What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

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  1. Like hands down, the worst thing you've ever seen. Not even "haha that's so bad it's funny," but just straight up offensively terrible! Hit me with the worst you got. Nothing is out of bounds: From documentaries to action movies to animation and back. Pick the most rancid shit imaginable in your mind and tell me what it is, and why.

    The Greatest Miracle

    I know. I've already mentioned this movie before in another movies-related thread.

    It's still the worst shit ever made. I swear to fuck it was made in The Sims 2.


    Excuse me while I scream internally.
  2. The Sex in the City movie. I watched roughly twenty minutes of it. Made my skin itch between the shoulder blades and the writing is pretentious. Coming from me that's saying something.
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  3. Snowtime!

    that movie tries to target four year olds, thirteen year olds, and twenty ear olds at the same time and fails at all of them

    and it switches from rambunctious shenanigans to BUCKET OF BLACK PAINT pathos so fast it gives you whiplash

    and the ending, dear lord did they forget it was a kid film?!

    Not to mention when they had the ten year old offering a pickup line that would be crude even if it was told by a grown man in a shady club

    it was just . . . it was bad.

    Beautifully animated, well-scored, great premise

    TERRIBLE delivery.

  4. The Room...
    This is popular enough I feel that no explanation is needed as to why.
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  5. That's the GOAT, but k.
  6. ... Is this a Fallout reference?
    Or am I missing something? o.O
  7. I'm going to get a lot of shit for this but, I hated these movies because I think they are just terrible:

    -The Lion King
    -The King and I
    -Groundhog Day
    -Any Star Wars movie

    I forgot to add why I feel this way.


    Everyone tells me how revolutionary this movie is. The graphics are great even down to the storyline (the basic one) is good. However, it's all over the place. It's songs are forgettable (except that one fucking song that nobody will shut up about), the characters are forgettable, I just thought it was terrible.

    The Lion King

    Hamlet replayed with lions, and literally nobody else in my class thought that both Mufasa and Simba were racist assholes. Of course the hyenas would band to Scar, and of course they were angry. They were starving, and outcast for being hyenas. The songs that came out with it weren't as good as every other child thought they were when I was young. I thought that while the creativity was grand but I felt that it wasn't all that goof.

    The King and I

    This whole movie was awful. The graphics were terrible, the characters were obnoxious and the music makes me want to drink acid. The morals, etc behind the whole story is an ocean I'm not going to jump into right now.

    Groundhog Day

    I'll admit, I didn't get it.


    The characters were annoying and I really thought the plot wasn't much to go on.

    Star Wars

    I couldn't get into it and honestly (I did give it a chance) I thought it was boring.
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  8. -After earth
    -Anything with Tom Cruise
    -Anything with Matt Damon
    -Haunting of Molly Hartly
    -Most scary movies now a days
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  9. Cloverfield
    Final Fantasy Spirits Within
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  10. Every Pokemon movie after the Arceus one.
    The Mortal Instruments (excluding Magnus Bane which is the only person I liked.)
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  11. Street Fighter the Movie
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  12. Scorpion King 4 Quest for Power.
  13. I'm a Christian, and I feel offended by that trailer.

    Anyway, worst film I've ever seen would probably go to...

    I forget the name.

    But it was a strange film. It couldn't decide if it wanted to be a comedy, an action film, a Zombie film, or a western. It had 'Noon' in the title.

    It was such a terrible film, I think I've forgotten the name.

    The end was cool, though, because it had a long Helicopter chase that ended in explosions.
  14. Avatar the Last Airbender

    The show was amazing. I couldn't get through the first ten minutes of the movie before I had to turn it off.

    Also. . . really don't like Frozen >>

    I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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  15. Elektra

    Just... WOW that was a terrible movie.

    Prometheus for runner up, tho.
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  16. Every Adam Sandler movie of the past decade.

    Lucy. 100% of your brain means seizure, not superpowers. This has been known for quite some time.


    Every slasher movie ever.
  17. I second The Last Airbender and Elektra.

    But to also add another movie to this list.

    2001 Space Odyysey.


    I think what the movie is famous for it does very well, which is to:

    1) Give people a perspective how Machine can 'go bad' through no fault other than a lack of foresight on the creators part.
    2) Serve as a (relatively) realistic showing of space, including lack of sound.

    However, what it doesn't do well is be entertaining.
    You spend the first 30 minutes following apes around, only for it to build up to "Ape use bone as stick".
    We didn't need 30 minutes devoted to that... :/

    And then the rest of the movie suffers a similar plight, scene's that could be far quicker are just stretched to an outright insane degree.
    To the point it feels like you're watching a recording at times, not a movie.
  18. Every movie that Steven Seagal keep putting out.
    The Day the Earth Stood Still, the remake with Keanu Reeves
    Batman and Robin, the one with George Clooney
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  19. [​IMG]
    Holy shit this movie, it burns on so many levels.

    I can agree with the over-hype of frozen, and maybe even Lion king but I hardly think your issues with the plot of a children's movie would make it the worst you've ever seen. StarWars isnt for everyone, that's fair, but to many people these movies really are a spectacular series that brings you into a large world the way most other films don't. And as far as Spaceballs go, I'm willing the put that movie out as the best parody film of all time, even if it seems a bit old at times. Look at almost any parody film that came out in the last 20 years and I think you'll agree that Spaceballs doesnt belong on that list. And really, not getting a film doesnt mean it's bad, just means it's not for you. I can't understand the appreciation for bio-pics and romantic films, but I don't think they're horrible films just because I don't want to watch them.

    Man, I can think of so many excellent films that get a bad rap simply cause he's in it, hardly fair.

    Edge of Tomorrow
    TOP GUN!

    U WOT?
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  20. edge of tomorrow made me laugh cause he died and Gladiator sucked bad
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