EXERCISE What is the meaning of this?: Character Creation

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  1. So I just researched the meaning of ShiroKiyoshi and it means Clear White. Choose a name for your character and make the Character Sheet resemble the meaning of their name. I will jump in on this one ^-^.
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  2. Name: Magnolia Brown
    Definition: Pure Stability

    Bio: Magnolia was a wizard born into a hierarchy type of family. She being the first born was to be the perfect example, keep order, and lead her three younger siblings. She did such with ease. She loved her two brothers dearly, and did whatever she could for them. She also, served in her dead mother's role. Watching the two making sure they behaved. She never raised her voice, for she never had a reason to.

    Personality: A calm, motherly sister. Loyal to her family.

    Magical abilities: She could control humanoid objects thus making her a puppeteer type wizard.

  3. Name: Miyabi Yukimora
    name meaning: graceful snowy village

    Bio: Miyabi who prefers to go by her last name grew in a snowy village in the noble village of Snowlaria, a land praised for creating a rare medication called "fallen light". Her mother and father are known to be the last people to have this treasured recipe, that has since fallen into Miyabi's hands.

    personality: graceful, refined with an augmented type of temper, calm in certain situations
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