What is the best way to kidnap your own aging father?

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  1. I have an issue. >:[ my parents are hitting the age where they reaaaaaallly need a little extra supervision, and they live several states away. So if something happens, it's not easy for me to get there and handle things. I am trying to get them to move out here and mom is TOTALLY on board, but my Dad is being a huge stubborn pain in the ass about it cause he hates change and the bosses at his work keep fluffing his ego to charm him in to staying. D:<

  2. Have a baby?

    Seriously, most grandparents will cross the country to be near their grandkids.

    If that's not an option, promise him a puppy. My neighbor's (Who were older than I am) did that with their father. He always wanted a puppy, but could never have one because his wife was allergic. After his wife passed away, my neighbors wanted him to move closer, so they told him they had a puppy for him. Damn if he didn't move!
  3. I tried mentioning potential grandbabies. >:[ And they already have puppies.
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  4. Maybe paint it under a different light?

    Make him think his baby little girl need's her Dad's help, rather than he needs her help.
  5. He knows me too well. O___O I am a Queen Bee. I left home late, but I have not needed to ask them for any assistance, like, ever. He'd know it was a trap!

    Damn me for having my shit together! D:<
  6. Create a problem! Or better yet, tell him you want to build a deck and ask him to help.
  7. Maybe the problem isn't yours?

    Your husband's doing some 'clueless' things and need's a tighter leash?
    At least until you've actually got him over there? :P
  8. Perhaps pictures of my busted shower will work. O__O I will try that.

    This is a Southern Papa and I am his babygirl. He would come here to kill my husband for failing me as a man. O___O

    Although I guess I could club him over the head once he got here. Hmm....
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  9. There you go. :P
  10. Chloroform.
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  11. I was going to suggest tranquilizing him, but chloroform works too :D.
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  12. Or set your phaser to stun.
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  13. Grant me supreme administration powers for a mere 48 hour period.

    You will see your father, no promises can be made on his condition.
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  15. Is that all? :P
  16. "Dad come here."



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  17. Go into hiding and let him come sleuth it out
  18. Tell them the Country Kitchen Buffet is having a seniors day.
  19. I had to lol at this.
  20. Actually, Diana, I know exactly how you're feeling. My grandparents stayed eight hours drive away from any of their children for three or four years longer than they were really able to live independently. Until the day he died he didn't want to give up his independence.

    We finally got them out of the valley and living with one of my uncles so that they could be nearer to good hospitals (holy crap the doctors in the valley were terrible) when my grandmother started to have serious medical issues.
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