What is your favourite roleplay?

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  1. I'm sure everyone on Iwaku has a favourite roleplay - finished or unfinished - either on this site or elsewhere. People write and people get attached and people will have fond memories of a certain story! So tell us about it :o

    What is the title of your favourite roleplay?
    What was it about?
    Who was your favourite character?
    What's the history behind it?

    As for myself:
    My favourite roleplay [series] is one I've been working on since December 2014 with precious bb @Hana. So far it's a trilogy with a prequel still in the works. It doesn't really have a title, but we just call it the Broken Contracts series because that was the first one we played (but third chronologically!)

    It's basically your usual demon hunter x demon. You know, how hunters form contracts with demons to fight against other demons. Love story, yadda yadda. The pairing itself sounds very boring, but we've written it as a more 'the adventures of ___' type of story instead of focusing on the romance. Broken Contracts focuses on the main characters after a certain incident and after they reunite, the current situation being a war between humankind and demons.

    Sounds boring, but it turned out waaaay better =w=

    As for favourite characters, I of course, have the most preference for the main male protagonist that I play. He's my son :'). But if I had to pick someone else, it would probably be the exiled demon princess Millia or Huli, a kitsune who is borderline yandere. Yup. Good girls.

    I had set up a partner search a loong time ago just looking for roleplayers and @Hana stumbled across on it. We worked on BC for a while and slowly developed character backstories and NPCs, expanding the world and creating more and more lore. It's funny because it was supposed to be explicit but that didn't happen for a whole year because we were THAT focused on the conflicts and the war. Eventually we wanted to explore more into the days before the beginning of the roleplay, so we created 'Embers', which is second chronologically. And then after some more planning and expansion into a more 'Far Eastern' continent, we decided to plan yet another roleplay that was based in that area hundreds of years ago before Broken Contracts.

    And here we are now.

    Oh, I forgot to mention we started developing a shit ton of Alternate Universe ideas.

    Yup. That's when you know you found a gem.
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  2. Eh? Am I being summoned here to say something?

    You know there comes a moment when I'm wondering if I'll ever like another roleplay as much as I like ours. xD Good grief, girl, you've spoiled me to other partners. It's not only the eventual content and stuff we thought up for the roleplay, I think what contributed to me loving our roleplays even more is just how we click together outside of it. You've been an amazing friend and partner and I can't imagine myself spreading my wings so much here without you, bb. <3
  3. I don't let myself have favorites any more. The moment one becomes my favorite, it dies a quick and painful death. =/

    I have never been more proud of any other roleplay I've ever created.

    Not only is the concept just so addictingly fun to play around with, but, over time I've noticed that there are a few ways the structure of the RP is set up that just makes it run so smoothly -- all in ways I hadn't even consciously planned. o.o In many ways, it is a spiritual successor to some of my previous favorites, like Glomp! and TJA (holy shit, now those are some old names), as I realized that I seem to have borrowed a lot of elements from them subconsciously -- but it takes the best of them and fixes the flaws in them and puts everything together in a way that works so well that my old favorites seem to pale in comparison. owo

    I've just learned so much thanks to Fandomstuck. I feel like I've really grown as a GM. And... I'm still learning! And I've definitely done more to change up my GMing style and adjust to meet the RP's needs than I have in any other long-lived RP that I was once so proud of. o_o

    And it's just... fun. It's so easy to gush over your favorite games or shows or whatever and then translate that into inspiration for the RP. It's so easy to plot ideas with other players as we're all familiar with at least some of what everyone else's characters are based off of and so it's easy to suggest ideas based on that. And the concept of it is just... I just love designing these personified versions of different fandoms. I really do. There are so many that I've had ideas for and I've never even had time to make a CS for or anything, because it's just so much fun to think about that I do it pretty much all the time. OwO

    And it's just so much more stable than any other RP I've ever run, that I don't see it dying anytime soon. I expect to have a lot more fun with it yet. =w=
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  5. I can't say or I'd have a mob of angry rpers on my ass XD
  6. "The Sleepy Tavern" from 2014, because I'm a frickin' casual. It was a very chill multiverse jump-in rp that occasionally broke off from the typical "characters interacting with each other, cool cool" feel that rp's like that tend to have and would spiral into insanity. I remember it being really down-to-earth and interesting one moment, and then totally intense and exciting the next. I was pretty into the atmosphere.

    Basically, it was a classic looking tavern that oc's would come to for drink, rooming, shelter, etc. Fairly simple, my kind of thing.

    My character was the most intricate, inspired, and imaginative character I could come up with at the time: Deorum, literally just myself with a stupid name inserted into the story. I do that a lot. To be fair though, as the rp progressed I got more expressive and gave him more unique aspects. I thought of an "interesting" backstory for him that I never really got to explore (he was a slave all his life, regrettably killed his master one day, and somewhere down the road through the usual fantasy magic, was given powers that allowed him influence people's minds through music), I gave him recognizable character traits and flaws (they way he emoted when he spoke often didn't match up with his facial expression which was totally unreadable most of the time, and he was really, really bad with body language), and, of course, I gave him that super cringey name.

    A lot of what I guess you could call "story arcs" happened over the course of The Sleepy Tavern's half year run. One particularly memorable moment was when one character showed up looking for another character and instigated a very large fight that led to just about everybody in the rp wrecking shop. This caused death, injury, romance; several entirely new arcs came out of that one big brawl. METAL AS FUCK

    Like I said though, I'm a casual. I don't really partake in all the "grand in scale" stuff that you creative nuts come up with that often.
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  7. The Legend of Renalta.
    A princess awakening from a long slumber to fight against the gods who destroyed her kingdom. There are many adventures within.
    Hard to say. There are lots of wonderful moments with each of the characters past and present, and hopefully, the future. If I had to pick just one though, it'd probably be an NPC named Mikan.
    Long and arduous. I wrote the first attempt at it when I was about fifteen years old and have kept the torch lit ever since. I ran it to completion over a four and a half year long cycle, and now I'm rewriting the entire story from scratch, from the beginning, with a whole bunch of excellent players by my side.

    I suspect it will keep going for years to come. It's grown with me over the years, and there is still so much yet left unexplored. :ferret:
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  8. What is the title of your favourite roleplay?

    The Elder Scrolls: Vengeance of the Deep

    What was it about?

    A follow-up to my first foray into GMing, TES: Voice of the Sky, the story continued on two years after the events of that game where the player characters had saved the free will of everyone in Tamriel who became entralled by the Emperor's spell, which was a bid to enforce peace at the cost of free will, and they reunite in Imperial City for a festival in their honour. Events in the first game had enabled the dwemer, who had disappeared from the world over 2000 years ago under mysterious circumstances, to return, and they hit hard with an invasion with technology and ferocity that none are prepared for. The newly christened heroes are pulled into a desperate and costly war where they find they cannot live up to the legend their reputations as heroes have established, and are pulled into increasingly pricey situations where the only way to stop the enemy is to cross occupied lands and enter the portal that connects their world to the one the dwemer had been banished to and close it forever... by destroying an entire race of people.

    Who was your favourite character?

    It's so hard to really pick just one because they all had such brilliant moments and I immensely loved how they developed through through struggles. A standout character, however, was a gentleman thief named Burkswallow who was both a really effective comic relief and a man who was trying to avoid being courted into service by Nocturnal, a Daedric Prince who had taken a particular interest in him to the point of possessiveness and promising him all the power and wealth he craved. He always resisted her, knowing it would cost him his sense of self determination, even as she sabotaged his thieving efforts from behind the scenes frequently. It was a really effective and compelling character relation with a figure who was for all intents and purposes a god and the player used it to hinder and torment his character rather than make it something that empowered him. There was also the hilarious subplot that never quite finished where all the cheap wall hanger swords he steals thinking they are worth something and subsequently discarding once he finds out are worthless are all the separated parts of a Divine's weapon that were scattered across the world, and if brought together would have given him a priceless and incredibly powerful weapon, and he'd been throwing them away. I still get a chuckle out of that to this day.

    What's the history behind it?

    Not much to say other than my partner and I brainstormed and wrote down ideas for about a month and a half before feeling confident enough that we could run a compelling game, and we wanted to continue the story of the canon we'd created and the characters. There were a lot of themes and unanswered questions we wanted answered, and so we did it and had a game that lasted for two and a half years.
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  9. The Creep, the Captive and the Confused
    A woman gets kidnapped and sent to a camp of fantasy creatures. It could be compared to something like a death camp really. The main bad guy wasn't the one who kidnapped my character, rather a scientist who was studying magical creatures, apparently wanting to know what makes them tick and recreating new ones through forceful breeding. (Dark, yes)
    ^_^ Probably a donkey we named Happy. He was just so... Happy. And a little parrot named Avvy. My friend was awesome at playing animals. Just so you know, they weren't fantastical at all, it was just that my character could understand and speak to critters of all kind.
    I'll have to add that later since I have to skedaddle. It's quite long and I'm running short of time.

    edit: So, basically there was a forum called the Melting Pot. It had a multidimensional tavern where you could bring in your OCs (fantasy based, not sci-fi) and have them interact, see how they deal with other characters. I had rp'd there quite a bit already. My friend there had a dastardly idea. She wanted to send in a character who will simply randomly kidnap another and leave the tavern. But who on Earth would like that?

    Me lol. I told her go ahead, so she sent in her character. Now, the funny thing was that I had actually rp'd with this character before, but as a child, in a completely different setting! My friend decided not to tell me that he grows up to be... well... this kidnapper. Needless to say that was our longest rp, it lasted almost 10,000 posts. ^_^
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  10. Can't decide between Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Crescent Legacy and The Kingdom of Evertrue.

    The former goes much like the games they're inspired by, three humans turn into Pokémon, and join the local explorer's guild in the quest to save the world. Unfortunately this never took off, mostly due to player inactivity.

    TKoE was built around quite a different concept. It was a high fantasy, open world roleplay, in which opportunities were plenty and adventure hid around every corner. What am I saying, it still is. I left because of not having enough time to follow it up.

    Favourite character in PMD: CL must be Ziganator the Zangoose. Boastful, energetic, and a lady magnet. Cool guy.

    TKoE has so many charcters, blerg. I can't choose. The entire thing was, in a sense, many smaller roleplays inside a big one. Of my own characters, perhaps Eu-Mag (construct king with musoc magic) or Xoar (the shapeshifter from an ancient tribe). Though the ones I roleplay with? Probably Asaka, or that servant the GM played.

    TKoE was the second roleplay I joined on this site. The first never begun, but this one did. I stayed in it for long, having the largest amount of characters besides the GM.

    PMD: CL I found while casually browsing Interest Checks. "Wowza, that one says Pokémon, let's join."
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  11. Forceful breeding of monsters?

    You just described the competitive Pokemon community.
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  12. I never thought of it that way :P I'm using that on all my Pokemon loving friends.
  13. And this is why I don't play the main series. I vastly prefer PMD.
  14. This is a hard question to answer. I've had a lot of roleplays in my life. But I could probably name my top 3.

    1. One of my first roleplays. It was an untitled, random roleplay that my brother and I did on Facebook over messenger. The story was, my brother and I found out we had magical powers. I could use a keyblade and he had a lightsaber. We were then kidnapped aboard the Death Star and had to find a way to escape with Cole MacGrath, Han Solo, Goku, and various other characters. It was as ridiculous as the plot sounded. But for that reason, it was memorable and hilarious. I can read over it to this day and get a big laugh at out it. Plus, it was the only RP my brother ever did with me so it's a nice memory. Good times!

    2. Longing For Eden. A long time high school friend of mine and I decided to start a roleplay together after we graduated. We developed an intricate world full of several feuding mafia families. Within that same world, we also did a plot where a girl sneaked into an all-boys school. In that same world, we developed a series of islands where humans were being kidnapped and experimented on. A rich and powerful family of one of the boys we had attending the all-boys school was versed in science. The father of the boy developed a virtual world. Some characters from our world would travel into the virtual world. So I'm more than serious when I say that this world was HUGE, we had several different plot lines going, and +25 characters I controlled and +25 characters she controlled, not including NPCS! It ran very steady for about 3 years until my friend was in college and started getting too busy to do it anymore. I got a little irritated because she cut our RP time down to a couple days a week, was more interested in hanging out with friends, and dating than working on our RP. So, before we screwed up our friendship bickering about the rp, I decided we should stop it. Even though it never finished, it was one of the best rping experiences I've ever had the pleasure of partaking in my entire life. <3

    3. The Murder Series. Okay, so this isn't just one roleplay, but at first it started off that way. Out of all 3 rps I mentioned, this is the only series still going on--right here on iwaku! If you want to hear the story about why I love the Murder Series so much check out this blog post I made a while back about it: Error | IwakuRoleplay.com But to summarize it, the roleplaying experience I've enjoyed from these RPs is awesome. It's not only that, but I've met some amazing people who have become awesome friends and talking to this group has become a daily part of my life for almost 2 years now. I couldn't speak more highly of the group if I tried. I love everything about it and am proud to be one of the admins of the group. 8D

    Honorable mentions: BY INVITATION ONLY - The Reaper Squad I've been doing this rp for several months now with my good buddies @Hospes and @Krieg . It's a spin-off of a murder game, filled with interesting characters from various fandoms, and a unique setting. Plus, the most adorable ship evur, right Sav? ;D It's one of those roleplays were my partners and I get all hyped over it every once in a while, and that definitely makes an rping experience fun! :D​
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  15. I miss the roleplay I was doing with @Desaecula and the other one I was doing with @PinkPixieDust but there are also roleplays on this site and other sites that I miss.
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  16. Admittedly, this one's on another site, but there's an excellent rp called Spells in The Night that I'm involved in. it's a witch and witch hunter rp, lots of romance and action alike, and a currently scrambling GM as our plot has recently become screwed. Well written all the way around.
  17. What is the title of your favourite roleplay?
    The Star Trek AU series @Foxy and I have been working on since December. We keep moving from idea to idea and restarting, but I count it as the same thing since it's all the same characters and backstories. There have been 3 so far: Soul Trek, Written in the Stars, and Little Oddities.

    What was it about?

    Soul Trek was a soulmate tattoo au in which Starfleet created a reality competition show in order to draw in new recruits and choose new crew for the Enterprise after the mass cadet deaths from the first movie. Soulmate stuff aside, we had this plotted out so well. How the cameras would work, what challenges would happen when and shenanigans at the wrap parties, it was glorious. Unfortunately, it was our first time rping with each other, so we didn't have the pacing and timing down well (we started way too long before the main events, etc). So then we moved on to WITS, which took place at starfleet academy. I don't quite remember what bored us with this one, I think I just 'forgot' to finish my next post for it and we both mutualwly agreed to focus on our next au- Little Oddities. This was the biggest break from our pattern since it was completely au- no starfleet, no aliens, and the soulmate device was changed from tattoos to alpha/omega modern society. This was our longest lasting one, and we especially had fun working on worldbuilding and how being classified as an alpha/beta/omega along with your gender would effect a society and people's interactions with each other (I am a sucker for sociological consequences mmmmhmm). A long break and character issues ended up killing it, so for our next au we are planning on focusing on some of our side characters (who were initially just there as cannon fodder but grew to be so much more) instead.

    Who was your favourite character?

    My favorite has got to be Pavel Chekov, as played by the wonderful miss Foxy. He is a nervous little nerd, but then also surprisingly badass when he's pushed to action. My second favorite is Phil "Barnaby the Bear" Barnaby, one of our aforementioned side characters, played by me. He is so excitable and full of life, it makes me happy every time I wrote lines for him. He is also a giant crybaby despite being a large intimidating dorito of a man. I'm glad we didn't let him die in a reality show (although he was going to get chased by an alien bear-creature and end up hurtling down a waterfall) <3

    What's the history behind it?

    I put out a request thread for some fandoms. I only decided to throw Star Trek on there as an afterthought because hey, I didn't hate it and the fics were good so what the heck. Then, surprisingly, Foxy commented asking for it and the rest is history~
  18. I don't have favorites, because I like to avoid that, but I DO have RPs that are currently going through exciting events that leave me clambering and begging my partners to please please please post!

    But all of my RPs make me happy, or I tell my partner that we need to talk them over or end them before we invest more in a story that just doesn't excite us. =) I'd rather move on and free my partner of the time invested in an RP that I'll stop wanting to reply to.

    If I HAD to choose one, though... I'm not sure I COULD. My mind is going through each one and just being so excited about all of my RPs, so...

    @Pure Torture
    @Royal Pain
    @Rain of the Night
    @Tyrannosaurus Rekt
    @Hairy Blueberry
    @Gresley Wilde

    Thank you all for being really dang awesome, be you current RP partners or in planning. <3

    Oh my god I hope I didn't forget anyone.
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