What is your favorite fan theory?

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  1. Is it a compelling interpretation of the story? A hilarious concept that could work?​
  2. These two are my favorites basically solely because they exist as an alternative to really lame fan-theories that I hate -- and they are much better alternatives, imo.

    The first is about the Pokemon anime and how Ash never seems to age. We've all heard the "Ash is in a coma" theory, but, come on, that's lame. Better idea: Ash doesn't age because he saw Ho-Oh in the first episode. According to Ho-Oh's pokedex entry in D/P/P, those who see Ho-Oh are granted "eternal happiness". What makes Ash happy? Being a pokemon trainer. So, for Ash, being "eternally happy" means staying young forever, so that he can always be a pokemon trainer. This can also explain why Ash sort of sucks as a pokemon trainer and never seems to win any of the major tournaments: if he claims the title of "Pokemon Master", then wouldn't his journey be essentially over? It can even explain Pikachu's level "resetting" every time Ash enters a new region -- especially if the "eternal happiness" applies to Pikachu as well, and that Pikachu's eternal happiness means battling alongside Ash forever (yeah, I know Pikachu wasn't a big fan of Ash when they saw Ho-Oh, but Pikachu warmed up to him over time, and it's possible that the eternal happiness thing could've taken that into account). Pikachu would have to stay weak and "reset" in each new region so that Ash can continuously re-live the experience of journeying through the pokemon world and getting stronger over time -- without ever reaching an endpoint or becoming too strong for any of it to be fun anymore. Oh, and then there are all the times that Ash has basically died in a Pokemon movie (and sometimes ordinary episodes) and come back to life through unexplained magic or other some other weird deus ex machina. He can't really have eternal happiness if he's dead, now can he? (And you could also say that Ash's death would end Pikachu's happiness, which could even tie into Pikachu's tears being what brought him back to life in the first movie.)

    The second theory is about Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I've seen some people toss around Tommy Westfall-style theories about how Frankie is severely autistic and how the entire show is just happening inside her head. This is supposed to explain why Frankie doesn't have any imaginary friends of her own -- everyone in the series is her imaginary friend. But, I think this theory is about as lame as the Ash's coma theory. Better idea: Frankie is Madame Foster's imaginary friend. Madame Foster's getting old -- and perhaps she wishes she was still young so that she could do more work around the house. Perhaps that's where Frankie came from -- Madame Foster imagining herself as being young again in order to help run the place.

    As you can see, the two of them have very similar outfits:


    So it wouldn't be too crazy to think of Frankie as being a younger version of Madame Foster. This not only explains why Frankie doesn't have imaginary friends of her own (as imaginary friends can't create more imaginary friends) -- it also explains why Frankie works at Foster's at all. After all, she normally seems to hate working there, and especially seems to never be able to get along with Mr. Harriman, but, at the end of the day, she really cares about all the friends living there -- and she takes care of the place because that's what she was created to do. Madame Foster designed her to be this way. Really the only things that seem to drive her up a wall is the general hectic nature of caring for so many friends and the shenanigans they get into (which is understandable), and dealing with Mr. Harriman -- and the relationship between the two of them becomes a lot more interesting when you start to think of them as quarreling "siblings" of sorts, and Frankie being frustrated over the fact that Madame Foster (their "mom", if we're keeping this analogy going) has placed Mr. Harriman in charge of her for seemingly no other reason than the fact that he's older, even though he can be rather unreasonable at times. :P
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  3. I've pretty much accepted that Jar Jar is a Sith Lord. I can't otherwise explain blowing so much budget on a joke character.

    The theory that I've hung onto for most of my life is that James Bond is a codename. In fact I thought it was canonized somewhere until a couple years ago. Theory too strong. Its unfortunate that the newer ones brought up his parent's gravestones.

    Another one that I thought was canon was that the Peddler in Aladdin was Genie. It was confirmed. But the fact hat it had to be confirmed boggled my mind.

    I'm also very certain that N is Zoroark in Pokemon Black and White.

    The newest one I heard and love is MattPat's take on the plot of The Blair Witch Project. As a supernatural movie, I find the film lacking. However, if its actually about 2 guys luring a girl to a house in the middle of nowhere to kill her, I am much more intrigued. Even if its not true, it makes the film more compelling to watch a second time.
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  4. I really liked MatPat's recent game theory on how the Minecraft world is actually a sphere, and how the sky, sun and moon are what revolve, and the earth is the focal point.
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  5. That Donald Trump is a millionaire villain and the clowns running rampant in the US are lackeys of the joker and Batman is going to save us all.
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  6. Another theory I quite enjoyed was the one that SuperCarlinBrothers J did on the movie Cars, and how they're really alive and have half organic half mechanic bodies.

    I thought it was pretty darn cool!
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  7. My favorite fan theory is also my most-hated fan theory.

    I read it, I thought it was horrible. Then it gestated in my mind and now I think "that could make sense..." But man would I be pissed off if it ever became canon.

    The Joker is Bruce Wayne's long-lost brother.

    Research it if you want to be truly angry with yourself.
  8. This website.

    Including such thrilling Steven Universe theories such as
    • Connie is Pink Diamond
    • Peridot is a gem mutant
    • Mayor Dewey is a pearl
    Or getting even more groundbreaking with the likes of
    • Greg is a human
    • Steven is the reincarnation of Rose
    • Garnet is gay
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  9. A couple fan theories I've enjoyed recently.

    Batman --- It's all in Bruce's head. He's in Arkham suffering from delusions in a persistent break from reality.

    Sherlock -- Just read this
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  10. Oh snap, that sounds super interesting!
  11. Sean Connery's character in the Rock (James Mason) is actually James Bond.
  12. Although I didn't like Final Fantasy 8, I do love the Squall Is Dead theory.
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  13. I thought of another one.

    Its actually my favorite from the Doctor Who universe. It requires a bit of knowledge of the Extended Universe to fully grasp, but I will try. The Doctor's species weren't all Time Lords. Time Lords are a sort of advanced mutation/society created by the three founders; Rassilon, Omega, and the Other. I suspect that the Doctor is a reincarnation of the Other. My justification is that they seem similar in personality in how they value life and wanting their pasts to remain a mystery. Also the Other has set up for his genes being reassembled by throwing himself into a machine called a Loom. Looms are genetic devices that allow the "parents" to pick and choose what genes they want in their children. Its a fun loose end to play with.
  14. Isn't that what the "Cartmel masterplan" was supposed to reveal? The story arc that was planned as the ending to the original series, before it got cancelled early?

    Not sure if you can really call it a "fan theory", in that case. I mean, it's debatable whether or not it can be counted as canon, given the fact that the arc was only planned but didn't actually happen -- but like, if an actual writer for the series came up with it, then I feel like it's a notch or two above being called a fan theory. :P

    In any case, I'd definitely agree with the "Time Lords are an advanced mutation/society" bit. In fact, I thought it was implied to be canon in the Classic Who episode "The Invasion of Time" -- where we see that Time Lord society is surrounded by a race of tribal humanoids living in the wilderness beyond the city. But the tribal humanoids still call themselves "Gallifreyans" and don't really appear to be physiologically different from the Time Lords in any way. So I thought that the thing about Time Lords being advanced compared to the rest of their species was exactly what they were trying to imply. o3o I admit it's been a while since I've seen the episode, though, so I might be forgetting some details here and there.
  15. Also, hoooooly shit Doctor Who theories. I hadn't even considered posting any of mine because the thread title made me think of like, you know -- relatively common fan theories. Stuff you've just seen floating around or whatever. But like, man, I have so many theories/headcanons for Doctor Who. I don't even know where to start. owo
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  16. Not sure about the Masterplan for Classic who, I'll have to look into that further. The term canon is much looser with Doctor Who more than any other show. Fans become the writers, sometimes very literally. So we get a lovely jumbled up ball of ideas that may or may not lead somewhere.

    The first bit about the TIme Lords is definitely accepted into show canon though, as you said. And you are very right about what arc it is. I love that arc. Its got the most prissy Time Lady ever, Rodan. Anyway, I brought it up for my post because that information is not rehashed in the newer stuff so I thought I'd put it in there for coherency sake. I didn't want to overly confuse a new Whovian trying to understand Classic and Expanded jargon.

    I also like the addition to the theory I mentioned that the Other/Doctor is Nyarlathotep due to the description in H.P. Lovecraft's short story of the same name. Excuse me as I pull a passage:
    And then comes the part that sounds like the TARDIS:
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  18. Couple of my faves:

    Futurama- Bender wasn't a criminal until he met Fry.

    In the first episode Bender claimed he couldn't live with himself after learning his work helped produced suicide booths. In addition he also refused to bend anything not pre-approved (i.e. girders). Bender suddenly changed his mind after his antenna breaks the light bulb in the Hall of Criminals they were hiding in and gets electrocuted. A later episode shows bender knocked out by a stray bullet, and when he reboots his behavior is reset to match his surroundings (his surroundings being penguins) so he began acting like a penguin. The theory says that back in the first episode when Bender gets shocked, he reboots and his personality changes to match his surroundings, which at the time just so happened to be a bunch of criminals.

    Aladdin- The story takes place in a post apocalyptic future.

    Genie remarks at one point that Aladdin's clothes are "so 3rd century" but if he was trapped in his lamp for the last 50,000 years how could he know about the 3rd century? The people of this apocalyptic future take extremely advanced technology like the flying carpet and Genie's powers as magic.

    and the coup de gras...

    Harry Potter- Harry turned the Durselys into the assholes they are.

    Why would such hateful asses be willing to take Harry in and raise him if they would just treat him like shit his entire life? Why not just dump him at an orphanage? As revealed later on, Harry is himself a Horcrux, he has a piece of Voldemort's soul inside him. Ron became something of an ass after wearing the Horcrux locket for a relatively brief time. Ginny was entirely brainwashed by one. Harry was around the Durselys nearly 11 years straight.
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  19. My favorite outlandish theory/ fan theory is actually in a fanfiction with a tons of death. The theory is that Michael " Mickey" Mouse was originally Michael Darling. I don't know why I like it so much ( but it does give some interesting context)/

    The other theory is this one.

    Also last but not least, my favorite Scooby Theory as written A. Lee Martinez.( In quotes since it isn't my own words.
    Oh and this.


    The definitive Scooby Doo lesson/ theory. :P

    And this theory..
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