What is the stronger emotion? Love or Hate?

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Which is stronger?

  1. Love

  2. Hate

  1. They say there is only a fine line in between love and hate! And many say that it's the exact same feeling gone to the other extreme!

    So which feeling do you think is the stronger of the two?

    Is love the focus of your life, or do you find yourself constantly hating things?
  2. This is a difficult question, seriously.

    Both can be the driving emotional motivator for anyone. We've seen examples in films and stories and anime, hell, some of us have lived fantastic examples of having either love or hate drive us. Love for or from someone giving us the motivation to carry on, or hate against someone or something so strong that we have a vengeful desire to do away with it.

    Most cliche`ingly, we love seeing the POWER OF LOVE win out over the POWER OF HATE when we see a character overwhelmed with hate, seeking vengeance, only to have his best friend or love interest win him back over to the Light Side, so he won't flat out murder someone. But in all honesty, how true is this?

    I think it's a highly personal and individual thing, highly dependent upon a person's allies, friends, family, and their upbringing. Some people will gravitate towards love, even if they're inundated in hate, and some people will become hateful even if they're full of love at the time. It just depends.

    So, I'll vote towards myself. Honestly, I think hate, more than anything else, can fuel me stronger than love can.
  3. It's why you're my Sith Lord, you see? With our hatred, we will rule the galaxy!

    On a serious note, I have to say, hatred is indeed stronger. Just look at the warring countries on our globe! Not an ounce of love as they nuke one another and... Stuff. :| I think if people could learn to set differences aside, love could become a much stronger emotion.

    For my personally, love is stronger. I don't want to deal with the people I hate... My attention goes to those I care about! If a family member or friend really needs my consolation, I'll do whatever it takes to reach them. I'll get me that $300 plane ticket, I'll face the expensive phone bill, etc etc. I get entirely selfless for the ones I love. <3

    Anyway, I'm voting based on the people as a whole.
  4. I've thrived on hate more often in my life than I have love.

    idk, trying to live differently nowadays.....I'm trying not to hate as much.
  5. In my honest opinion, people can say that they've thrived on hate all their lives but they're lying. They're not living any sort of life, hating everything they look at. They're bitter, hollow, empty shells. The biggest reason the Sith were evil wasn't because of true hate, they give in to passion, love. Whether it be love of themselves or love of destruction. Or even in a twisted state the love of hate.
  6. They are equal in power and both can drive a man to his extremes. Though I've hated more than I've loved, and yet niether has ben my "primary" emotion.
  7. Not hating everything in life, just thriving off hate for one particular thing. Can't speak for everyone, but that is what I meant. It is indeed a terrible way to live.
  8. My apologies, I misunderstood your post. I can understand how hate can fuel one's day, but supporting one's life solely on that one emotion seems fruitless and over taxing, one can only live so long on negativity. Good to see you're turning around, I'd hate to see another every day Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan or a Fox news reporter.
  9. This poll is dildos! >:(
  10. What can men do against such reckless hate?
  11. Goddamn Tegan forgot the Skwisgar picture.
  12. hate. I've never felt compelled to do things out of love.

    But anger, and hatred have moved me more than love...

  13. You only wish...
  14. Love is a pretty powerful emotion, if it's strong enough and directed at something truly worthwhile. The thing with hate, though, is that someone could hate the most trivial thing, and give them drive. It's simply easier to see the flaws, or wrongs in the world, than to see the good in it.

    In the end, it does come down to the individual, but hatred is usually a stronger driving force. It doesn't mean hatred is evil, in itself. After all, one can have lost a loved one to an illness, or to murder, and they can thrive off their hatred for sickness or criminals, and become scientists or a law enforcer. But doing something out of pure love is simply something not easily done. It's human nature to be greedy/selfish, and while not everyone will admit it, people will more often than not do something charitable so that they can feel good about themselves. It's not to say that that's wrong, it's perfectly fine to want to be happy and feel good about yourself, but if doing something out of love has a bit of selfishness to it, then think of how strong a driving force hate is, since it is more often than not entirely a self-serving action they're doing, out of hate.
  15. People kill in the names of hate and love alike, but I hardly think anyone would put themselves in front of a bullet for someone they hated. Just my way of thinking.

    Then again, I'm ever the optimist.
  16. Alright well I'm not voting for one because both are very strong emotions. It all depends on the type of person you are and all that. Love can lead to hatred either by having your heart broken and/or suspicion.
    Hatred could lead to love, never really experienced that but I know it works out anyway.
  17. I'm not powered by either. Weee~