What is your earliest memory?

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Title says it all.

What's your earliest memory?

Mine is when we moved into the house I ended up growing up in. I was maybe 3 years old; my baby brother had just been born. We were walking through the house, empty, and I remember looking up at the oven in the kitchen. On the glass in front of it were a bunch of coloured circles, in a very 70's styled design. I remember reaching up and drawing my fingers over the circles.
I remember looking up at a play mobile, of crawling to a window and seeing that my entire street was underneath turbulent, muddy, water.

That's all...just a weird half-flash of a flood that happened when I was 2 or so.

Can't remember how old I was. Maybe 5? Something like that. My Dad visited me and we were colouring an Aladdin colouring book together. I was confused and innocent; also had 2 fathers. I called both of them by their names since I didn't truly understand what was going on, and didn't know what a divorce was. I can clearly remember going "I love you David" and him replying with "My name is Daddy, silly. Call me Daddy". I gave him a puzzled look because my Mom kept telling me to call Mike my Daddy. Afterwards, he watched a movie with me.

*sheds a tear* I miss my Dad now. I wish I could relive those moments with him. I have so few childhood memories with him in them. Now that I'm grown up, he just talks about going to bars and stuff with me. XD
I remember being very young, around four, and playing on this electronic toy that was pretty awesome at the time. I remember I was trying to make up words and I ended up spelling the word ladder somehow. Odd, I know. Anyway, I took a nap soon after and woke up around the age of eight. That is to say, I have no real solid memories of the moments between that time, just vague awareness of having gone to school and such, and then suddenly my memory is clear again.
My earliest memory is slight vague one of my great grandfather of one holiday. I remember him looking at me, and that's about all. My mother says when he died I was a little over one years old... o_o So, ugh, maybe that's why it's so vague? x.x
My earliest memory is when I was three. My brother and I were playing outside of the woman who spawned me's trailer house and I stepped on a nail cause she was too intoxicated all the time to fix anything.

Shortly after that my brother got his arm stuck in a vending machine saying he was acting like Bart Simpson looooool.
Ummm.... My earliest memory?

I guess it would have to be when my mom got really sick one day and disappeard. My dad had gotten home from work and I cam home from school with my brother. I called out for my mom but got no answer. My dad noticed that and went looking for her in the other rooms. He then called my aunt who lived upstairs and the nextdoor neighbors and then my uncle who lived two blocks away. No one had seen her. Now, mind you I was three maybe four and I didn't understand a lot of things, I walked around the house, checking underbeds and then went to my parents bedroom. I suddenly heard sobbing and went to the closet. I opened the door and there my mother was sitting in a corner sobbing like crazy and rocking herself.

I then remember my dad coming in and taking my mom away, they didn't come back until the next day and my moms been different ever since then.

I also have a memory of annoying a passanger on a plane saying "Hi" over and over again until he said hi back and then I left him alone for the reat of the flight. That was a good memory :)
Nursery school, I think I was around about 3 or 4. Clear as day memory in spite of that. Running round the nursery with this brown-haired kid called Jamie, pretending we were Aladdin and Jasmine from the Disney movie, and that the beat-up old rug in the corner was a magic carpet. Can't for the life of me remember much about the games but it's safe to assume there were some form of massive farmyard monsters involved.

There's one from when I was about 2ish, but it's so blurry that I reckon it doesn't really count. Sitting in a paddling pool with a huge lump of a ginger cat called Jess. Photos prove Jess wasn't impressed with the pool, but he was my fuzzy bodyguard apparently.
I have a really vague memory of riding with my Dad in his car. Not sure how old I was, but it was most likely before I was 3.
5 years old.... Threw up on my kindergarten teacher. She didn't believe me that I was sick, I sure showed her! x.x
I have two memories, but I don't remember which one is earlier. One of them is living out in Ontario, and it was in the middle of winter. A huge snow storm hit, and there was so much wind, that the whole front of the house ended up getting blocked by snow (couldn't get out of the front door). My mom had to climb out a window in the back, and shovel the porch in the back just so we could get out of the house. I remember going out to the front, and then falling through the snow playing with my cousin.

The other one was my birthday (I don't remember if this was the birthday before or after the one in Ontario). I was dressed up as a ninja turtle (Michaelangelo :D), and we ended up going to a mall where they had a baby tiger that you could get your picture taken with (I still have a couple of pictures with the tiger).

edit: I was at least 4 in those memories.