What is your favourite D&D creature?

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  1. Simple question. What is your favourite dungeons and dragons creature and why? You can list humanoids along with literal beasts. I just want to talk more role playing stuff. Maybe get some ideas for my current campaign to torture players with. :ferret:
  2. Gray Render.

    Some little tidbit in an old monster manual about them adopting smaller things whether the smaller thing really wanted it or not. Both terrifying and adorable.

    Barring that I think there was an attachment to a lot of monsters in 3.5s manual. The worm that uses skeletons for locomotion. That squid/octopus thing that hangs out on ceilings before dropping and trying to suffocate people.
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  3. Fucking ankhegs man.

    They've been in nearly every campaign I've ever played and in every one they've been a complete pain in my ass, including killing one of my characters one time. That being said, they've sort of grown on me and I can't help but wax nostalgic when a DM inevitably throws them at me.
  4. Player Characters.

    Here all the monsters of D&D are, living in their camps, their dungeons or wherever mind their own business.
    And then all the sudden a group of people armed to the teeth kick down your door, invade your home and slay you and everyone you love.
    Often for something as little as gold, or because someone told them to do it.

    And they do not discriminate, they will kill the mightiest of dragons right down to the most vulnerable goblin.

    I can't think of any worse monster than that.
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  5. Fixed.
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  6. Oh like normal PC's don't raid dungeons too. :P
  7. PCs open the entrance to a dungeon. Last one of the campaign.

    All that's behind the door is a mirror.
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  8. Not sure if Beholders count as a D&D creature, but those things creep me out.
  9. And then the true test shows itself.
    Will people recognize their inner demons?

    Or will they be forever ignorant, and complain about it being a shitty dungeon?
  10. Tarrasque. Its the one of the biggest, baddest things you can fight and that's why I love it.
  11. [​IMG]

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  12. The paladin will detect evil on the mirror. The rogue will gauge it's worth. The wizard will ponder why it's there. And the bard will admire himself.
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  13. While the Barbarian smashes it.
  14. Because he saw another barbarian in it, of course!
  15. Succubus. Always the succubus. : 3
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  16. Rust monster.

    Because fuck your items that's why.
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  17. Just gonna leave this guy right here...

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  18. Rust monsters are lots of fun, because they can be scary even to high tier players despite being weaklings. What's that you got there? A legendary sword? OM NOM NOM I EAT YOUR SWORD!

    Gelatinous cubes are amusing too, mainly because they're just so silly but still a legitimate threat.

    They absolutely count. They're one of the most iconic D&D monsters of all time. The current edition Monster Manual has a Beholder on the cover.
  19. Kenku. Greedy merchant bird people are best traders in my campaigns. So much fun to do voices for :D
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