What is the stupidest/best reason you ever broke up with someone?

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  1. Whether it be for legitimate reasons (you're a vegitarian and they didn't respect it), super legitimate reasons (they were abusive somehow), or really fuckin' stupid (they had man-hands, or were an inch too short/tall)...

    What is your best/dumbest reason for breaking up with someone?

    Or, what is a really good/dumb reason someone broke up with you?
  2. Hmmm let's see.

    Best reason I broke up with someone would be thay the guy was abusive in many ways.

    Worst reason I broke up with someone is that ... hmmm... he hated hunting? Told me I had to pick. Hunting or him. Guess what I chose.

    What? Wait... that's not a horrible reason. That's a GREAT reason to kick someone to the curb. Bah I got nothin for that one.
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  3. Best reason? Hey, is that another dudes dick inside of you and his car is parked out front? Alrighty then, g'bye.

    Worst reason? You've moved far away. We talk everyday but we can't be near. G'bye.
  4. Best reason: I wasn't capable of giving her the love and attention she deserved as I was still hung up on my ex. It wasn't fair to her, she deserved far better than someone who wasn't emotionally present.

    Worst reason: She continued to choose video games over spending time with me. This isn't a bad reason but it's the worse that I've got.
  5. I've done most of the breaking up in relationships and they're always for good reasons. One of which was because I was cheated on, one of which I was constantly abused, one of which was because the guy was a huge pansy with too many smarts and nothing interesting to talk about.

    Worst reason, actually, I was the one broken up with. Via cheating, while he was in California. Said I looked too childish for my age and he wanted a "real" woman. lol This was my first ever boyfriend, so I laugh all the time when I look back on it now.
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  6. Best reason: Emotionally abusive relationship for years. Screw that chick. It took a few times to break up with them because I thought there was no way I could live without them but look at that, I am and I'm healthy.

    Worst reason: Like Fluffy, I was broken up with because I was not "gay enough".
  7. Best/Worst/Only reason: This relationship is like a roller coaster that is slowly getting lower and lower.

    I've only ever been in two relationships.
    Once of which I wasn't the one to end it, the other was an on and off thing were both of us had times we called it off, yet the last and final break up was from her (unless if you count post-breakup cutting off contact, in which case then the last one would have been me).
  8. I dumped a guy over his taste in music. I wish I was kidding. I was 17 at the time and he kept blasting music I hated.

    I dumbed a girl becouse I found out that not only was her family ignorant as shit. She abused a guy on a party for being Muslim. He was very nice to her, and moderate to a fault. He did absolutely nothing wrong but asking not to think of all Muslims as terrible warmongering cunts. So she started yelling at him. It was at my party. SO I tossed her out, told her she could get her stuff in the morning.
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  9. just keep in mind, you traded the murder of innocent animals for a temporary dry spell in your sex life

    .....are you a sociopath?

    because that would be awesome
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  10. I accept thIs.The hunt is worth it. besides... what does being single have to do with a dry spell in my sex life? FWB
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  11. Somehow things got even more personal in this thread.
  12. It always gets personal with @Razilin
  13. A really good reason I broke up with people? Cheating. Non-commitment, shitty joke. Hell, all of my "break ups" weren't even real relationships anyway. I was young, but now I know what men can be like regardless.

  14. naw, we just dick around alot. see what i did there?

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  15. My crazy ex was possessive and super clingy and had super bad dependency issues and would pretty much cry for 10 minutes every time I saw her because she thought I was going to break up with her. Not something a 16 year old kid should be having to deal with and she needed help, bad.
  16. BEST: She wanted to gas my friends. Seriously. She said they belonged in a gas chamber.

    WORST: I wanted to "focus on my writing".
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  17. I broke up with a guy because even though he knew I was asexual before we started dating, he kept pushing for sex and when I kept saying no, started groping and stuff without asking because he said he was "entitled" to it since we were dating. I broke up with him, he said "No, I don't accept that" and informed me for the next week that we were "still dating" until he gave up. At that point, he grabbed one of my friends for a new boyfriend to spite me. Uh, dude, I broke up with you, why would I care? xD I cared more about the fact that my friend was going to be subjected to his crap than the fact that he was dating somebody new. He also bullied me until he graduated. What a winner, huh?

    Then I had a boyfriend who, with a mutual friend, planned a breakup with me so they could date. On my birthday. They then both refused to talk to me anymore, until a little while later and the ex came crawling back, saying our friend treated him terribly and he wanted me back. Turned out he was still dating him and was lying to both of us (telling me he was single, telling him that he wasn't talking to me anymore). I don't know what he told our friend, because the friend came to me spewing venom a little while later about what I "did to him", but wouldn't tell me what I supposedly did, so who even knows?

    I think those two are tied for the worst.

    Unless you count the one who turned on me and said being gay was disgusting/sinful, etc and broke up with me, after dating me for months. Um, what?? Yeah, that one deserves a spot for one of the worst.

    Or the one who got his friend to talk to me instead of him any time anything serious regarding our relationship came up. Seriously, the dude wouldn't even speak on his own behalf about keeping our relationship healthy. He even did that when I flat out told him I didn't think our relationship was working and that I thought we would both be happier with other people who were more compatible. He fled for the hills and sent his friend my way. Dude... seriously?

    I sure know how to pick them, don't I? xD; I think the least dramatic breakup I've had was because the distance was too hard on the both of us.

    I've been with my current boyfriend for four years now and finally is all I can say.
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  18. OH I FORGOT the first guy came crawling back to me a couple years later, saying he got out of a bad relationship that left him "emotionless", and that he "couldn't feel happiness anymore" and basically laying it on pretty thick. As I expected, it lead to him asking me out again, and I said no. Shortly after, I found out he was talking really nasty about me behind my back, to my brother, thinking I wouldn't find out about it?? What even, dude. What even.
  19. Best reason: Sad to say, but I've been cheated on a lot. First hint of lying or cheating, I would kick the dude to the curb.

    Worst reason (?): Issues with another ex of mine, dragging the then-current boyfriend into years old bullshit. This guy turned out to be a douche-bag anyway, so I'm not sure if this counts as a bad reason.

    Bonus: A guy broke up with me by saying he cheated on me and he "couldn't live with" himself for that. Years later, he admitted to lying about that - he just needed an excuse to break up with me in a way that wouldn't hurt my feelers and so that he could date my friend instead. Dafuq?
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  20. worst: Got sober.

    Happened at a "camping trip" which was really was just a weekend spent drinking at the beach. Somehow ended up alone with this girl with a bottle of wine on one hand and half a bottle of Jameson on the other. At some point we concluded that "we're so awesome, we should totally get married!". So we went back to the group and announced that we are now a couple, to everyone's bemusement.

    Around 5am, while waiting for the sunrise, my body had processed most of the alcohol that I consumed and my brain started working again. And so I remembered: she is a lesbian. She had already passed out by then, but when she woke up, she too remembered her lesbian-ness.

    Of course, as mature adults below the age of 20, we decided to not address what happened and pretended that it never happened.

    So for 13ish hours, I was in a relationship with a lesbian. Didn't even get to kiss her or anything, we just held hands and snuggled like 12yr old preteens.

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