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  1. Heyo. I'm Orange. Not really much to say about me. Never done forum RP before. I'd love for someone to give me some pointers in PMs maybe.
    Have an awesome day!
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  2. Yo yo yo sup. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your stay and join our wonderful community! This might help in your wondering, I'm not sure how much experience you have however: Roleplay 101 | IwakuRoleplay.com

    The general thing you need to know if that there are 3 types of role-play on Iwaku, and sort of in general on the internet too. There is group role-playing. Which you would normally find in the interest checking section or in the group OOC sections. If you have a idea that has more then 2 people it's generally a good idea to post a thread about it in the Interest Checking section. If you get enough people you would want to make a OOC (out of character) and then once everything is settled, like character sheets if you have any, you can start. I would advice looking at interest threads and seeing what ones you like, unless you want to do one x ones.

    One x one are more person in my opinion and much more releasable. Normally what you would do is go to the seeking partner sections and make a post to try and find someone to RP with you. Normally in your thread you might include what kind of RP you want to do, your acceptation, or some people how do romance but down pairings they like. A pairing in a cliche couple type of thing like: Princess x Guard, or Mermaid x Sailor. If you have any friends you like role-playing you can RP with them too. I find that with One x Ones you tend to connect with your partner more like if it was a friendship.

    And then there are Chat Role-plays which take place in the site's chat rooms. I don't normally do though, but from what I know its more live with a few other peoples. People also users use offsite application o RP like Skype, but be careful who you give it out too. Sometime they maybe predators or what not.

    If you want to RP or if you have any question just hit me up on the PMs.
  3. Thanks! That helps a lot.
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