What is the avatar above you thinking?

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  1. Sorry if this game already exists, but this is something we played on another forum I visited. The game is pretty much self-explanatory. So, for example, if the avatar above me was this;


    I might post "Don't mind me, just passing through!"

    And then someone would come up with something witty for my avatar.

    No one above me, so... start!
  2. So it's Caption the Avarar Above you, mark II!!

    Missingno revealed in Gen VII!
  3. Just a little closer, my pet! My collection of supernatural beasts is almost complete!!
  4. Hey kid want 128 of anything in your 5th item slot in your bag
  5. I cast pokemon fandom on everyone in this thread~
  6. There is literally no point for me to be riding this sea turtle, except that it looks badass.
  7. Get these Greninja fans out of my fucking sight.
  8. QUICK! Use NERD-CAMOUFLAGE! *blends in with the books*
  9. *over dramatic sigh* Why'd he have to muck things up again?
  11. I'm too sexy for this thread.
  12. For the last time, it's the lighting! I'm not this pale!
  13. I dont think you want to mess with me
  14. This is the WORST angle for a selfie, EVER!
  15. Ahh my head itches!
  16. Asuna; bringing new meaning to the phrase "fights like a girl"
  17. This isnt a turtle, its my surf board!
  18. "I wonder if it is still raining."
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.