What is the food that you'll not eat no matter what?

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  1. Random question that popped out of my head for some reason and then I was like "HEY! LET'S MAKE A THREAD?"

    So, what the food that you hate so much that you won't even eat it if you were held at gun point?

    Well, for me. White radish (aka Daikon). The taste is something that I can't even describe It is that awful imo. My parent constantly puts it into the meat soup they make every now and then. I make it my religion to make sure that my dad doesn't accidentally scoop up a white radish piece into my bowl of soup.

    Oh and also pumpkin, except it's more like "I don't eat it" than "I hate it". I don't even remember the taste of pumpkin really. It's been that long lol. But pumpkin soup can die.
  2. I can't think of anything that I won't eat no matter what; there's plenty of things I don't like, but usually there's a few exceptions depending on how they're prepared :/

    I. . . have yet to encounter a beer I like!
  3. My dad once gave me a shot of beer and I took a sip. Spat it out instantly.
  4. Beer is supposedly an aquired taste; that is, you pretty much have to train your body to like it either by

    A) just getting used to it because it's cheap and available pretty much anywhere with a liquor licence

    B) building a positive association by having it with food you like or on pleasant occasions

    of course some people just legit enjoy the taste right away. Those people are weird.

    Me; I say training is for fitness and pokemon, not food. I don't' practice to make things taste good when there's plenty of stuff that tastes good without that much effort.
  5. I haven't yet encountered anything I cannot eat, and that includes some strange fish my German friends dared me to eat when I visited there (it was more about the jelly it was coated in, but really wasn't as bad as they said. It makes them wretch, apparently, but I was alright and managed quite a bit).

    From what I have seen, though, I wouldn't want to eat surströmming, which is fermented Baltic sea herring, and is known for its overwhelmingly bad odour when you open the can. You should see people trying to eat it on YouTube, most seem to want to throw up from the smell alone, nevermind eating it. That I certainly wouldn't want to try, and the person holding the gun to my head would most likely want to shoot himself to escape the smell :D
  6. Seafood. Any animal from the ocean. I go on full on panic attack mode when people press for me to eat it. "Try it, you might like it," will have me shaking and racing for the doors. It is a little beyond a mere dislike. So much so that on occasion when a scene requires one of my characters to eat fish, I have to swallow hard, take breaks and then never read the scene again.
  7. I like how this reminded me of "would you rather eat a bucket of bumblebees cooked in 2kg of butter or ___'s toenails?"

    I mean I hate eggplant but I'd eat it if I was held at gunpoint.
    So I'm going to say Surstromming or Michael's toenails. Same thing.
  8. Papaya. >:[

    Rice pudding. >:[

  9. Spicy food. Not helping since my country of origin loves spicy food, so spicy it rivals Mexican food.
  10. At gunpoint I could eat anything, well other then peanuts since I'm allergic to them.

    I also hate melted cheese on anything except pizza. I can't stand it on anything else. So that's the food I can't eat I guess.
  11. I'm likely to choose being hungry over eating seafood. There's some that will give me an allergic reaction but for the most part I just can't stand chewing, smelling, or looking at it. When people eat lobster, it starts to make me feel faint.

    Another I can think of is sweet potatoes. Doesn't matter how they're prepared, I think they're disgusting.
  12. My mom's Tuna Noodle Casserole.

    I can eat it at a party if made by someone else, but when my mom makes it, it makes me sick.

    Subway's Meatball Subs.

    I love Meatball subs, and I like Subway, but combine the two, and BLARGH!
  13. Asparagus. It's a green slimy death vegetable.
  14. I couldn't help but be reminded of this:

    For me though, I strongly dislike shepherds pie. It looks like slop and I will never understand it O.o
  15. I've found a lot of things that come in cans just don't taste right. I avoid many canned items whenever I can.

    As for food in general, I have yet to encounter something I don't like.
  16. A bullet.



    Let's just say maggots. Those things are disgusting. China is weird, man.
  17. Pickles. They're the worst.
  18. Brunswick Stew. It looks like vomit with peas.
  19. The reason for this involves a personal anecdote, but I cannot eat cauliflower, because very unpleasant associations have been burned into my mind.
  20. I've yet to find something. Id eat nearly anything for money.