What is your character's favorite color?


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COLOR! Color moves the world! You probably had no idea that the colors you're drawn to can actually give details about your personality, didja?

The tricky thing about colors is that there are so many shades, so these "primary color" tests aren't entirely accurate when taking them for real people. But they're PERFECT for helping fluff out character personalities! What colors DOES your character like? Do they wear those colors or would they decorate their homes with these colors? Does a color bring back memories for them? Do they associate certain colors with certain things?

Here's a few cool links to color personality quizzes and sites!

- A thing about colors and personalities.
- A second article about colors!
- A scary Color Personality Quiz (Mine was painfully accurate. c__c;)
- More color traits
- The "Color q"

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In the Admin War, Rory wore black because that's the color of lolmystery, supernatural, and military power.

Sahar wears purple which is a symbol of royalty. Later on, she'll switch to white, which is obviously the color of purity.