wasn't easy but she's better at finding it than I am. o_o;
  15. How can a "dragon" indecently expose?

    And yes, probably will be "ship's rules", so that could be included. If only for medical reasons.......
  16. Wait. . .Did Darkness just post a COMPLIMENT? D:
  17. Kitti's nice.
  18. ((* Italics=Dream, "Italics"="Dialogue in Dream" *))



    Koda falls to his knees, hot tears trailing down his cheeks. "N-No, please! Please, please, don't! I'm sorry!"

    The hammer clicks back.

    A cold metal presses into my head. I whimper, my entire body shaking violently. "K-Koda! I'm scared!"

    "It'll be okay, princess! I-I swear! I--..." A sob stops his words short. The man above me grumbles, his grip tightening on me. It hurts. He's squeezing me so hard. Koda...please. Help me.

    "Sorry, kid." A voice like hot coal on my ears. "Nothing personal. Just business."

    Koda wails, his eyes on fire. "No, no, no, no oh god, stop! S-stop, don't hurt her! I-I'll do anything you want just--just..." He locks eyes with me. Desperation rolls off of him. It's so thick. I'm suffocating. Why is it so hard to breathe? Why's my throat so tight? I...I feel heavy...


    My brother's lips tremble.

    "I-it'll be okay, Demi...I prom--"

    A bang.

    Pitch black.

    His screams fade.



    I scream my throat raw as I bolt up, clutching at my chest for dear life. It feels like my heart is about to come ripping out of me and leave my body for dead. Sweat and tears smear my face. O-oh god...oh fuck. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck--why can't I breathe?! I inhale harshly through my nose and out of my mouth, though I'm barely getting any kind of fucking oxygen in me.

    I rock back and forth as sobs and hiccups come tumbling out of me like a feverish prayer. I hate myself. I fucking hate myself for being like this. I'm so fucked up and crazy and useless, like some trashy and worn out piece of furniture. Why does this have to happen now of all shitty fucking days??

    "Kodaaaa!" I whimper into my knees as I curl into myself, hiding my face from the world. It's getting even harder to breathe and whatever air I'm getting in, I'm pushing out twice as much. My head is pounding and swimming at the same time. This is fucking insane!

    Somebody, please.

    I heave another ragged cry and start punching violently at my thighs. It hurts, but it hurts so much that it distracts me from the chaos tearing my head apart.

    I beat harder.


    And harder still.

    Maybe if I keep going. Maybe if I fuck myself up until I'm bloody and bruised...I'll feel a pain that I actually know how to handle.

    Please. Make it stop.
  19. Lyra smile, “At least daddy is home now.”

    Harmony took Melody to her room.
  20. I would say that this thread is made for me and my type of people, but that's just making an obvious statement.

    My laziest moment... there are only thousands of them to pick. ;)

    I haven't showered for a month. I haven't brushed my teeth for two, maybe three. I didn't bother to cut my hair even after it was longer than Michael Jackson's list of arrest. I didn't bother to eat because I was too busy slacking away. I didn't bother to read any of your fan fics because you didn't read mine... wait, that last one wasn't lazy. Yeah, it was. Me being too lazy to read them was the other reason. :P

    Oh, and I'm too lazy to wash my dishes, get my own food, and clean my room. My mum does ALL that for me.

    True story. Sad one, too.