What is this shit...?

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  1. Uhh. What the hell is that?
  2. primitive android? :p

    reminds me of the fortune telling machines on a creepier level >.>
  3. Its the first model of Bieber made in 1992 it didnt work so well so the U.S. gave it to Canada, of which... was a bad Idea.
  4. I like the way you think Ruy
  5. S-WORD! -bops ili on head.-

    that was what I looked like in the womb.
  6. My mind is like 4-kids, it never knows when it should quit.
  7. I looked at this with my speakers muted and still got creeped out ._.
  8. Forever alone make-out machine?

    Like one of those grip strength testers , except i have no idea what sort of basis of judgement these are going on.....

    however it's useful for world building purposes.
  9. Whoa girl. It's Iwaku. You have GOT to relax. If you can't take cussing, sexual talk, drivel, or just plain nasty words.... why are you in here?

    A lot of people come in here to let loose, not to get reprimanded for using a curse word. Chill. The world's a hard place to live in if you don't have the ability to find a safe place ^.^


    I do not like that thing....

    I do not like that thing at all.

    That was hilarious.
  11. *puts TK back in the cage*

    Staci knows these things, TK. She's being Sakura-like and fighting the good fight of innocence and decency.

    We thank her for this.

    Also, that device must be used in a roleplay. I command it.
  12. .. Maybe in Steampunk Millionaire, we find it in Moonwings! Probably the city's own AI! A dead person whose brain and face happened to be transported into a computer. Like ..

    Like the librarians from Doctor Who! That episode when the shadows ate people.
  13. Hah! 4 kids! More like a dozen! :D But I like that = w= Its better to think than to not think. Or is it? >. <
  14. ^^' I was just teasing.

    It made me smile. o wo
    Is that normal?
  15. ... I have no idea what it is, but it creeps me out. Word of advice to other members: Do not leave it on for too long. It will do something horrible to you. Something really horrible, that will shake you to your very soul.

    ... I just made people leave it on for long, did I not? But seriously, trust me: Curiosity really kills the kitten this time.
  16. As soon as I opened that motherfcking thing I close it = w=
  17. I stared at it for 15 minutes waiting for something to happen...
  18. ‚Äčo wo You click it in places.~
  19. O_e

    -Slashes it to death with a thousand ninja techniques-