What is the worst thing a teacher has done or said to you?

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When I was in kindergarten, I had an amazing (and gorgeous, thanks to my awesome long-term recollection) teacher named Ms. Stranger. She was replaced by a terrible bitch of a woman named Ms. Arnold, who came with a personal sidekick Teaching Assistant. They handled 5-6 year olds with, I kid you not, an iron fist. They stifled creativity, restricted playtime to near-to-nothing, and even removed whole toys from the classroom so as they would not be used anymore (my school had kindergarten classes especially designed for play and creativity).

One time, when we were told to draw our families and pets, I decided to colour my dad's hair blue because it was my favourite colour and, by extension, my way of declaring my adoration for my father. The teacher saw this and we had this exchange:

Bitch: "Does your father have blue hair?"
Me: "No... but, blue is my--"
Bitch: "Then it's wrong. *takes picture and crumples it up*"

My GOD, that stuck with me so harshly and it fucking ruined a lot of my creativity for many, many years. I didn't stray outside of the lines of any norms for a long, long time.

So, what are your stories?
I'm not sure what the worst is, but I can think of 2 moments that were pretty bad. :|

The first one happened Freshman year. I was taking a beginner level drawing class for one: the elective credit and two: lessons. We did self-portraits for one project and I was quite proud of mine. Being one of the least experienced artists in my class [and most absent due to illness], I actually did really well. What my teacher did made me just drop all interest in art. :/ She went "Oh, you look too young. This is awful!" and erased a lot of sections on my face to draw in details to make me look older...

That was also a self-esteem problem for me. Made me think people wouldn't like me just because I didn't/don't look my age.

This other time during my junior year, I was taking a geometry class. It was a sophomore level class, which was a good indication already that I struggled with math subjects. I couldn't pass the tests, but got As on all the homework. One day while I was doing practice problems, my teacher came up to me and said "Andrea, if you don't pass this next test, I'm gonna have to whip you. ;D"

Which was beyond creepy... I'll leave out the deets on how that situation turned out. x_x
Oh god you've dredged up my memories of my second grade teacher. A woman who told a kid he'd have to redo his classwork after throwing up blood at his desk!

My story was much simpler. I was not good at coloring, had poor hand eye coordination, so I scribbled when I had to color. One day we had a picture of Abraham Lincoln to color. Now my little kid logic had decided that honest Abe was a black man, and as such I chose a black crayon. Scrible scrible scrible away. Oh man was she pissed, crumbled up my picture of Mr President!

That was the day I learned all US presidents had been white men.

Apparently there were other things, she ruined a good hill I colored with a bad suggestion to add flowers and my mom disliked here for some reasons too.

I'm going to think about my favorite teachers now.
My English teacher cornered my mum in the supermarket and suggested she send me to a pyschiatrist because I was obsessed with angels and Hamlet.
I pretty much blocked out a vast majority of my school years. x__x I can BARELY remember most of my teachers. (There's only one teacher that I really, really loved and still remember to this day. >>;)

So I don't remember anything really bad. e.e; But I do recall a Science teacher in high school really creeping me out. He always tried to chat me up before/after class and he'd stand way too close to my desk during class. He got all up in my personal bubble in totally not-cool ways. All the others girls had a hush crush on him, but I just thought he was a super creeper.
I've had good teachers, for the most part. I lived in Libya all of elementary, so there were a handful of teachers, and they pretty much socialized with all the parents because the town we lived in was so small. They actually pushed you to learn, it was pretty awesome.

It wasn't until high school where I had a teacher say something bad to me. It was grade 11 chemistry, and for the most part I never studied or did homework, and was doing rather poorly in the class (this was admittedly my own fault. I was lazy and never put any effort in to school work, but for every other class my smarts alone were enough to get me at least an 80%...except this one). When it came time for parent-teacher interviews, my teacher told my mom and I to our faces that I was a fucking disgrace to the school, that I was a piece of shit and that I wouldn't amount to anything. At that point in the semester I had 37% in the class. What he said pissed me off so much that I actually started doing homework and studying, and ended that class with an 85% (I got 100% on every assignment/quiz/test since the interview). Right after our final, he came to apologize to me, I just told him to fuck off.
I had a teacher slap me once in Highschool. He did in a kind of half joking way, but I think he did it a little harder than he meant to.

I was a punk kid back then though, so I can't really hold it against him....but still, FUCK that guy. I hated him for a long time.
All my teachers thought I was a lazy, ignorant bastard.

Turns out, I was, but it still hurt.
When I was in sixth grade, the science teacher had a teaching assistant with him and it was her, not the science teacher, that I detested. I have always loved science and when I was in sixth grade, we were going over very basic human anatomy stuff like "you have cells, cells have a nucleus, and this nucleus has DNA. DNA is responsible for, blahblah..."

I was curious and when we had some quiet time for work and I finished, I raised my hand to ask questions. My question, I still remember was that since DNA is responsible for how we look, then problems in the DNA is how we get disorders. The woman told me that I didn't know what I was topic about because we weren't learning about that and to stop asking questions that I know nothing about.

I was mad at her for months. ><
When I was a sophmore I walked into a class and two teachers were talking. As soon as I entered one said look at "him he is such a waste of potential". Fel (who was also in that class) walked in a short time after me. They did the same thing and went on for a time about it.

It wasn't really the worst thing a teacher has said to me, but it was by far the one that hurt me the most.
Damn. I've had a lot of teachers hate on me.

In elementary school (I can't remember which grade, exactly), we were doing a regular lesson in class. Back then, I had a problem keeping the inside of my desk tidy, and when the teacher told us to take out our notebooks, it took me a while to find mine, amongst all the papers. When I finally got mine, the teacher looked in my desk, told me I was a slacker, then flipped my desk and dumped EVERYTHING out onto the floor. She then proceeded to make me clean it all up while she taught the lesson to the rest of the class.

In high school (Freshman year), I was taking Earth Sciences. My teacher was this really fat, sweaty guy who got WAAAAY too excited about rocks. Like, he'd swing around a meter stick while he was talking, all excited and shit. Well, all our science classes had double periods on some days (regular class and a lab period). Since we always had five-minutes in between each class, kids would sometimes go to the lunch room and grab something to snack on, which most teachers were fine with. The cafeteria sold these fudge brownies in plastic containers, and kids would eat them in class all the time, during lessons (our school was pretty laid back when it came to stuff like that, but it always depended on the teacher). Well, it just so happened I had gotten one that day, and was sitting at the beginning of our lab period, eating the brownie with a fork. I was paying attention and taking notes and everything, when my teacher suddenly walks up to me, all pissed, and grabs the container right out of my hands. He then proceeds to yell about how kids are eating during class and how it's disrespectful, then slams it onto the lab table behind me. He then picks it up and throws it in the trash, still yelling, and me, an innocent freshman, whisper quietly to myself, "...But it cost me a dollar.... O__O" I hated him on so many levels.
Found out pretty last minute that I could not make a band recording.

'[so and so], get your shit together!'