What is your dream job?

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  1. What is your dream job in life? Perhaps you're already studying for it or maybe you already accomplished it?

    What made you want to work in that area?
  2. Bitch, I don't have a "dream job", I have a to-do list.

    That said, I always wanted to be a animator, game maker, or a comic book artist/writer. It's unrealistic, yes, but it was something I wanted to do since I was a kid.
  3. I've always wanted to be a writer or work as an editor in the publishing busness, since I've always loved to write and create plots, and have edited several writing peices for friends, which I've found to be both interesting and fun. In fact, I recently finished making notes about my best friend's first chapter to a short story, and we've been tossing around ideas for the next few chapters. Anyways, I think it'd be awesome to help other people on a more professional level with their books. Not sure how realistic the chances of my getting a job like that are, but I'm hoping it'll work out.
  4. I wanna get paid for running an online community. 8D But that is more like "ain't gonna happen" job because my wishes for the community contradict what I need to do to make it profitable. >>

    I would LOVE to be a novelist. O_O This is still a "one day" dream for me, even though I am no longer actively trying to pursue it. When I get older I might have a little more passion for novel writing.
  5. Full time Pediatric Nurse and part time author.
  6. Being a motherfucking dinosaur rancher.
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  7. Travelling Journalist
  8. Honestly, I really like the job I have now. If I could get paid more for it that'd be great.
    Other than that, maybe paid to feed the penguins or play games and drink beer all day.
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  10. A writer, spreading my words around the world. It's one reason I post a lot of my poetry on Instagram.
  11. Clinical Psychiatrist. I want to work helping people with problems that can't necessarily be solved by a doctor, that are deep rooted in the mind and take time and a careful hand to tend. I would really like to work with children more, even, but I think I could be happy either way.

    I am currently studying towards this goal. So much school q.q

    I work in a field of psychiatry already... But more of an entry level thing where I am not allowed to do -heavy lifting- to put it one way...

    What really got me interested was working with children with trauma from a natural disaster, a girl with mental development problems, and my first psychology professor who told me tales of what it was like in the field and some of her most memorable cases
  12. I'd love to be a full time author (I just need to get better at writing)
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