What is the creepiest thing you've ever seen or experienced?



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It's all in the title!


I supririsingly don't get many of these, but one summer I heard SHIPS. Like, barges or cruise liners or something. Take note: I live in Atlanta. A land-locked city. There are no rivers nearby (that a boat of large size can sail down). The horns I was hearing belonged to something that would go on the Titanic. And no, these weren't train horns, I know what those sound like. I've lived around train tracks my whole life.

Additionally, I see shadow people.

Seriously. At the house in Georgia there was something that would always walk up and down the hall. It would always freak me the fuck out. Everyone saw it.

The other super creepy thing was having the exact same dream as my mom one night. I know that doesn't -seem- like a creepy thing, but that kinda stuff creeps me out a lot. x_____X She was telling me about this dream she had, and i was getting increasingly weirded out.
About a month ago, when I was working at an older clinic (and by older, I mean the inside of the place looked like something from a fucking SAW movie), I was in the back alone spraying out the kennels one weekend while my roommate sat up front on the computer at the reception desk. I was standing off to the side when what FELT like a hand brushed down my back, and was even bearing down enough to make me lean forward a bit. It didn't take long for me to get to the front and yell at my roommate that we needed to LEAVE.

I never went back there by myself again. >.>
I can creep myself out, but as for creepy events... I'm having a difficult time thinking of anything. There was the time I found a large bone with my foot while wading in a river with my impromptu walking stick. I'm thinking it was the thigh bone of something.
I've lived alone, for the most part, for the last eight years or so. A couple years back we had a bit of a heat wave, so I had some of the windows open in the house. It was about 2am and I was on the couch reading, when out of nowhere I hear the dishes in the sink clatter together and then a thud, followed by what sounded like footsteps coming down the stairs. I was sort of freaking out at this point, since I was alone at home and didn't have a phone near me. Didn't see anything come down the stairs though, and just as I'm about to get up and grab a hockey stick out of my room, my neighbour's cat peeks it's head around the corner at me and meows. Turns out it jumped in through the window, haha. It came and cuddled with me for a bit which was awesome. She ended up visiting me every couple of nights for the whole summer.
This isn't really so much scary as it was strange.

One time some friends and I were at the beach late at night, and we saw this very odd blue light in the sky. It was moving almost like a humming bird or something like that except way the hell out in space, or so it appeared. It was light blueish and glowing very brightly. We watched it move in the oddest ways for almost 15 minutes, then out of nowhere it just flew across the sky like a bat out of hell. It tripped me out for a good couple months.
Creepiest event? You all wouldn't believe me if I posted it.

My house is haunted, though. Good times.
My creepy experiences are mostly in my sleep. Nightmares and such. But I won't choose one and share, because I'd end up typing up a roleplay post's worth of stuff. X__x

So instead, I'll share a real life thing. During summer school in Texas, I was in 3rd grade or something, I found a dead tarantula on the ground. Enormous, hairy spider just... Dead. If that wasn't creepy enough, well... A horde of ants was working on tearing off its legs and taking them back to the anthill. I screamed and ran for my life. XD I already have a terrible phobia of spiders, so seeing a big dead one be mutilated was terrifying.

Should I have seen that at my age today, I'd probably be less afraid. I might even laugh at it. I've grown to be such a demented lady...

EDIT: I don't have supernatural experiences... Probably because I don't believe in them.
I... It hard for me to talk about this, I blocked the memory for a while. Figure a lot of you won't believe it.

We had just moved into a new semi-detached apartment.

About a week into living there he find the keys for the cottage attached to the garage and decide to go in. All of us as soon as we walk in freeze. I'd best describe it as pressure, like standing inside a pressure chamber. My ears popped and we all look at eachother. Eventually we go further into the lounge, and theres red splotches. Not many but in small clumps on the walls and ceiling. We get the hell out of there and lock the door, thinking thats the end of it NONE of us want to go in there again.

But that was not the end of it.

That night we're sitting as a family when I fell it again, the same change in pressure only this time I felt a scratching too all over the top of my head but I can't move my arms to get whatever it is away. I can't move anything. Then I start speaking. I remember some of the things I said but they were lewd, talking about fucking and stabbing all the while I'm trying to clench my jaw shut to stop the words from coming out of my mouth. I've never been more terrified in my life as I'm watching everyone look at me and hearing what I'm saying.

I was 10.

My mom comes up to me and basically knocks me out. She mentioned it to me after that but I wasn't punished.