What is the worst thing someone has ever called you?

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  1. I was watching a video about racism and other discrimination in my community, and I got to wondering, what was the worst thing someone has ever called me based on my race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc? I've been made fun of my whole life for a huge list of things. I'm not a thin man, nor do I have a clear complication because I have struggled with acne since I was only eight. I'm on the gender non-binary and get called the 'T' word constantly, but that doesn't top what someone said to me in the plaza a couple weeks ago. I can't get my head around it.

    I was in the bus plaza, trying to get to work. I was in a hurry and ran to the coin machine to get fifty cents and I hear someone yell at me for cutting them off. Before I was able to apologize, he calls me an 'Asian half breed' who shouldn't be in this country. For cutting him off at the coin machine, apparently that warranted such a cruel comment.

    I think that was the worst thing along with the nazi comment in middle school that I have ever been called.

    What's the worst thing that you've ever been called?
  2. I've been called a lot of shit in my time, so I can't exactly say what's the worst. Probably because I never feel particularly offended by anything, even if it's pretty terrible. I just let it roll off my shoulders and move on, but I understand that some people can't. Sorry to hear you got people doin' that shit to you. Even if it means nothing to me, it's sill a pretty shitty thing for people to do.
  3. @_@ Based on the title alone, I thought this thread was asking for all the worst insults that people have called us in general. And I was gonna say -- I don't try too hard to remember such things, even though I can vaguely recall some encounters where I was probably called some nasty things.

    I suppose I should be thankful that I can't think of many insults I've been given based on race/gender/etc. I've been told that my opinions on certain things are wrong because I'm white, but I suppose that's not quite the same as a direct insult -- at least not what you seemed to be going for, anyway.

    Man, I really can't think of much. I guess people prefer to insult me based on character traits as opposed to those sorts of things. XD
  4. The c-word. :/ The person who called me this name made me despise it forever. Hearing it be spoken in anger makes me cringe. I'll just leave it at that. About the only time I can handle hearing it is when it's used in funny movies or something like that.

    Anything else doesn't really bother me. I shrug off most insults and go about my day.
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  5. Sexist Pig?

    I don't know, I deal with crazies occasionally but I don't ever bother remembering the insults or mud they fling out at people.
    I remember one instance on the Guild though just because of how bizarre/out of the blue it was.

    They asked something along the lines of "Where do you feel you get the most spiritual experience?" and I ended up saying mine was from the Cosmos TV Series (both of them).
    And within the span of just one or two posts her reaction went from "Wow, that's really fascinating" to "I hate you, and everything about you".

    And all I could think of that was "Wait, what? Where did this come from?" XD.
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  6. It certainly isn't a vulgar word and until that day, it was not a word that I would have considered capable of being derogatory.

    When I was in secondary school (aka high school or college), a classmate called me a monkey - and it was clearly not meant to describe me as playful (which I wasn't in the first place) but a jab at my mixed race heritage / skin color.

    I think the worst part was that nobody else saw anything wrong with that bit of name calling and the situation wasn't helped by the fact that it was an open secret among the students that the teacher was racist against anyone who wasn't a) Chinese or b) Caucasian which meant that I got no help from that quarter. All I could do was put up with the entire table of my classmates calling me that or making monkey noises whenever I spoke for the rest of the triple period lesson while I had to pretend as though I didn't give two hoots about it, and only being able to cry once I was safely back home.

    Usually I'll be tickled rather than feel offended or upset by what people toss about but if you want to talk about a name calling incident that stands out, I'd have to say this would be it.
  7. I don't really give individual words power like that. I think it's a silly thing to do, honestly.
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  8. I was a teenager, I forget the context of this discussion, I think I was saying I couldn't do womething, or wasn't good at something, and not in like a whining way just in like an "I suck at that" kinda way, and my sister said "yeah that's cause you're half-assed"
    I know, not especially scathing, but she said it just with such disgust in her voice that it still stings a bit.
  9. I haven't gotten called nasty things much. I guess the worst was around the time I started middle school and this one douchebag went and invented me a nasty nickname. The nickname wasn't even original though, just a pathetic attempt to make fun of my slight overweight. If a bully is gonna give me a nickname, I demand at least some effort is put into it, dammit!

    However, I ended up never hearing that nickname being uttered aloud. I only knew about it because the bully wannabe left a note at my desk once. I guess she didn't have the balls to actually start bullying me since I somehow managed to make friends.

    Though the worst part was not knowing whether people called me by it behind my back. Never found out and it still kinda bothers me to some extent.
  10. Oh I heard all kinds of things being directed at me in my time... bitch, slut, cunt, whore, etc, etc (not so much now, more a few years ago vhen I did some escort jobs on the side, great money to be maked that way after all, and I vas out of a job at that time). I honestly dont get ofended by any of that, more like amused, because to my mind, anyone vho feels the need to call someone names is a insecure pathetic litle person. XD I only feel sory for them. Wel...... come to think of it... I supose there was that one time vhen I deserved it hehe, having sex vith my friend's BF, but it vas a spur of the moment thing w no strings atached. Not my problem she culdn keep her man happy enogh, right, so he dont mess around? :female: Her flaw, I just seized the oportunity presenting it-self. :)

    Aniway like I sayed I dont have a problem vith those kinds of words. My problem is when the vord "stupid" is added to them. I realy flip out when someone calls me stupid. They can apoligize or they can get hurt, up to them.
  11. Years ago, when I was a services administrator on an IRC network, I banned a user from the network for being a douche (basically, anyway). He hopped on a proxy just to call me a 'sad panda'.

    That's the worst name I can remember being called, anyway.
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  12. As a Catholic who went to a Deeply Protestant and slightly Anti-Catholic school,

    Protestant kids can come up with some hurtful nicknames.
  13. "Baby killer," it may not be the most creative name I've been called, buts it's been used so many times by so many people that it would be wrong for me to list anything else.
  15. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles county, which is among the most tolerant areas of the country in terms of race, religion, and sexuality.

    Still, it's not perfect, and the general lack of bigotry only makes those few (rare) instances of it even more surprising and, frankly, more hurtful.

    My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were walking around the area near a movie theater after having just finished with dinner and a movie. I enjoy walking around at night in those sort of city centers, so even though we had nothing left to do we just kinda walked for a bit. It was a quiet night with not many cars on the road, so it was pretty pleasant. Then an SUV rolls by and slows waaay down. Pretty sure it was a white Ford Expedition, ~2005ish model year. A caucasian kid in the shotgun seat rolls the window down - and I use kid pejoratively here, he was probably in his early 20s - and yells "I fucking hate Asians! Yellow pieces of shit! Go back to your own country, fucking chinks!"

    Then the car revs up and speeds off.

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so, so... I don't even have a word that properly describes the emotion I felt. I was stunned, shocked, angry, disgusted. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream. There we were, two American-born Asians just walking and minding our own business; we weren't in the street, we weren't causing trouble.

    I know that in the general realm of racism this is pretty mild; plenty of worse things have happened to better people, and it pains me to say that this isn't the only time I've experienced it, but it's the one I remember most vividly.
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  16. A Mudblood. :C
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  17. A weeaboo once called me a, "fellow fan of Naruto" and I almost cried.
  18. I can't think of anything. People are too nice to me. Only a few people have been able to see through my innocent appearance, and the names they called me don't count since it was for fun.
  19. Was he trying to sell you cheese?

  20. Wow, taking pride in sleeping with a frend's boyfriend, you should feel special.
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