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  1. I've been RPing for over a year now and I was always led to believe that controlling someone else's character was a big no-no. I just lost an RP (not on here) because in the introductory post I didn't "control [their] character to make them meet". The plot was that their character was looking for mine. Their character had gone to a bar and I had my character go to the same bar.

    Maybe I'm wrong. It's just a bit confusing as when I started RPing I had an issue where I did control someone's character.
    [\end rant]
  2. Everyone's standards are different. While there are quite a few that many seem to hold the same (ex: No Godmoding) what constitutes such an action differs from person to person. For example: Person A thinks flying is godmoding. Person B thinks flying isn't godmoding, but psychics are. Person C thinks psychics aren't godmoding because to them it isn't metagaming when it's a power instead of it just happening for no reason.

    Atop this, many people barely understand themselves, leave alone what they want out of writing, or even how to write.

    So, yeah. What you had was an unfortunate misinterpretation of what your compatriot wanted. All you can do now is shrug, learn from it (everyone's standards are different), and incorporate that lesson in the next role play you attempt with someone else. :ferret:
  3. That's pretty weird, can't say I've been in many games that want me to control other PC's, but it could have been fixed by them in just one post. One single line, even. I think it's not so much about the definition of godmoding, but an attitude issue on their part. If your partner is this lazy, or this dependant, I wouldn't want to RP with them.

    Ah well, bitches be crazy.
  4. Aside from what Brovo already said, which I agree with, some people in fact encourage or require puppeting other characters in order to smooth things out and make them go faster. For instance, I've seen a few large scale roleplays that tell people to either collaborate on a post or control other people's characters to avoid lengthy back and forth conversations. It's just a matter of different preferences and priorities.
  5. Don't feel bad. I've always been under that impression myself. I don't control other people's characters, and I refuse to unless I ask them beforehand if it's alright for me to do something.

    But I'm one of those odd people who don't like characters interacting within the first post either. I like getting the introduction post done first before having the characters meet, and if it can be held off longer I have no problem with that either.

    Don't beat yourself over it too much. Sounds like you just had one of those weird partners that expect everyone to know what they want without them saying it directly. If they're that touchy, you're better off without them.

    Wow, that sounded kind of harsh. @_@
  6. It was just weird. On here it's always hashed out if there's an issue. I have my faults when I RP, but I've just never had it be that I didn't control someone's character. I just always believed that that was always something to avoid. Not a huge issue, just a weird one to me.
    It was, like Jorick said, someone who was used to a quick back and forth RP. So that was probably it. I'm just going to stick to the forum RP's.