What is the value of a lifetime?

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Would you sell your honest life story for fame and/or fortune?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. It depends

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  1. I was watching a little show called "Undercover Boss" earlier and I couldn't help but cringe at how set-up it all seemed D:

    This small thought contributed to an interesting conversation between me and my dear friend @Seiji and we are curious to know the opinions of Iwaku!

    It may seem as though reality television stages a lot of the drama and feels moments they portray on their program. Whether they do or not, here is the question: Would you be willing to share your life story - good or bad, embarrassing or inspiring - in exchange for money, trips, recognition, or any other compensation for the sake of good television? What would you be willing to take in exchange for private information?

    I'll start: I wouldn't. I have a hard enough time sharing details about myself with my friends, let alone strangers on a television show and the countless others watching said television show. I can't think of any possible compensation I would want, or be willing to take, in exchange for something about my life that would make good television.
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  2. It depends on how I'm exchanging it.
    Am I doing it via speech, letter, article, book etc?
    If so then yes. I'm generally very open about myself and my experiences anyways, so getting paid for it is just a bonus.
    That's of course assuming though I could do so without also being expected to expose other peoples secrets.
    I don't share secrets about people other than in circumstances where withholding it can put someone in danger.

    If we have to do it via reality TV though?
    Then I just wouldn't do it. I still want to live my life and I don't need a camera man running around snooping in all the time and trying to stir up drama.
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  3. Depends how much of my privacy I give up
  4. If I had an interesting experience that people were interested in, probably. There's always the chance they'd make the movie or whatever regardless, just they'd do it how they wanted it and call it original.
  5. Yeah, pretty much this.

    Holy fuck, me and Gwazi agreed on something. :D
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  6. It's a miracle! :3
  7. I would, unless it had to be in the form of one of those long lasting reality shows where camera crews follow you around for a long damned time. An appearance on one episode, or in a documentary, or basically any non-filmed version? Sure, sign me up. I wouldn't even need crazy high compensation either. Reasonable pay for the time and inconvenience of going wherever or doing whatever to share my story plus a few thousand dollars on top would be enough for me, but I'd haggle for more of course. I don't place any huge value on my personal life story, so if I could make some good money off of sharing it I'd be totally willing to do so.

    However fame and trips and such as compensation? Nah man, cash or no deal.
  8. I am too shy to do it, not to mention I care too much about what other people might think about me.
    Though 'ideal me' shouldn't give any fuck about what other strangers/people think about me and thus, 'ideal me' would do it!
  9. my life is awesome

    if i share it, i hope to inspire others to achieve awesome

    i'm a narcissist?


    narcissists are humble compared to me
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  10. Still scored higher on the Narcissistic test than you.

    I would do it. Besides the drama at work there's not a whole lot to tell. Come home, watch things, play others, love my wife, etc.
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  11. I would totally sell my life story for money. There's some crazy shit in there. o____o And that money would help me build a better life for me and my family.

    I would NOT do reality shows though. @__@ I HATE those and I wouldn't be able to stand having people follow me around and staring at me all the time.
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  12. I don't think I would, I'm not one who really enjoys that sort of television so I don't see myself contributing to the pool. I rather share my life with my friends and family, things make more sense when you're sharing with people who can actually give back. Well, give back in a way that's not mockery, sensationalizing or e-thug hate.
  13. Everything. I have few secrets and they're the kind I could live with the world knowing. There is no sense in living one's whole life afraid of what the world will think of them... So for me, this is basically free, stress-free money.
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  14. Hell yeah.

    Would I be ashamed of myself for trading my dignity for millions? Probably.

    I'll just use all the hundred dollar bills I'd have laying around to wipe away my tears though.
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  15. Hmm...If we can all sell our experiences then we would all be millionaires, I think someone said that before. My life is kinda of boring though, probably not worth much.
  16. What if our memories went on a steam sale though?
    Would we get extra rich or go poor?
  17. Nope, nopity nope. I don't want anyone snooping around my shenanigans and I highly doubt anyone would be willing to pay anything for my lousy life story anyway.

    Though in case I was penniless, eating from trash cans and sleeping my nights on park benches, I'd probably go for it.
  18. Depends on the circumstance. If I'm just contributing to a documentary about my life or something, talking about my experiences, then yeah, I'd do it.

    A reality show, though? Nope. I wouldn't be able to handle a bunch of cameras pointed at me all the time. It's not that stage fright is an issue -- I'd just feel awkward going about my day-to-day life with cameramen following me around. Hell, I can't even write when I have people looking over my shoulder. Even if it's something I wouldn't mind other people reading, I just kind of freeze up when someone's trying to watch me write because it just feels too weird to continue. I dunno how I'd function in everyday life.
  19. It's not simply "Selling your life story". The conversation @Muna and I had had to do with having your face plastered all over one of these reality shows, in exchange for some modest compensation. You'd have the cameras following you, your family, interviews non-stop, filming of your social and work interactions, etc., etc..

    In exchange, you get to appear on Doctor Phil or something, get some trips, $10-50k upfront with [x] amount of dollars after, a movie deal or two (Lifetime, NPC, whatever). A book deal.

    But... That Reality Show happens first. And it's cringey.
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  20. Then no.
    It's not going to happen.
    Not ever.
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