What is your Kamelotian name?

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    My Real name translates to
    Bleeding Shadow

    My Iwaku name translates to Eternal Promise

    Which seems rather legit to me, what is your Kamelotian name?!​
  2. I'm Broken Heart. Could it possibly get more cliche? -_- :D
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  3. Pale White Dawn...

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  4. I am Eternal Spirit! Seems pretty epic to me ^_^
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  5. Real name is Lucid Star.
    Iwaku name is Lucid Angel. (If you add Mofo. So Smo Mofo.)
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  6. Real name is "Frozen Heart" which I don't think fits at all.

    Iwaku name is "Forsaken Child" which is just sad :(
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  7. Winter Promise <3
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  8. I am Vengeful Ghost.

    Freakin' awesome!!
    Seiji threw 6-faced die for: Guy Total: 43 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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  9. My real name makes me "Forgotten Melody"

    If you count 'Star' and 'Night' as separate words, then my Iwaku name makes me "Lucid Dawn". I think both sound awesome! :)
  10. Real name: Ancient queen.
    Iwaku: forsaken queen
  11. My name: Vengeful Angel

    Old Iwaku name "The Butterfly": Fearless Fighter

    Obviously the second one is the best one.
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  12. Forsaken Storm here. Lucid Fighter IRL. Forsaken Storm sounds cooler.
  13. Hmm...My real name is Winter Grace

    My IW name isss Lost Demon o.o
  14. "Pale White Spirit"? . _ .

  15. The accuracy of which can be determined by one question... can you dance? XD
  16. Nope.
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  17. Pale White Flame, and Wild Dawn for the Iwaku name.
    You know what
    I am perfectly okay with everything about this.
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  18. Bleeding Child....
  19. My Iwaku and Real name both translates to . . .

    Fearless Shadow
  20. Pale White Shadow for my real name.

    Frozen Promise for my Iwaku name.

    I LIKE THEM BOTH. (tho Dawn Evestar's Kamelotian name is a weeee bit more bitchin')

    You're a whiter me? o___o
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