What is your life mission statement?

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A life mission statement is a short turn of phrase that you hold dear to heart and try to live by!

Some that I find amusing are:

"If momma ain't happy, nobody is happy."

"If it's funny you're forgiven."

But I find all my own personal mission statements for life seem to be stolen from song lyrics. XD No regrets or promises. Or If you can't stand the way this place is, take yourself to higher places.

In the eeeend, I think my mission statement is to Enjoy the Present. The past is gone, and the future hasn't happened yet.

What is YOUR mission statement for life?
I'll have to think about this more, but the first thing that popped into my head was "If you ain't laughin, you ain't livin."
The wording may change over time, but my mission statement generally reminds me that, through sheer force of will, anything is possible.

My current drafting, stolen from some wallpaper, can be found in my signature and repeated below:
"Hungry people don't stay hungry for long."
"I'm so ugly, that's okay 'cause so are you."

It's a lyric from a Nirvana song called Lithium. Kurt Cobain is a musical genius to me, I don't care what people say. Anyway, I look at those words and find important meanings to them. Negative meaning: I despise humans. >__>; They're all ugly to me. Therefore, so am I. On the positive note, though, it means we're all the same. There's no person that's more/less ugly than me or more/less beautiful than me. We judge too much on appearance.

There's my personal mission statement. <3
One sentence cannot possibly sum up the code I have created over a lifetime. Its complexity and fluid nature preclude it from a definite summery. Yet if one has to be chosen it is thus:

Everything is relative, and everything relative changes with perspective.
"He who stands beside me in this hour of battle, shall be my brother eternal."
its either "fuck it, may as well", "fuck no!" or "maybe when i can be fucked" depending on laziness and approval.
I'll stop drinking when you stop sucking.

(There are a few people who don't suck. Most of You Lot make up the majority of them.)

Also, Give me a reason to love you.