What is the Most Common Nightmare?

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  1. You post such interesting things!
  2. One time I had these dream for a week, I would break my phone and start eating the glass from it. O.o
  3. I guess, according to the qualifications of this study, I've never had a nightmare in my life. I've had some bad dreams, but never ones that wake me up. O.O Is that strange?
  4. Same for me. No dreams wake me up. Bad dreams turn into good dreams about me fighting stuff. Sometimes dying, sometimes winning.

    The worst dreams I've had were as a child. One in which I am in a black emptiness and everyone I know is around me, but just their heads. And they all keep repeating my name while spinning.

    The other is small things because so large they destroy the world. Everyday objects growing and growing until they just break earth.

    That's about it. The rest is zombie stuff and battles and whatnot.
  5. My worst dreams are usually ones where I'm trapped in a situation where someone who is important to me is angry at me for no apparent reason, and nothing I can say or do will appease them.
    More rarely I'll have a dream where I'm either running from or chasing someone, but they're never scary so much as exciting.
    I've had some dreams with some truly awesome storylines, though. One lasted better part of an hour in dream time, and had a coherent (if stupid) plot throughout the entire thing.