What is UP with all of the passive characters/play

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  1. Seriously, though... Someone please explain this to me.

    I don't just mean the people who do libertine RP's and are "submissive only" in sexual situations and whatnot, but I mean people that only want to play passive, overly-submissive characters in day-to-day situations-- that don't want to make decisions or act on their own or...whatever.

    I get maybe having ONE character like that, but when it's noted that is the ONLY type of character someone plays, I just can't... Like, my mind breaks trying to comprehend that. What the hell is the appeal of playing that same character over and over and over again? Someone may make a point about a person just being passive IRL - so that's what they're comfortable with, but there are waaaaayyy too many people with those "restrictions" on their characters/writing for that to be the case.

    What confuses me the most is that many of these writers label themselves as "Advanced," yet they do next to nothing, and expect a "dominant" partner to pull the RP along with little help. I don't think there's anything wrong with allowing someone else to conceive a plot, but when a player just refuses to contribute...it becomes tiring. How is that advanced?

    While I've encountered this sort of thing on every RP site I've been on, it seems to be quite prevalent here -- and I am just sort of baffled. I'm inclined to think it's because of all the anime-related things, but I don't know and I don't want to blame one genre for something like this.

    Is anyone else frustrated by this? ._.
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    Yeah, this is really frustrating. However, unlike you, I don't only notice this with advanced players. Mostly it's those with the short interest checks that advertise knightxprincess type pairings. Pairings in general give me the shakes, and not in a good way... but being female, and a very strong willed one at that, I play both types of characters. In fact, though most of my characters are women, they are more controlling than submissive. They all have different aspects of their personality that are dominant and submissive. Oh, and I also hate when people claim to be advanced and say they only play 'females'... Advanced writing is WAY more than just length. It's skill, style, plot contribution, creativity, quantity, description, AND the desire to grow as a writer and a roleplayer by learning multiple gender's perspectives and playing different personalities with different backgrounds.

    To eliminate these types of roleplayers, I tried to create a site for real advanced players only, but unfortunately it didn't have enough momentum. Iwaku I believe is better than roleplayer guild, though. Even though we have those writers here, they aren't in as many numbers as the guild, where I was for a long time.
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku.

    None of you have any balls.

    Except Tegan.

    *rubs scrotums with his wife*
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  4. The reason why you only get the submissive types is because I'm Roleplaying with all the active and outgoing ones.


  5. Whatever yo.
    I'll rub mine against you. :)
  6. You'll rub it once then fuck off and lose interest.
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  7. I don't think here is the only place you'll find submissive characters, I've endured and dropped them elsewhere as well. Though in truth I'm less bothered by submissive characters than I am by submissive players. Those drive me freaking nuts and while they do often come together, they don't have too. I have and do play submissive characters but you can be sure as hell I'm moving the plot and world around in my plot even if my character isn't taking the lead.
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  8. Want an actual opinion? People want to be led by the nose. A large fraction of coming-of-age, including coming-of-power in anime, is about a weak protagonist thrown into an elaborate plot against his will - then struggling to adapt.
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  9. That's Cuz you're too submissive


    I agree that submissive players are a problem

    Also submissive GMs that fail to recognize when they need to push things along. In their defense learning that is a skill in and of itself
  10. I know right? What's even worse is that not only their characters are passive, but also the players themselves are overly passive. You brainstorm a plot with them, they limit themselves to say 'Huh huh, yea, that sounds cool. Good. I can do that.' and don't contribute anything to the plot. You have to do the starter post. They don't do anything to make the story advance, their posts are you reactions to yours. Yes, this irritates me a lot.

    What I don't understand is, why do you think it's related to anime? o.o
  11. There is a large subgenre of anime where a milquetoast boy is led around the nose by a teenage girl who is an endless wellspring of philosophy quotes. The latest offender that managed to tricked me into watching a few episodes is this Your Lie in April, which devolved into a piano power level contest to presumably keep the plot flowing.
  12. Long story short?

    They're too busy fapping to type commandingly.
  13. What Asmo said.

    A lot of people are too scared to take charge, whether it be the narrative or with their character, or whatever. Whatever the reason, I ain't gonna go too deep on that. Maybe it has something to do with the kind of people RP'ing draw, or the kind of stories RP'ers want to see (the above-mentioned coming-of-age).

    It ain't just an Iwaku thing, though. You'll see it wherever you go.
  14. So how come all the people who have commented in this thread never seem to show up in my roleplays (except the Anime-hater up there)?

    Maybe we should all start a roleplay, and clash dicks all over it.
  15. I don't hate anime, actually. I just feel like many people looking for that genre are inclined to be very passive in most instances.
  16. People think it's easier, I suppose. Too difficult to take the bull by the horns, so they let the bull ram them or wait for someone else to take said horns.
  17. At least in yaoi players, it's probably because the seme/aggressive character in these stories is usually kinda rapey O.O Not everybody is down for playing a creep, even if it's a creep who changes.
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  18. Another reason might be that a lot of RPers aren't used to communicating. Since they don't, their wish to not step on anyone's toes makes them less of a contributor to the plot. That or they want to talk about the future happenings of the RP before RPing even starts.

    That's mah limited experience.
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  19. Honestly don't knock them before you get to know the player. I know I tend to play submissive or switch characters, but I take 60% or more of plot into my hands in exchange for my partner somewhat leading scenes along in the actual roleplay.

    However, I agree it would be an issue if I as a player was submissive and really just acted as a piece of deadweight to both their partner, group, and the other characters. That's just not how roleplaying should be in my opinion.

    And of course, playing one character kind all the time is boring as hell, so mixing it up is a good idea :P
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  20. I don't mind a passive/submissive character, if it fits with the character's personality. But I've encountered people who have specifically noted their character being one of strong will and passion, and then turn out that you could proverbially/literally rape the character for all it's worth, and the most you'll get is a "No.... Don't.... Okay, fine. Do whatever you want with me...." (Note that this is not an example from an actual roleplay, just a general example)

    I'm actually a very dominant RPer, which is probably why submissive types are sort of good with me.
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