What is Tumblr?

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  1. What is tumbler?
  2. Like Google, it is your friend.

    /on my phone and unwilling to thumb type an explanation
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  3. Lazy >:V
  4. It's a website where people make blogs. You can share videos, pictures, links, etc. It's an addiction as well :P
  5. It's like if you mix all the good and bad thing about the internet together and add some rainbow vomit.
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  6. The internet's low hanging fruit for being the shorthand term for easily offended people.
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  7. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
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  8. It's like Korea. It's divided into two countries. One country is beautiful and has great people with good content, but the other one is a dark abyss of assholes, and awfulness. Stay on the right side of tumblr and never search for political stuff, it will only end badly! ESPECIALLY IF YOU READ THE COMMENTS/REPLIES!
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  9. yeah, basically this

    my tumblr is basically nothing but cats, cartoon lesbians and bad humour. I unfollowed all the people that periodically posted social justice garbage and my browsing experience has been so much more pleasant. Basically you have complete control over what you see on tumblr, and people need to learn to take advantage of that more often instead of complaining that tumblr is this wretched place where joy goes to die. Even if someone is your friend, you're in no way obligated to keep following them. One of the people I unfollowed was a friend because she constantly got in fights over intra-LGBT issues and I just wasn't havin' that shit any more. Too much stress.
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  10. Yeeaah, got similar issues there, though it wasn't about certain people, it was a tag I unfollowed. For a while I followed the Asexual tag and at the time it was great, no one was bitching, there were a few douches a few times a month, but otherwise it was a calm tag, and then suddenly there came a freaking war where everyone were writing "THE A STANDS FOR ASEXUAL NOT ALLY". Seriously, every other post was only that and you barely saw any informative posts about the topic anymore -_-' At one point I foolishly decided to educate people, so I did my research and came back with "Actually blablabla in year blabla the A was added and stood for ally, blablabla in year blabla Asexuals were added to the lgbt+ community which was after the allies. Considering the A is used for Agender, asexual, aromantic etc. There really isn't any reason why it can't stand for allies as well as it always has done. It won't erase asexuals in any way shape or form." And what a shit storm that followed. After that I just stopped caring for the tag cause it had fallen into the dark side of tumblr I: Even some asexual blogs I was following started ranting about that kind of bullshit, so I might have unfollowed a few blogs as well. Thanks for destroying my community tumblr D:

    Now a days I only do anime stuff and Disney stuff. The political stuff just doesn't work for that place >_<
  11. Tumblr is like the Roman Mob. They're a fine, decent people, with many bizarre but entertaining cultural practices, but whom occasionally gather together in an arena in the name of blood sports with rules that nobody understands and which are frequently broken.

    There's also a lot of porn. Like, a lot. Just a fucking ocean of T'n'A, much of it in that really silly grey filtered "art" format.

    It's a decent website if you're into social media I guess. Somewhere to go definitely while Twitter's stocks plummet like it was shot out of the sky by a hunting rifle and Facebook keeps trying more orweillian practices to spy on you, your family, your friends, your dog, your musical tastes, your film tastes, your novel tastes, your purchase history, your pornographic habits, your search history, your...

    ... Yeah tumblr's not really as bad as people make it out to be. It's just the vocal minority of fucktards who never see sunlight and who live such privileged lives that the worst offenses they come across fall under the category of "things that people wrote in a blog once." Just stick to following art blogs, and fandoms you like, and you'll (generally) avoid the majority of the fucktards.
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  12. Is it weird that I never have come across porn on tumblr? I don't have any ban on those tags or anything, so it could come up, but so far I haven't stumbled across it xD It feels like it should have happened with all the fandoms I have searched on. Gets lots of random porn on deviantart though when doing ship searches. x9
  13. My favourite thing about tumblr is that you can search for almost anything and you'll end up with porn, no matter how innocent the query. It's great. Also makes it nearly impossible to find artists to commission because when you search for 'open commissions' you basically just get a sea of furry porn. So, so much furry porn.
  14. Tumblr?

    Well you see there's North and South Tu...
    @redblood beat me to it. XD
  15. Slowpoke
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  16. I would have caught this sooner if it was a new thread and not a necro-thread.
    Necro's don't pop up in Alerts if I didn't comment originally. :(
  17. [​IMG]
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  19. Tumblr is a website that a lot of people love for reasons I can't fathom because finding anything but the newest updates for a blog on Tumblr is impossible. Their archiving page is bad, scrolling to find old material is bad, I don't know why people put up with it.

    Never read a webcomic being posted to a Tumblr page.
  20. I fucking love this video. Their whole series is great, particularly the fanfiction.net one.

    If you haven't watched that video, fucking do it.
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