FASHION What is your color palette?


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Whether you realize it or not you have a color palette. Colors that you are attracted to wanting to wear! You might be a monochrome person that only likes wearing black, or a rainbow person who wears every single color they can get their hands on... or you might be like me and only have a small handful of colors you tend to wear!

Go take a look in your closet and see what colors you wear the most! Are you wearing clothes and colors that make you feel good? Or are you currently "stuck" with a "right now" wardrobe?

I've recently decided I wanted to veer away from my New York Chic Mom vibe and return to my beloved Bohemian Gothic Witch style, buuuuut I definitely have certain specific colors I always wear. Here they are!



I am a very jewel tone and dark dusky color person. O: I wear a lot of dark teals, emerald greens, ruby reds, purple ranging from dust plum to that crazy fuchsia. Rich blues and of course BLACK. Sometimes I dabble in browns and bronzes.

I will die before I ever wear yellow.


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Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 8.35.11 PM.png

These are most of the colours I wear, minus a little bit of grey. Can you tell that I really like pastel colours? :^)

I like to dress up in pretty dresses. Big collared blouses with cute add ons, flouncy skirts, big fluffy cardigans in the winter. I would rather die than wear jeans. Everyone always says I'm dressed too fancy for just about every occasion but dressing up makes me happy. I don't really care if I make my friends look underdressed LOL


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My closet is a bit all over the place, but I've noticed that I wear a lot of darker clothes, but sometimes with brighter accents. All of my shoes are black or brown and most of my shirts are either black or some darker shade, while at the same time, I have a lot of colored leggings. I've also noticed most of my shirts are solid color but my leggings and pants have more pattern-y styles

So I don't think I have a color palette, more of a theme