What is the most DARING thing you have ever done?

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  1. And I mean daring FOR YOU. O_O Not necessarily what everyone else thinks is daring. Cause some people have no problem jumping up to do karaoke, while someone else would shit their pants.


    I think mine was traveling several states away for the first time to meet someone I met off the internet. O__O No safety net. No companions with me. My first time leaving home EVER.
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  2. Parkour

    3 years in, my definition of daring changed
  3. I wrestled an alligator because it was in my way! It was a six footer and decided our campsite was a nice place to nap a hundred yards from the lake.

    Showed him who was boss!
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  4. Turned up at the student ball dressed like a greaser (complete with the car and everything). My total disregard for the dress code probably embarrassed the shit out of the female friend I went with, but for a guy with crippling social anxiety, that's either daring or completely suicidal.

    Was actually pretty fun, despite the stink-eye I got from a couple of people. I say, fuck the rules.

    Another instance would be subtly telling an old man to go fuck himself when he tried to buy an item my mother had looked at and wanted to buy. Honestly, it was more of an angry impulse on my part, but for a shy guy, telling somebody that "no, my mother wanted to buy this, and she will, so hand it over" in a way that made him look legit nervous, is pretty daring. And a bit dickish, probably.
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  5. Flew across country alone to visit and stay with some internet friends for a week.
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  6. For me it was probably getting into relationships for the first or second time.
    First because it was the first, and because I was committing to something online.
    Second because that was when I 'technically' was the asker (I say technically because she basically prodded/told me that I had to be the one to do it) and I chose to get into that at the same I had delayed college projects to the point of having to do a project a day for the next week.

    I've lived relatively relaxed life essentially.
    That, or anything more daring I did has been burned out of my current memory.
  7. I used to be terrified of heights. Ridiculously so.

    Until I jumped out of the paratrooper's mock tower in the 9th grade.

    Now I love heights! :D
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  8. I did a 100 Mile walk for charity. I was the youngest and shortest walker, so it was pretty damn daring.

    I also did a speech in front of 100s of people, back when I used to get stage fright. Now after I did that, I'm all about the stage 8D
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  9. Socks with sandals
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  10. I also traveled across several states to meet someone I met on the internet, staying with him and his family for a month, and lying to my family about the trip.
  11. Chased a naked girl down the street while she cried rape then tackled her off the hood of a family's car and disarmed her of a piece of glass she was trying to stab in her vagina.

    She was a very clever autistic, and I was her careworker.
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  12. Oh, I also took some leftover lamb and made nachos with it, today. That's daring, right?
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  13. Breaking up with my ex when I realized I was better without him.

    Oh and I totally nailed Rap God at karaoke the other day.
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  14. Singing an entire song in front of a group in Spanish, along with memorizing all the parts of a body. Needless to say, I failed that test.
  15. Switching math courses in the middle of my senior year, making me having to catch up two-three years worth of maths before the central exams.

    Or pulling that cigarette from a customers hand. No smoking inside, dude!
  16. ....




    You're like a superhero. You saved her life!
  17. The most daring thing I've ever done was probably taking a big role for drama class despite having crippling stage fright. Also I went first with my group for the same assignment. The scene went horribly wrong though; one of the group members didn't learn his lines.
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  18. Was going to say riding a huge-ass rollercoaster was the most daring thing I ever done because it counts for more than a couple of phobias I have, but this seems even more daring than that:

    Leaving behind my hometown in pursuit of true happiness, security, and love. I journeyed to unfamiliar territory alongside my boyfriend because staying home just wasn't desirable anymore, for a number of reasons. His family was kind enough to offer to take me in so we could be together rather than resume the long distance relationship we had going on. However, the experience was scary for me. I didn't have much of a solid plan like I normally would, it was last minute, I was pregnant, had hardly any cash on me, was allowed to take only one suitcase of things... Also, there involved defying my controlling mother and telling my little siblings with heavy heart that I was leaving. Many feels...

    But I went for it. And am extremely glad that I did. These past 4 years have been the happiest of my entire life.

    Yep... /goes to slay things with her lightsaber to balance out this sappy crap
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  19. Coming out to my family while semi-financially dependent on them.
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  20. I've spent a year backpacking on the literal side of the other world by myself. I've worked in China for 6 months. I've co-started and ran a small business for a half a year. I've worked in door-to-door-sales. I've done drama and stand-up in front of crowds. I've done sky-diving, river-boarding, down-hill, hang-gliding, mountain-biking and bungee-jumping. Hell, I've overpowered a guy who came at me with a knife once. The list goes on. Yet this is one of the most scary things I ever did;

    I wish I was joking.

    EDIT: Oh and my first time standing up to bullies, but I was 9 or something so I'm not sure if that counts.
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