What is "YOUR JAM!"

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  1. Seriously, everyone has that one song that make them go CRAZY! No matter what day you had, no matter how horrible your children are acting right now, and it doesn't even matter if it matters or not!! You hear "YOUR JAM!" and its OOON!

    Here's mine...

    What is yours!?
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  2. Haha, I love that song! "Give me some sugah, I AM your neighah!" xD

    God, I love WAY too much music to pick. XD

  3. This song makes me want to dance. And I hardly ever dance to anything. This song just speaks to me in every word. Hell I even dance like the guy in the video.
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  4. Same here. Anything One Republic makes me want to dance, though, they're a good group. By the way, nice profile picture. The Walking Dead is my favorite show.
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  5. It was probably destiny I turned out liking this song, since I heard it all throughout my childhood and always managed to get me fired up.

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  6. My "impossible to stay unhappy" song.
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  7. I have so many jams

    "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"

    "Signs" (five man electrical band")

    "Tubthumping" (Chumbawamba)

    "Can't touch this" (MC Hammer)

    probably add more later
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  8. My jam would have to be

    Movies by Alien Ant Farm

    such a funny video and a great song.

  9. Musha ring dum a doo dum a da
    Whack for my daddy-o
    Whack for my daddy-o
    There's whiskey in the jar-o
  10. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin always seems to make me...no pun intended...happy.